PS4 Bundles on Amazon

Thinking about getting a PS4? Check out these rad bundles.

That is right, Amazon has some cool bundle deals popping up for the PS4!

The bundles are as follows:

For $499.90 you can get:

  • PS4 w/ Battlefield 4 and 12 months of Playstation Plus
  • PS4 w/ Killzone: Shadow Fall and 12 Months of Playstation Plus

For $459.98 you can get:

  • PS4 w/ Knack
  • PS4 w/ Watchdogs

If you have not pre-ordered a PS4 yet and are thinking about it, this most likely will do a good amount of the convincing.  You are getting a system, game and a years worth of PSN for the price of an Xbox One.

Realistically, you are only be saving about $10 if you bought all that stuff separately however this also puts into perspective what you can get for the same price of another console.  This might play a key note in sales for next gen consoles.

So far there are no packages for Xbox One on Amazon.  Seems like this could change seeing as this is a console war so remain vigilant!


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Published Jun. 17th 2013

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