10 Times Nintendo Was an Innovator

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Okay, this one will get some flak, but pump the brakes and give it a deeper look. Many of Nintendo's peripherals didn't take off like we wanted, but they had a few fun games here and there.

The Nintendo Zapper did pretty great for its time, the Super Scope however had barely enough games to warrant it. Everybody looks back fondly at ROB, but nobody really appreciated him back in his day. Lastly, the SNES Mouse? Yeah, you probably forgot that existed.

Where is this going? Nintendo tried things. Not all of them worked, but they did go on to influence other things. It could be argued that all of these cool-in-concept-bad-in-execution devices have probably led to the push towards Virtual Reality that we have today. While we're on the subject, let's count the Virtual Boy in this category too, because even while it was its own console, it was also a contributing factor to things like the HTC Vive and Playstation VR.

Virtual Reality has had multiple attempts in the past, but they never quite came to fruition due to limits in technology, but we may very well be at the turning point for that the become a reality. A virtual one anyway. We may have just left it back in the early 90s if it wasn't for Nintendo and their insistence on breaking the traditional video gaming mold.

Published Nov. 16th 2016

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