Sony Rolls out New PS4 Remote Play Android App for All Devices

The new Android remote play app and the existing iOS remote play app both feature Dualshock controller support.

Sony announced the newest Android version of its PlayStation 4 remote play app is now available via the Google Play Store.

What's notable about this version of remote play is that it makes it available across a variety of Android devices. Previously, the Google Play Store listed the remote play app as compatible with only Sony Xperia smartphones and tablets.

As of now, that listing hasn't been updated with the new information, but Sony says smartphones and tablets running Android 5.0 or higher will be compatible with the new remote play app.

For the best results, Sony recommends using a wired connection for your PS4.

Players can connect their Dualshock wireless controllers to their Android device, and this applies to the iOS remote play app as well.

However, the requirements for this are different than the base remote play app. Dualshock support requires Android 10, iOS 13, iPadOS 13, or this month's macOS Catalina.

You can check out the full announcement here.


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Published Oct. 7th 2019

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