Capcom changed Ken's look in Street Fighter five and players aren't happy about it

Ken's new look in Street Fighter V has some players upset.

The latest Street Fighter V updates have given Ken a new look...again, and gamers don’t seem to like this one. Ken’s new look is like a shoryuken to the face; expected but still a surprise! Capcom, you’ve got some ‘splaning to do!

Ken's new haircut that came with the updates is what has the Fighting Game Community button's in a jam. Quiet a few characters received new looks but Ken’s military, Johnny Cage looking hair cut is definitely the least favorite. The characters that have new outfits are:

Chun-Li & Vega

R. Mika & Cammy

Rashid too!


The original reveal of Ken’s new hairstyle and outfit for Street Fighter V was accepted with open arms, although with the original reveal some gamers noted he does look a bit darker than usual. That could just be the determination right? Ryu always looks angry and no one gives him guff so let Ken have his angry face.

While many gamers weren't thrown off by Ken’s new look, others did make fun of his bangs saying they look like bananas. SFV producer, Yoshinori Ono defended Ken's new look, saying:

“We heard that people aren't happy with the changes we made to Ken, but be sure that we're not changing him because we hate him. We think everybody will understand why we made those changes by playing the story mode we’ll be announcing eventually. I also want to add that what he has on his head is definitely not a banana!”


SFV players seem to only have a problem with Ken's new appearance, as there hasn't been any disapproval over other characters' outfits. In fact, many  players have protested the look with parody images and memes. You can see a few of these below.

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Published Apr. 4th 2016

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