East Coast League of Legends LEc2 Starts in 2 Days!

First East Coast League of Legends Convention is to be Held in 2 Days! Hosted by Sky Williams with over 36 special guests to attend.

Last year, Summoner's Con was the first League of Legends convention on the west coast. It was hosted by Sp4zie and featured special guest appearances by major pro players, teams, cosplayers, and rioters. The pioneers of the event, Kevin Khandjian and Cat Valdes, ran a successful 1-day convention bringing in hundreds of League of Legends fans from all over the country (including me from NYC). Now, eSports HQ is hosting the first east coast League of Legends convention: LEc².

LEc² (‘L E c squared’) stands for League of Legends East Coast Convention, which will be held at Fredericksburg Expo Center in Virginia. LEc² includes League of Legends tournaments, personalities, cosplayers, DJs, artist allies, exhibitors, and a Super Smash Brothers tournament.

The convention is hosted by the talented YouTube League of Legends star Sky Williams, and will feature special guest appearances from over 36 YouTube League of Legends Content creators, Twitch streamers, journalist, pro cosplayers, and more.

The east coast con has drawn the interest and sponsorship of many big-name companies, like Corsair and Razer. Unlike Summoner's Con, which ran for one day, LEc² is being held on both June 12th and June 13th.

To get your tickets, head on over to their website here. Or experience it vicariously via my articles (to be posted on Game Skinny), Twitter, and Instagram!


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Published Jun. 10th 2015

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