ThinkGeek 2013 Black Friday Sales - 20% off $40 or more

ThinkGeek is going out of their way to offer 20% off all orders $40 or more with code: BLACKMAGIC. No restrictions, just buy, buy, buy!

Although most of us are looking towards the Black Friday sales on consoles and video games, I look more at the accessories and the amazing gaming gear. According to the ThinkGeek website, they'll be having a nice Black Friday sale for 20% off all orders $40 or more until November 30th. That gives you shoppers the ENTIRE weekend--just use the code BLACKMAGIC for the discount.

What this Black Friday sale includes

The lovely sale at ThinkGeek includes all things on the website, so don't feel restricted to what's available. This year's theme for Black Friday is Harry Potter, and they've decked out their page accordingly. With this theme, you'll not only find this sale humorous, but it'll make shopping a breeze.

What should I look for?

ThinkGeek has done the job for you, making sub-sections within the sale page that will direct you towards gender, age, price, interests (Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, ect.), popularity, and featured gifts. You won't have any problems looking for a gift for that special someone. After all, you can always do gift cards!

As an avid ThinkGeek buyer, I think this is a great sale and anyone would be happy receiving a Minecraft pickaxe or sword, or maybe a Tardis jewelry box. The choice is yours, so choose wisely.

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Published Nov. 26th 2013

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