The Other 99 Gets Massive Updates

The Early Access survival-horror game, The Other 99 gets a wide variety of updates and improvements in its latest version.

The Other 99, brought to you by developer Burning Arrow, released a massive update today. In response to player concerns and suggestions, they have made notable improvements to the overall game, including modifications to the combat system and changes to the survival guide.


Smoother Combat

The combat system has been reworked. Previously, some players commented that the combat was too straightforward. But with the newest update, the combat should prove to be a bit more challenging and engaging. Other improvements include the way the player character fights -- with blocking and other controls being a bit more polished now.

Refined Survival System

Players may also have improved chances for survival now. Burning Arrow has reworked the survival system so that you can maintain your nutrition and stay hydrated more efficiently. This will severely impact your combat encounters. You are also now able to interact more with the world around you. For example, now you are able to drink water from rivers. So you may find this system much easier to manage now.

Updates to the Environment

The already excellent and eerie atmosphere has newly added props to help populate the environment and bring it to life. Other changes include a new starting location.

The Other 99?

An Early Access, action-survival game, where the premise of the game is that you awaken stranded on an island. Your sole companion is an ominous note that reads:

“The only way off the island is through the other 99.”

Your goal is to fight your way home by gathering food, water, and weapons. How you deal with the others you encounter is up to you.

With each update to The Other 99 the game sees great refinements, and I am looking forward to what thrills and chills are in store for players next. 

For a full list of updates and fixed bugs you can check out the patch notes for V0.5.1

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Published Feb. 24th 2017

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