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Those of us stuck in queues during primetime on WoW Classic's biggest realms won't have to deal with the waits all that much longer. That's provided you and your friends or guild are willing to uproot and move. Blizzard is providing free transfers off specified realms to new realms "very soon".

NA and EU players on certain realms will be able to migrate to specified new and previously existing realms in the near future, and with them will come free transfers for players just tired of the queues or trying to get in with their friends or guildmates at a reasonable time.

The eligible realms and their targets for North America and Europe are as follows.

NA WoW Classic Server Transfers

  • Arugal players will be able to transfer to Felstriker
  • Faerlina and Stalagg players will be able to transfer to Heartseeker
  • Herod and Skeram players will be able to transfer to Earthfury
  • Incendius and Thalnos players will be able to transfer to Netherwind
  • Fairbanks and Whitemane players will be able to transfer to Arcanite Reaper
  • Bigglesworth players will be able to transfer to Anathema
  • Pagle players will be able to transfer to Windseeker
  • Grobbulus players will be able to transfer to Deviate Delight

EU WoW Classic Server Transfers

  • Shazzrah and Golemagg players will be able to transfer to Dragonfang
  • Firemane and Gehennas players will be able to transfer to Earthshaker
  • Mograine players will be able to transfer to Judgement
  • Razorgore players will be able to transfer to Bloodfang
  • Sulfuron players will be able to transfer to Amnennar and Finkle
  • Lucifron players will be able to transfer to Transcendence

When these transfers will open is yet unknown, but Blizzard will likely spill the beans on when they are available very soon.

Are you planning on transferring? Let us know in the comments below I sure as heck won't be leaving Whitemane and check out our handful of WoW Classic guides!

WoW Classic Dungeon Levels Overview Thu, 29 Aug 2019 16:15:47 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Diving into instances is a big part of the World of Warcraft experience, especially in WoW Classic where everything's a little slower. The recommended dungeon levels are a little different from the game's expansions and the contents, well, you might have a tough time all around.

This guide has two purposes.

  1. To show the game's recommended level ranges for each dungeon
  2. To teach you the abbreviations used for each one

That said, you do not have to strictly be within the recommended level range for every instance. It depends on your group, and it's very possible you'll get pulled into instances at levels not within the ranges listed here. Trust your groups to hold each other up and do your best.

Additionally, not every vanilla dungeon is in Classic just yet. Instances after Molten Core are locked behind the game's upcoming phases, with Blackwing Lair and Zul'Gurub coming in Phase 2. These are not included in this list for now.

Dungeon Level
 Ragefire Chasm
13 to 18 Orgrimmar
The Deadmines
(VC or DM)
17 to 26 Moonbrook in
Wailing Caverns
17 to 24 Lushwater Oasis in
The Barrens
Shadowfang Keep
22 to 30 Silverpine Forest
Blackfathom Deeps
24 to 32 The Zoram Strand in
The Stockade
24 to 32 The Canals in
Razorfen Kraul
29 to 38 Southern Barrens
 29 to 38 Dun Morogh
Scarlet Monastery
34 to 45 Whispering Gardens in
Tirisfal Glades
Razorfen Downs
37 to 46 Southern Barrens
41 to 51 The Maker's Terrace in
 42 to 46 Sandsorrow Watch in
46 to 55 Valley of Spears in
Temple of Atal'Hakkar
(Sunken Temple; ST)
 50 to 56 Pool of Tears in
Swamp of Sorrows
Blackrock Depths
52 to 60 The Masonary in
Blackrock Mountain
Blackrock Spire
55 to 60 Blackrock Spire in
Blackrock Mountain
Dire Maul
55 to 60 High Wilderness in
58 to 60 Plaguewood in
Eastern Plaguelands
 58 to 60 Caer Darrow in
Western Plaguelands
 Onyxia's Lair
 60 Dustwallow Marsh
 Molten Core
 60 Blackrock Depths in
Blackrock Mountain



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WoW Classic: Where to Find All WC Quests Thu, 29 Aug 2019 14:24:20 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Let's talk about the quests in WoW Classic for the Wailing Caverns (WC), shall we? Specifically, how and where to get them all.

The Wailing Caverns is the second instance open to Horde players. I wouldn't say it's fun, but it's a must-run for the Horde because you get a ton of XP between the mobs inside and the quests available. It helps that the Fang gear set is great for Shamans and Druids, too (Hunters will certainly roll on them, like they can't help themselves).

Almost all of the quests for WC are found in the Barrens, with one being found in Thunder Bluff. A fair portion of these quests is available to both Horde and Alliance players, in particular, those found in Ratchet and the ones given by the NPCs hanging out in the skull above the dungeon. 

There is also an item-given quest named The Glowing Shard, which is granted by a gem you find inside the instance. This can be turned in with an NPC in Ratchet and is available to both factions as well.

Wailing Caverns Quests in the Barrens

Smart Drinks

This quest requires you to obtain Wailing Essence from the ectoplasms in the Wailing Caverns. It's very possible you'll have to run WC twice to get all the Essence, but maybe you'll get lucky!

This is available to both Alliance and Horde players and is picked up in Ratchet.

Trouble at the Docks

You don't have to actually go into the instance to complete Trouble at the Docks, but you do have to beat up a Level 18 elite Goblin in the cave leading up to WC named Mad Magglish. He'll drop his port, and you can turn in your quest.

This one is also available to both Alliance and Horde players and is picked up in Ratchet.

Hamuul Runetotem -> Leaders of the Fang

You won't be able to pick this quest up until you push through the questline requiring you to check out the oases around the Barrens.

After the Altered Beasts quest, which is the one that makes you go beat up Level 16 Snapjaws for their shells, you'll be able to pick up Hamuul Runetotem, which sends you out to Thunder Bluff.

There are a few small hiccups between the Hamuul Runetotem quest and the Leaders of the Fang quest, but it's worth the effort. The notable rewards for Leaders of the Fang are a blue staff or dagger, plus a nice chunk of reputation with Thunder Buff and 13 Silver. Ace.

The actual goal of Leaders of the Fang is to defeat all four Druids of the Fang in WC. Get to it!

Deviate Hides

Both factions can do this quest.

People have been having trouble finding the NPC (Nalpak) that gives this quest for ages, and that's understandable. He's actually above the entrance to the Wailing Caverns.

Coming from the road, run past the skull-shaped entrance to the WC and keep your eyes open for a portion of mountain you can run up. Make your way up the mountain a bit and turn back towards the entrance. You'll see what appears to be a rock, though it's really the upper portion of the entrance's skull shape.

The quest giver, Nalpak, can be found in the left eye. Be careful you don't fall down trying to get to him. Nobody wants to have to work their way back up there.

Deviate Hides drop from several mobs within the instance, so grab them as you go. The quest gives a 10-slot bag and some green leather pants, making it worth the effort.

Deviate Eradication

The quest giver for this quest is found in the same spot as Nalpak above, and both factions can take and complete this quest.

This one just asks you to slay a fair amount of Deviate mobs inside the dungeon, seven each in fact.

Wailing Caverns Quest in Thunder Bluff


This is another one you don't have to go into the instance to get done, as Serpentbloom can be found all over the caves leading up to it.

You can find the quest giver in the lower cave on the Spirit Rise in Thunder Bluff.


With that, we've gone over all the quests you can pick up and take with you into WC for that sweet, sweet XP. Alliance players have a fair amount of quest options for Wailing Caverns, but getting the quests and making your way into the instance is risky. Good luck out there.

If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other WoW Classic guides. How about some weapon trainer locations for both factions? How about the locations of RFC quests, or how to install addons? More are coming, but it's pretty hard to pull away from the game to get them done.

WoW Classic: Where to Find All RFC Quests Wed, 28 Aug 2019 15:21:28 -0400 Ashley Shankle

I've seen a lot of people ask in General and Trade which quests are available for RFC (Ragefire Chasm) in WoW Classic, the Horde's first dungeon. Alliance may have Deadmines, but we Horde have... some warlocks in a cave over here in Orgrimmar. Uh...

Anyway, there are six quests for Ragefire Chasm. Five can be picked up outside of the dungeon and the sixth is a continuation of one of the quests obtained in Thunder Bluff.

Read on and find out where you can find these quests, and bear in mind all of them can be picked up at Level 9.

RFC Quests Starting in Orgrimmar

Slaying the Beast

This quest can be gotten from an NPC just outside of RFC and only requires you defeat Targaman the Hungerer in RFC. Just about everyone picks this quest up their first time.

Quest giver location.

Hidden Enemies

You'll have to head to the Valley of Wisdom to pick this one up, and it requires you go further into RFC after the fight with Targaman to defeat Bazzalan and Jergosh the Invoker.

Quest giver location.

RFC Quests Starting in Thunder Bluff

Testing an Enemy's Strength

This quest can be picked up from a Tauren on The Elder Rise in Thunder Bluff and asks you to kill Ragefire Troggs and Shamans in the dungeon.

Both quests in Thunder Bluff are from the same NPC.

Quest giver location.

Searching for the Lost Satchel

You'll have to find the corpse of a Tauren in Ragefire Chasm to complete this quest.

This one requires you take a slight detour to the right in the first open room of the dungeon, heading up an incline to a dead end with enemies. His corpse can be found there, after which you'll be able to pick up the quest Returning the Satchel, which requires you go back to Thunder Bluff.

RFC Quest in the Undercity

The Power to Destroy...

There is only one quest for the dungeon found in the Undercity, and it can be picked up in the bowels of the Apothecarium. The required items for this quest are dropped by Searing Blade Warlocks and Cultists within Ragefire Chasm.

Quest giver location.


Not so bad, really. You don't have to pick up these quests, but every bit of XP counts.

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WoW Classic Racial Abilites and Best Classes Guide Mon, 26 Aug 2019 15:32:05 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Each race has had its strengths and weaknesses since the dawn of World of Warcraft, but the differences today aren't necessarily the same as those from 2004. We're about to hop straight into a time machine to 15 years ago with WoW Classic, and its racial abilities.

WoW Classic's racial abilities are easy enough to understand. Some races, such as Undead and Night Elf, are clearly more geared toward PvP content, but you will probably have the same fun with any class and race combination (unless you get a little too used to Will of the Forsaken).

It's important to keep in mind while reading through this guide that ultimately, you should choose whatever race and class combination you want to play. Meta gaming WoW Classic only does so much, and it's not like you're about to tackle the hardest content Azeroth's ever seen.

You have a little more to think about in terms of race as a PvP player, but if you played way back in the day you probably already know which race you want to carry you to victory in contested areas.

Let's cut past my rambling  there's plenty of it below. Good luck on your journeys!

Alliance Racial Abilities

- Sword Specialization: Skill with Swords and Two-Handed Swords increased by 5.
- Mace Specialization: Skill with Maces and Two-Handed Maces increased by 5.
- Diplomacy: Reputation gains increased by 10%.
- The Human Spirit: Spirit increased by 5%.
- Perception: Dramatically increases stealth detection for 20 sec. (3-minute cooldown)
Classes: Mage, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior
Humans are predictably well-rounded, capable in both physical and magical regards thanks to their weapon specializations and The Human Spirit granting additional Spirit. Humans make ideal Paladins and Priests, but Paladins, in particular, due to melee specializations and additional Spirit. Their stats are well-rounded but weighted toward Spirit. Perception has its uses in PvP.

Human Priests are able to learn Desperate Prayer (Instantly heals the caster for X to X. 10 min cooldown) and Feedback (The priest becomes surrounded with anti-magic energy. Any successful spell cast against the priest will burn 18 of the attacker's Mana, causing 1 Shadow damage for each point of Mana burned. Lasts 15 sec.).

Both skills are worthwhile in PvP but Feedback doesn't have much use in endgame PvE.


Night Elf
- Nature Resistance: Nature Resistance increased by 10.
- Quickness: Dodge chance increased by 1%.
- Wisp Spirit: Transform into a wisp upon death, increasing movement speed by 50%.
- Shadowmeld: Activate to slip into the shadows, reducing the chance for enemies to detect your presence. Lasts until canceled or upon moving. Night Elf Rogues and Druids with Shadowmeld are more difficult to detect while stealthed or prowling. (10-sec cooldown)
Classes: Mage, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior
Being the only Alliance race able to go Druid, Night Elves are ideal for the class; but they're also fantastic Rogues when considering Quickness, the Shadowmeld Active, and innately high Agility. Their Stamina and Strength are lacking.

Starshards (Rains starshards down on the enemy target's head, causing X Arcane damage over 6 sec.) is a channeled ability, making it risky to use in PvP and simply not ideal in PvE. Elune's Grace (Reduces ranged damage taken by X and increases chance to dodge by 10% for 15 sec.) is solid for surviving PvP, but doesn't make up for the presence of Starshards.

Neither skills are particularly impressive, but Elune's Grace is much better than Undead and Troll Priest exclusives Hex of Weakness and Touch of Weakness.


- Arcane Resistance: Arcane Resistance increased by 10.
- Expansive Mind: Intelligence increased by 5%.
- Escape Artist: Escape the effects of any immobilization or movement speed reduction effect. (0.5-second cast, 1-minute cooldown)
- Engineering Specialization: Engineering skill increased by 15.
Classes: Mage, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior
Gnomes are ideal for Mages and Warlocks because of their 5% increased Intelligence, and Escape Artist is among the best racial actives. Their based Strength and Stamina are very low, making them less ideal for Paladin or Warrior, but their very high base Agility makes for a good start to a Rogue.

Escape Artist is mostly useful in PvP situations, and its relatively short cooldown makes it easy to use more than once in a single skirmish.


- Frost Resistance: Increases Frost Resistance by 10.
- Gun Specialization: Guns skill increased by 5.
- Find Treasure: Allows the dwarf to sense nearby treasure, making it appear on the minimap. Lasts until canceled.
- Stoneform: While active, grants immunity to Bleed, Poison, and Disease effects. In addition, Armor increased by 10%. Lasts 8 sec. (3-min cooldown)
Classes: Hunter, Paladin, Priest, Rogue, Warrior
Dwarves make for some of the best Paladins and Warriors in the game thanks to the Stoneform racial active and their high base Stamina and Strength. Their base Agility is low, making them less-than-ideal Rogues. They do make for pretty great Priests because of their base stats with the class and race-exclusive Priest skills.

Find Treasure is fine to have up while questing to seek out treasure chests, but as you can only track one resource at a time, you may not use it much if you take Mining, Herbalism, or go Hunter.

Dwarves boast one of the best sets of exclusive Priest skills in the game, primarily thanks to Fear Ward (Wards the friendly target against Fear. The next Fear effect used against the target will fail, using up the ward. Lasts 10 min.). Desperate Prayer (Instantly heals the caster for X to X. 10 min cooldown) is also decent for both PvE and PvP.

Dwarves are probably the best race for a PvP Priest in the Alliance.


Horde Racial Abilities

- Axe Specialization: Skill with Axes and Two-Handed Axes increased by 5.
- Command: Damage dealt by Hunter and Warlock pets increased by 5%.
- Hardiness: Chance to resist Stun effects increased by an additional 25%.
- Blood Fury: Increases base melee attack power by 25% for 15 sec and reduces healing effects on you by 50% for 25 sec. (2-min cooldown)
Classes: Hunter, Rogue, Shaman, Warlock, Warrior
Orcs are the Horde's most well-rounded race and do well with most classes, but they are best as Warriors and (Enhancement) Shamans. They make for fantastic frontline fighters but are decent Hunters. Orc Rogues shine brightest only when Blood Fury is active.

Their weakest class is probably Warlock, which is best suited to Undead. Warlock pets often aren't used as active damage dealers in endgame PvE and are quickly dispatched in PvP, making Command less useful for the Orc Warlock. Its other racials also do not suit the class well.


- Endurance: Total Health increased by 5%.
- Nature Resistance: Nature Resistance increased by 10.
- Cultivation: Herbalism skill increased by 15.
- War Stomp: Stuns up to 5 enemies within 8 yds for 2 sec. (2-min cooldown)
Classes: Druid, Hunter, Shaman, Warrior
Thanks to the extra health from Endurance and on-demand stun from War Stomp, Tauren also make for great frontline fighters and are great Warriors and Shamans, though Tauren Shamans have the smallest starting Mana pool of the races. This is also the only Horde race able to go Druid.

Though the extra health from Endurance is a boon, the utility of War Stomp in PvE and PvP situations cannot be understated. Though Tauren Shamans don't bring great stats to the table, the extra survivability provided by War Stomp (after which the Shaman can heal in brief safety) is hugely helpful in PvP situations. Tauren Warriors are the beefiest (get it?) by a long shot, however.


- Shadow Resistance: Shadow Resistance increased by 10.
- Underwater Breathing: Underwater breath lasts 300% longer than normal.
- Cannibalize: When activated, regenerates 7% of total health every 2 sec for 10 sec. Only works on Humanoid or Undead corpses within 7 yds. Any movement, action, or damage taken while Cannibalizing will cancel the effect.
- Will of the Forsaken: Provides immunity to Charm, Fear and Sleep while active. May also be used while already afflicted by Charm, Fear or Sleep. Lasts 5 sec. (2-min cooldown)
Classes: Mage, Priest, Rogue, Warlock, Warrior
Undead racials are fairly even and are useful to basically every class, so it's hard to say what class Undead are best made into. A PvP-oriented player would say any class since Will of the Forsaken is so strong. There is no doubt among the WoW community that Will of the Forsaken is the best PvP racial, though the Gnomes' Escape Artist and Dwarves' Fear Ward come a little close. Still, no other deals with PvP's most debilitating status effects in such a way.

You can't go wrong with an Undead anything.

Undead Priests learn Touch of Weakness (The next melee attack on the caster will cause X Shadow damage and reduce the damage caused by the attacker by X for 2 min.) and Devouring Plague (Afflicts the target with a disease that causes X Shadow damage over 24 sec. Damage cased by the Devouring Plague heals the caster. 3-min cooldown). Devouring Plague is a boon in both PvE and PvP, though Touch of Weakness isn't that different from Troll Priests' Hex of Weakness.


- Beast Slaying: Damage dealt versus Beasts increased by 5%.
- Bow Specialization: Skill with Bow weapons increased by 5.
- Regeneration: Health regeneration rate increased by 10%. 10% of total Health regeneration may continue during combat.
- Throwing Specialization: Skill with Throwing Weapons increased by 5.
- Berserking: Increases your casting and attack speed by 10% to 30%. At full health, the speed increase is 10% with a greater effect up to 30% if you are badly hurt when you activate Berserking. Lasts 10 sec. (3-min cooldown)
Classes: Hunter, Mage, Priest, Rogue, Shaman, Warrior
Trolls make for great Hunters and Mages, though they are also fairly well-rounded with the classes available to them. The only class they're less than stellar in is Priest, and that's due to Trolls' lackluster exclusive Priest skills. Regeneration and Berserking are useful no matter your Troll's class.

Troll Priests learn Hex of Weakness (Weakens the target enemy, reducing damage caused by 20 for 2 min.) and Shadowguard (The caster is surrounded by shadows. When a spell, melee or ranged attack hits the caster, the attacker will be struck for 116 Shadow damage. Attackers can only be damaged once every few seconds. This damage causes no threat. 3 charges. Lasts 10 min.).

Neither one of the Troll Priest racials is particularly powerful, with Shadowguard just being a clone of Shaman's Lightning Shield. Hex of Weakness's biggest draw being it weakens the target for a whole two minutes  that's quite a bit, unless it gets dispelled, which it will in PvP at later levels.



Vanilla World of Warcraft was probably the best time in my gaming life and I played it like it was my job (not so easy to make money gaming back then), but I'm sure my opinions as stated above are different from those of other players.

Check out our other WoW Classic guides, of which there are presently few.. but will soon be many! For now we have a WoWC weapon trainer locations guide and a brief guide on where to find Mankrik's wife because, well.. you and I both know people are going to be asking.

Have fun in Azeroth, and I hope to see a few of you out there in STV and AV!

WoW Classic NA Rolling Out Four More Servers for Launch Mon, 26 Aug 2019 11:19:22 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Today is the day: WoW Classic launch!

If you've been waiting for this day with bated breath, you are likely fully aware of the game's server population issue. The most popular realms (servers) are now marked as 'Full', meaning players who haven't yet made characters on those servers will have to head elsewhere.

Blizzard has been rolling out new realms since name registration opened, and here, on release day, we're getting four more servers added to the North American server list:

  • Old Blanchy (Normal, Pacific)
  • Westfall (Normal, Eastern)
  • Incendius (PvP, Eastern)
  • Bigglesworth (PvP, Pacific)

These are likely not the last servers to be rolled out for North American WoW Classic players as absolutely no one knows what's going to happen with the new realms once the game launches.

Those who subscribed during the name registration period are already accounted for in the current server populations, but all those people who held off on subscribing until launch day are in unknown number. It's anyone's guess which realm they'll pile onto.

This is an exciting day for anyone who played World of Warcraft during its pre-expansion days or even those who joined the game later down the road, and we'll finally see if we really wanted it, or if we just thought we did.

Looking for tips on WoW Classic? Be sure to head over to both our World of Warcraft guides, as well as our World of Warcraft Classic guides

WoW Classic Weapon Trainers and Class Weapon Skills Guide Mon, 26 Aug 2019 10:40:13 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Having to train your characters in weapons they don't innately know how to wield in World of Warcraft Classic can be a bit of a weird concept to anyone who only started WoW during or after Cataclysm. Weapon training is a thing, though, and you've got to get used to it in WoW Classic.

Weapon trainers and the weapon skill system were removed in Cataclysm, but both are back in full force in WoW Classic. With this system, players will have to travel to weapon trainers to learn to use weapon types their class cannot use by default.

Additionally, to learn how to use a new weapon type effectively, you'll have to whack on mobs to increase your proficiency with it.

It's recommended you try to get your proficiency up in weapons you intend to use at endgame earlier rather than later, as the most effective way to level up your weapon skills is to just auto-attack enemies. It takes a heck of a long time to get to ~300 in a weapon skill if you start with a new weapon type late.

Before we get into the locations of each weapon trainer in WoW Classic, let's go over which weapons each class can learn proficiency in, provided they visit the appropriate weapon trainers.

A Couple of Things to Note:
  • Some races start with different weapons in certain classes than others
  • Shamans learn to use two-handed axes and maces via the third-tier Two-handed Axes and Maces talent
  • Priests, Mages, and Warlocks are able to use wands without training, and they can use wand attacks via the Shoot ability in their skill book
Class Usable Weapons
Druid Daggers
One-handed Maces
Two-handed Maces
Fist Weapons
Hunter Bows
One-handed Axes
Two-handed Axes
One-handed Swords
Two-handed swords
Thrown Weapons
Fist Weapons
Mage Staves
One-handed Swords
Paladin One-handed Maces
Two-handed Maces
One-handed Axes
Two-handed Axes
One-handed Swords
Two-handed Swords
Priest One-handed Maces
Rogue Daggers
Thrown Weapons
One-handed Maces
One-handed Swords
Fist Weapons
Shaman One-handed Maces
Two-handed Maces
One-handed Axes
Two-handed Axes
Warlock Daggers
One-handed Swords
Warriors [Everything but wands]


Weapon Trainer Locations By City

Training in a new weapon costs a mere 10 silver and can be done at Level One for any class; however, to learn to use polearms you must be Level 20 and have one gold to spare.

Alliance Weapon Trainer Locations
Bixi Wobblebonk
Thrown Weapons
Buliwyf Stonehand
One-handed Axes
Two-handed Axes
One-handed Maces
Two-handed Maces
Fist Weapons

Both trainers are found in the same building.


Ilyenia Moonfire
(Night Elf)
Fist Weapons
Thrown Weapons


Woo Ping
One-handed Swords
Two-handed Swords


Horde Weapon Trainers

One-handed Axes
Two-handed Axes
Fist Weapons
Thrown Weapons
One-handed Axes
Two-handed Axes
Thrown Weapons
Both trainers are found in the same building.


One-handed Swords
Two-handed Swords


One-handed Maces
Two-handed Maces


The weapon skill system is just one of many differences between WoW Classic and modern retail.

I hope you're ready to swing at enemies and miss hundreds of times trying to get your weapon skills up  I know I am! Enjoy your time in classic Azeroth, and experience the game that made myself and countless others quit their jobs and drop out of college all those years ago.

If you enjoyed this guide or are still sort of stuck on which race + class combination to go with, take the time to check out my WoW Classic racial abilities guide or even my RFC quest locations and WC quest locations guides.

No Sessions Found Fix for ARK: Survival Evolved Thu, 08 Aug 2019 10:34:02 -0400 Sergey_3847

The fact is that any game that offers custom servers can have problems connecting people. But the "No Sessions Found" error in ARK: Survival Evolved doesn't even let players see the list of servers to choose from.

This bug has been detected on PC and PS4, so if you're one of those players who regularly gets an empty window in the session list, we have a possible fix in our step-by-step guide below.

Fix 1: For PC Users

The "No Sessions Found" error on PC can be caused by several things, so let's take a look at them all.

First of all, you can get the empty session list because of low ping, which can be adjusted in your Steam menu:

  1. Open Steam client
  2. Go to View in the top menu
  3. Select Settings option
  4. Click on In-Game tab
  5. Set Max Ping to 250

If that doesn't help, then you can manually pick a server through a Steam client:

  1. Select ARK: Survival Evolved in Steam Game Library
  2. Go to View top menu
  3. Select Servers option
  4. Click on the internet tab

You will see all ARK servers listed in the Steam window. Just choose any one you like by double-clicking it.

Lastly, if neither of the two methods helped you, then you need to reset your network settings:

  1. Go to Start menu in Windows 10
  2. Type CMD in Search
  3. Right-click Command Prompt
  4. Select Run as Administrator
  5. In the CMD window type: netsh winsock reset
  6. Press Enter
  7. Restart your PC

Fix 2: For PS4 Users

Many PS4 users have been reporting that they can't find sessions of the PC servers, while all other servers are showing just fine.

The solution, thankfully, is really simple, and all you need to do is find a friend with a PC who would be able to send you an invitation through ARK's server list.

As a result, you will see all PC sessions in your PS4 version of ARK: Survival Evolved.


For more ARK: Survival Evolved guides, check out the list below:

Minecraft: The Conduit and You Wed, 31 Jul 2019 17:08:16 -0400 Tobbpitt

The conduit is one of Minecraft's more curious blocks. In fact, it's so curious that it is very easy to never know they exist at all. They do, though, and they are weird.

The conduit does a handful of things that players fond of underwater play or exploration may find nifty, but first, we're going to go into how to make one of these bad boys.

How to Make a Conduit

A conduit requires:

  • 8 Nautilus shells
  • 1 Heart of the sea
How to Get Nautilus Shells

Even with Minecraft's 1.5.0 upon us, getting nautilus shells and the Heart of the Sea is still kind of a pain.

You can get nautilus shells by either fishing or by killing drowned that are holding one. Both options are quite rare, so it's up to you which method you decide to use!

It's also possible to get nautilus shells from a wandering trader, but that's even harder than just fishing them up or seeking out drowned to slay. Fishing is probably your best bet.

How to Get the Heart of the Sea

Obtaining a heart of the sea is even harder than getting the whopping eight nautilus shells you need.

The heart of the sea can only be found in buried treasure chests, which can be like trying to find a needle in a haystack if you're just looking without any help.

It's possible to seek out buried treasure chests by using a buried treasure explorer map.

There are two ways to get one of these treasure maps. Either you seek out underwater ruins for chests that may contain a map, or you get one of your villagers up to apprentice or journeyman cartographer to sell you one.

If you want to do it the hard way, you're going to be digging at a lot of sand. Buried treasure chests are most often found under the sand on beaches, though they can rarely be found under sand underwater.

How to Activate a Conduit

Getting everything together in survival mode is quite the task, but it's worth it if you want to make use of the new bells and whistles in 1.5.0.

First, you need to know what a conduit needs to be surrounded by water to activate. This doesn't have to be the ocean or anything, even flowing water will do.

You must place at least 16 prismarine, prismarine bricks, dark prismarine, or sea lanterns around the conduit for it to activate. You can place up to 42 blocks of these types around it to increase its field of effect.

At 16 blocks, the conduit will affect up to 32 blocks around it.

At 42 blocks, the conduit will affect up to 96 blocks around it.

What a Conduit Does

A conduit gives the conduit power status effect to all players within its range of effect. This status effect is a real doozy for players who prefer to build or adventure underwater, as it:

  • Increases your vision underwater
  • Grants infinite underwater breath
  • Grants haste to speed up your mining
  • Kills aggro mobs in range

Essentially, it's a super-powered bubble without the bubble visual effects!

It's easy to see why the conduit is the nautical player's best friend, but there's no denying this is a block that takes some real effort to not only craft but to put to good use as well. Perhaps the perfect pairing to an underwater fortress?

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Fantasy Strike Review: Steamlined Fighting Wed, 24 Jul 2019 10:00:01 -0400 Jordan Baranowski

When people think of the fighting game genre, they tend to equate "skill" with "insane combos." Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat are the two main culprits, but check out any fighting game tournament on Twitch and you'll probably see massive combo strings featuring insane timing and superhuman dexterity on most games. 

Fantasy Strike looks to do something a bit different with the genre.

Made by a former Street Fighter developer, the game is designed to be totally accessible: there are only a few buttons, no special move inputs, and no 30-second combo strings. At the same time, it is designed to be difficult to master and hopes to support an esports community. 

Eager Students

If you've ever sat down and tried to explain a fighting game to someone who has never played one or doesn't know much about the genre, they probably got lost very quickly. Every fighter has totally different controls, and many systems in the game are essential but impossible to fathom without experience. Fantasy Strike looks to upend that idea by distilling the fighting genre down to its basic elements.

There are three attack buttons: a normal strike and two special moves. By holding forward or backward, you can change the properties of your moves. There is no dashing. There is no ducking. There no dexterity-testing combos. It takes about 10 seconds to learn the basics of Fantasy Strike and jump into a fight.

In no small words is the accessibility of Fantasy Strike crazy; after just a few rounds with a character, you'll start to discover your favorite moves and strategies. You'll start to build upon them and learn the strengths and weaknesses of various characters.

That certainly doesn't mean this is a simple game, however. Fantasy Strike possesses a lot of similarities to games like Divekick (albeit without all the inside jokes). It might seem like there isn't much to it, but there's much more than meets the eye.


As you gain experience, you'll also start to put together just how much complexity exists inside the basic systems of Fantasy Strike. Frame traps, cross-ups, mixups, all the hallmarks of high-level play exist inside this simplified setup. It has the rock, paper, scissors format of zoning, rushdown, and grappling. Even the throw counter is simplified if risky; rather than hitting your own throw button to counter the opponents, you have to stand still and hit nothing on your controller.

Think of the risk there: in order to counter your opponent, you have to do absolutely nothing. If they throw out an attack, you're going to get hit. If you successfully counter the throw, you deal a bit of damage and you fill up your super attack meter. In a game where some characters can only take a few hits before getting knocked out, that's a massive momentum swing.

Yes, super attacks and throws make it sound like Fantasy Strike is getting more complex, but both are activated by pushing two buttons together (or just making a keybind for it). Again, no one will need to pause the game and study a move list just to make a new character work.

Open Palm Technique

Fantasy Strike has some well-designed systems and a nice learning curve, but there are a few major questions about its target audience. The issue with a game like this is that it might be a little too simple for its own good. After putting several hours into it, it's tough to see if it could maintain its momentum once it gets "figured out."

There are only about a dozen fighters, and only a few different ways to play. As fighting games tend to live or die in their online competitive scene, it doesn't seem like much of a stretch to imagine Fantasy Strike petering out after a few months, as a dwindling player base and lack of options cause people to walk away to bigger, flashier things.

I'm not convinced that the game can truly support a diverse competitive scene, as the systems are a bit too simple and the options a bit too limited.

Because of the small number of options, some fights are totally lopsided. A few of the characters only have five bars of health (rather than a nebulous "health bar," like most fighting games, Fantasy Strike characters show very clearly how many hits they can survive), and some attacks take away multiple life points. There have been a few fights that end in as little as two moves! That can be disheartening, and you never know if games with a small development team will have the amount of post-launch support they need to thrive.

It doesn't help that the character designs are, for the most part, very bland. Even the more bizarre options (a gambling panda and a man with a ghost who trails behind him) are fairly run of the mill beyond their basic appearance, and many of the characters read like carbon copies of other famous fighters.

To The Death

That said, it seems that Fantasy Strike could have a niche audience for a few specific reasons. For one, its deliberate gameplay makes it ideal for in-person gaming, such as couch competitions or live tournaments. Fighting games are the perfect style for hype, and Fantasy Strike has plenty of room for trash talking and mind games along the way.

Fantasy Strike also has a unique method of ranked play that encourages players to learn several fighters, rather than just specializing in one. In ranked matches, players pick three fighters. The game then randomizes matches, where one player's "A" fighter will square off with another player's "C" fighter. This isn't revolutionary, but the way you win the entire match is as players will continue squaring off until a single player has won with all three of their fighters.

That means you might have to fight multiple times as the same character. You could win the first two matches as your "A" fighter and "B" fighter, then have to battle three times in a row if your "C" fighter is a weak link. It encourages you to learn every fighter's strength and weakness and pick a team that is balanced in order to give you the best chance to win.

Now, I am the Master

  • Easy to learn, difficult to master
  • Ranked matches encourage diversification
  • Good online coding provides for lag-free matches
  • Perhaps a bit too simple
  • Generic character designs
  • Not enough options

Is Fantasy Strike going to topple the heaviest hitters in the fighting game genre? Probably not. Does it have some niche appeal? Absolutely.

Fantasy Strike is a really well-designed game that could serve well for certain audiences who don't want the combo memorization needed to compete in other fighters.

It would be great to see a game like Fantasy Strike take off. It could be unbelievably hype to see a fighter like this on the stage at EVO.

However, it seems unlikely. There just doesn't seem like there's enough substance to Fantasy Strike to give a competitive scene the room it needs to grow. It's a good way to teach the basics of the fighting game genre, and a good way to introduce some of the more complex systems that underlie most games like it, but it seems to ultimately lack that lasting appeal.

[Note: A copy of Fantasy Strike was provided by Sirlin Games for the purpose of this review.]

Total War: Three Kingdoms Liu Bei Guide Thu, 18 Jul 2019 12:27:35 -0400 Sergey_3847

Among the 12 available warlords in Total War: Three Kingdoms, the latest installment in the famous strategy series, Liu Bei is the most virtuous one. He is a close friend of Guan Yu and Zhang Fei clans  both are his brothers and his biggest enemies are Dong Zhuo and Cao Cao.

Liu Bei's faction has a number of unique features that make it stand out from the rest of the royal families in Three Kingdoms. For example, you start the game with no land of your own, but your army is very strong from the very beginning, which means that you can start conquering right away.

Liu Bei's army mainly consists of marksmen and archers, and his unique resource, which is called Unity, can help you take over cities without battles. This kind of approach makes Liu Bei's campaign one of the most unusual in the game. So follow our step-by-step guide below on how to become a truly powerful warlord.

Step 1: Take Over the Iron Mine

You will start at the Dong commandery with your army surrounded by several other factions. The one you need to conquer first is the Yellow Turban Rebellion army under the leadership of Huang Shao.

After defeating the Yellow Turbans, which won't be hard taking into account the size of your army, you can easily take over the iron mine settlement nearby.

If you decide to offer Huang Shao peace, which he will accept, you will need to let him keep his farmlands.

Step 2: Take Over the Langye Commandery

In the central-eastern part of the map, you can quickly take over a small but very resourceful region: the Langye commandery.

It has a fishing port and a lumber yard, both of which will be of great value to your faction.

During this time, one of your trade partners, Tao Qian, will get into trouble with Cao Cao, who will send an army to take over his land. You can either make sure that you can protect Tao Qian, or you could just let it be since later in the game Tao Qian will try to betray you anyway.

Step 3: Defeat Kong Rong

At a certain point, one of the local warlords named Kong Rong will agree to meet you at the lumber yard in Langye.

Use this opportunity to kill him and quickly take over his city located to the north of Langye. Try not to use your Unity points here; just use your army.

After that, you can use the Unity points to take over the nearby Donglai commandery with all its farmlands.

Step 4: Take Over Pengcheng and Guangling

Now you can move southwards and take two more commanderies with excellent resources.

Pengcheng and Guangling commanderies will be easy to conquer, and all their farmlands, the temple, and the trade port will go under your command.

At this point, the political life of Liu Bei will get more dangerous, necessitating non-aggression pacts (NAP).

Step 5: Sign NAP with Sun Jian and Cao Cao

Until you hit the rank of King, you need to hold off such powerful factions like Sun Jian and Cao Cao. But you can reject offers by such minor factions like Liu Yu, who will attack you and lose the battle.

Simultaneously support and defend your provinces and try to get the best possible generals into your army.

In order to get great warriors like Sun Ce or Lu Bu into your faction, you need to marry one of the daughters of the royal families, such as Liu Dai, Yuan Shu or Ze Rong. These three families are the easiest to marry into.

Then, as soon as you sign the peace treaty with Dong Zhuo or Sun Jian, you can get a divorce and re-marry your wives to one of the generals that will be available to you. For example, Sun Ce can get married on turn 18 already.


If you manage to capture enough resourceful lands, recruit the best possible generals for your army, and keep peace with the strongest factions in Total War: Three Kingdoms, you will have a lot of success playing as Liu Bei.

Risk of Rain 2: How to Unlock the New Character Rex Tue, 25 Jun 2019 14:04:30 -0400 Ashley Shankle

If you've already put dozens of hours into Risk of Rain 2 like yours truly (some of you in the several hundred hours range by now), you are surely chomping at the bit for today's new update. It includes a new biome, items, and a much-anticipated new character, Rex, to shake things up.

The new biome is super cool, but our focus here is on unlocking Rex, the newest addition to the Risk of Rain 2 roster. Rex is a little different, but a new character is a new character.

There are three basic steps to unlocking Rex:

  1. Grab the Fuel Array
  2. Don't take too much damage
  3. Reach Abyssal Depths and find him

Of course, there are some things to know.

Where to Grab the Fuel Array

The Fuel Array should be the very first item you grab if you're trying to add Rex to your roster.

Check out the back of your Escape Pod and you should find a panel. Open the panel to reveal the Fuel Array, then grab it to take with you.

The Fuel Array takes up your use item slot and has no function on its own, making it effective dead weight while you're on the way to the Abyssal Depths.

Don't Take Too Much Damage

No, for real. Don't.

Taking too much damage will cause the Fuel Array to explode and kill you.

This also counts when using Blood Shrines, so steer clear of those when holding the Fuel Array as they will probably kill you instantly.

Find Rex in the Abyssal Depths

Rex is a hard bot to find, I'll give him that.

It's in your best interest to focus on finding Rex before you really do anything else in the Abyssal Depths, which can be a task even if you're loading in there around the 11- to 15-minute mark.

I died my first time trying to get to Rex and conveniently forgot to grab the Fuel Array on restart, so I actually made my way to Rex... without the Array. I'm very clever, clearly.

Here are a few shots of him from that shameful run at varying angles and distances so you know what to look for.

Rex can be found nearly anywhere in the level, including the overhead platforms, which is where the above shots were taken). You may have to go over the entire stage before you'll find him  I know I did both times.

Once you reach him with the Fuel Array, you can repair the robot and receive the Power Plant achievement, which unlocks Rex for future playthroughs. Congratulations and good luck on future runs with this crabby boy!

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Payday 2: Secret Ending Guide Mon, 10 Jun 2019 10:12:53 -0400 sittaluna

So you want to complete the Payday 2 secret ending? Easier said than done.

The ending has a multitude of requirements that are all very difficult in their own ways, but they can be done. I'll go over them here in this guide so you can get the secret ending, too.

Part One: The Trophies/Safe House

In order to do any of this, you are going to need to unlock a couple of safe house trophies:

  1. The Three Coffers: These can be obtained by completing the heists Breakin' Feds, Henry's Rock, and the Golden Grin Casino.
  2. The Obsidian Plate: This can be obtained by completing the Shacklethorne Auction Heist
  3. The Medallion: This can be earned by completing the Brooklyn Bank heist

The next thing on the agenda is completing the puzzle.

On the top floor of your safe house, in the far left, there will be a table. Here, pick up the medallion.

Walk forward into the open area with the table that has all three coffers and the plate on it. Hold the interaction button to assemble the device, then insert the medallion and it will make the device start spinning.

Turn around and walk into Scarface's room (it must be fully upgraded) and bring a pistol or AR, no shotguns will work. Then shoot the piano in this order:

PD2 Piano key

If you did it right, your game will save and you can go back to the table to find the device no longer spinning, but completely still.

Now there is an option to interact with it. Pay attention, because there are twenty combinations you need to screenshot.

Every time you interact with the plate, the text in a weird language will change. There are over 50 possible riddles and every player has a different combination of 20 to complete, and you need to translate all of them. Here is the translation key:

(Image source)

Each riddle translates to an achievement. There are guides online to answers or you can solve yourself, but it's just a lot to go over here.. After you complete all the achievements on your personal list, you can start the secret.

Part 2: The Secret Ending

Load up the White House Heist on Overkill with either 3 friends who have the requirements done or alone with AI. I recommend getting some friends together.

Bring Ammo Bags, as you're going to be killing hundreds of cloakers that do not drop ammo. Do not bring FAKs/Doc Bags, as Cloaker downs don't count against you.

Stealth the first half of TWH as usual, until you get to the lower area. You will find a painting on the wall, and if you did everything right it should be able to come off. The host will be given C4 and then you bust through the wall and go into the shaft area.

Once you get into the area with a wheel, you are going to be there for over an hour, so get comfortable. You have to translate the message listed on the outer ring using the language from before, and then place the answer into the lower rings. There are a few possible answers listed below. If you put in one wrong answer you have to do all four riddles again, so be extra careful.

Once you are done, the rings will disappear and you can go inside. The dentist will beckon you into a room where he has Locke and Bain captive. As soon as you see him, everyone has to empty their clips into his head and someone has to grab the Mayan gold. Run for the Arc of the Watcher and load up the slots with gold and the secret is done!

This process will likely take several days so be patient. Let me know if I forgot anything or you have any questions, and thanks for reading!

How to Tame and Breed Cats in Minecraft Tue, 04 Jun 2019 15:07:02 -0400 Tobbpitt

Cats have been in Minecraft for what seems like forever, but the ability to have up to 10 cats in a single village is pretty new. As of today, Minecraft PS4 players can now get in on the fun and populate their villages with cats, which means it's time to tame those feisty felines!

Here we're going to go over how to tame cats in Minecraft as well as how to breed them. Luckily, both are really easy and straightforward.

How to Tame Cats in Minecraft

You've surely run into a few cats in your time, wandering the land and looking for goodies.

You will most often find stray cats wandering around villages, these are free for you to tame and add to your own village.

They can be found in the areas around villages as well. Cats are carnivores, so they will follow other critters they can eat.

You can tame a cat by giving it an Uncooked Cod or Uncooked Salmon. These are most easily found via fishing, which you can do once you craft a Fishing Rod.

To craft a Fishing Rod, you need:

  • 3 Sticks
  • 2 String

You'll reel in a few different sorts of items and fish, but you'll come across Uncooked Cod more than Salmon. It's best to keep the Uncooked Salmon to cook up for yourself.

Once you have the fish, have it in your hand and approach the cat you want to tame. Give it the Uncooked Cod, and you will tame it! From then on, the cat will follow you.

How to Breed Cats

Breeding cats is in Minecraft is just about as easy as taming them!

Just like when you tamed your cats, you can feed two of them Uncooked Cod or Salmon to get them in the mood to breed.

Breeding will produce a kitten, which will be the same coloration as one of the parents.

You can make a kitten age faster by feeding it more fish, a good thing to remember if you're looking to make a whole herd (pride?) of cats.


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(Header image source)

How to Make Smooth Stone in Minecraft Tue, 04 Jun 2019 15:04:26 -0400 Tobbpitt

Smooth Stone is one of the main components to the new Blast Furnace in Minecraft, as well as a fair amount of Redstone contraptions. You need it, but how do you make it?

If you're familiar with making Stone, making Smooth Stone is a cinch. You should be familiar with it, as it's one of the first materials you end up smelting using your Furnace. Smooth Stone just has more refined uses.

How to Make Smooth Stone

For this you need your trusty Furnace and Cobblestone. The Furnace is easy enough to make and Cobblestone can be obtained just by mining anywhere in most biomes.

All you need to do is:

  1. Smelt your Cobblestone into Stone
  2. Smelt your Stone into Smooth Stone

It's really as easy as that. However, as you well know, this can take some time to smelt.

Luckily, smelting is done two times faster using a Blast Furnace.

If you're trying to make Smooth Stone to make a Blast Furnace (and later Redstone items), you can make the required three Smooth Stone using your regular Furnace and then just switch to using the Blast Furnace for further Cobblestone and Smooth Stone smelting to save time.

You can also save yourself some time by enchanting your pickaxe with the Silk Touch enchantment, which will allow you to mine Stone directly. This way you don't have to smelt Cobblestone at all, but this is more of an option for established worlds.

This material has the added benefit of looking a lot better than Stone itself and is great for aesthetic building, emphasizing it's best to get some Blast Furnaces built and running to give you these attractive blocks.


That's how you make smooth stone! Check out our other Minecraft guides and extensive monthly seed lists here on GameSkinny! We've got guides on smaller topics such as how to tame foxes, how to breed turtles, how to ride llamas, and more!

(Header image source)

Barotrauma Impressions: Unique Roleplaying in An Unforgiving Ocean Mon, 03 Jun 2019 14:55:40 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Every once in a while, a game comes around that you can't help but love despite its faults. In spite of all the frustration you experience with bugs or mechanics, you somehow keep coming back and bashing your head against the wall because the base of the game is just that fun.

Barotrauma's like that.

I've put some good time into Barotrauma over the past couple of weeks, playing with friends, getting us killed, and actually surviving a few missions. It's been a great time, and even with friends, things have been a delightful disaster.

Those who have played games like Space Station 13 or Town of Salem will be more familiar with what's required in Barotrauma than those still uninitiated into the exciting world of multiplayer semi-roleplaying games, where one naive newbie or clever traitor can ruin the whole mission for everyone involved.

Somewhat lifting the idea from Space Station 13, Barotrauma shoves a handful of players (and/or AI) into a submarine on Jupiter's moon, Europa. It then demands they play their role to keep the sub operable. Each role plays differently from the last, but just about all of them play some key role in maintaining the submarine and its crew.

There are a handful of roles to play, including:

  • Captain: The captain navigates the submarine and watches the sub layout monitor to look for hull breaches, leaks, and poor air quality.
  • Engineer: The engineer overlooks the reactor to keep the sub fueled and the reactor at a safe temperature.
  • Mechanic: The mechanic is tasked with repairing machines and equipment across the sub, as well as fixing leaks and operating the fabricator (crafting).
  • Medical Doctor: The medical doctor handles aiding crew members who have sustained damage.
  • Security Officer: The security officer mans the guns outside the submarine and are adept at personal weapon combat.
  • Assistant: The assistant just sort of does whatever it wants.

Each role has its job to do. The Captain is best left to their station to keep the submarine on track and the Engineer has to spend a fair amount of time at the reactor. However, the other roles have more freedom to wander the sub and do as they choose.

Every Barotrauma player will naturally gravitate toward a particular job. Since I hosted for friends and the AI can't be trusted to navigate the submarine, the game kept tossing me into the Captain role.

I've gotten pretty good at playing Captain, but I'm terrible at Engineer and Mechanic. My friends have gotten to be reasonably good Engineers and Mechanics, which are arguably more important than Medical Doctors and Security Officers. Assistants are just sort of there, but beware Assistants in lobbies that have the traitor setting toggled on.

Most of my time in Barotrauma has been tense. The planet's oceans are full of peril, from monsters both large and small, intense currents that can easily turn an easy trip into a harrowing one, and a maze of depths to traverse. Most of the stress comes from other factors, though. Your crew may drive you nuts.

Because of the delineation of tasks amongst the crew, you have to trust your fellow crew members to take care of their responsibilities. You have to trust your Engineers to keep the reactor running, you have to trust your Mechanics to actually repair stations and dive into flooded compartments to deal with leaks, and you have to trust your Medical Doctors to use the right medicine and not to inject you with hallucinogens.

Shout out to my friend Dave for injecting me with something to make me hallucinate fires, floods, and monster attacks. 

This need for trust basically relegates Barotrauma to a multiplayer game. You can play it singleplayer, but the AI leaves a lot to be desired. While you can switch which character you're controlling in singleplayer, it's clear the game is not made with that in mind. The AI's meant to help, but not meant to be relied on in times of true need.

Trust is also what makes multiplayer a scary concept for some, because you have to trust other players to know how to play their roles and to do so without purposefully screwing up the mission. That's a tall order, but surely it will happen. I know it will as the core of the game is too engaging not to garner players who want to actually succeed. Though it will surely have its fair share of those who don't.

If all this sounds good but sort of makes you nervous, you can try the trusty Assistant, the role with no purpose but to follow others around and try to learn skills and become useful. I suspect there will be plenty of Assistants wandering around in full clown outfits, honking horns, and playing the guitar just for fun or to learn the ropes, but that's part of the fun. Not everyone has to be in full work mode all the time.

Aside from all this, Barotrauma also has an in-depth submarine editor that is as overwhelming as it is impressive. It's something I want to get into but just haven't had the time to yet.

The game also has a character editor, which allows you to edit character appearance and animations. Character editing is easier than submarine editing, but it's not necessary and will likely mostly be used by players who prefer to roleplay.

This all sounds and is great, trust me it's a heck of a lot of fun. The biggest downside for just about anyone is the amount of bugs present in Barotrauma at the time of writing.

The AI has a few pathing bugs, so it can't be trusted to fix leaks in full. The AI will also decide it doesn't want to take orders anymore, and it will stall for an entire mission. Ace.

Additionally, the monsters of Europa's depths aren't the most clever bunch. You'd expect them to attack your sub, and they do... by rolling into it. They gnash their teeth and chomp, but they just sort of bump your sub into submission. I wish I had a good screenshot of this, but the only ones I have are of some of the bigger monsters, and those are best left for you to discover and freak out about yourself.

Hopefully, enemy behavior gets a tweak with release or soon after. While the tension is still high when you're being bombarded by a monster the same size as your submarine, the effect is dampened quite a bit by how goofily they just bump into the sub until they get blown to bits or you sink.

Lastly and this is a big one sometimes missions spawn with rock formations that are not conducive to finishing the mission at all.

More than once, the primary objective has been totally obscured by rocks with no discernible path to navigate or even swim to, making it impossible to fully finish the mission. Once my crew even had the sub spawn stuck between rocks and the starting station, making it impossible to move at all.

Despite these frustrations, I would still recommend Barotrauma to certain sorts of gamers in its current state and will recommend it in a heartbeat when it's more fleshed out and the edges smoothed a bit. It really says something when someone as asocial as myself is willing — and even looking forward  to playing online with others.

June 5 can't come soon enough, hopefully with a new build and a flood of new players.

Contest: Win a SteelSeries Arctis 7 Headset Thu, 23 May 2019 12:22:40 -0400 GS_Staff

Enter to win one of the best gaming headsets of 2019: the SteelSeries Arctis 7 headset.

To enter, simply use the widget below.

Game Skinny & SteelSeries Arctis 7 Headset Giveaway

About the Arctis 7 Headset

From keyboards to mice, SteelSeries makes a lot of excellent gaming peripherals, and its line of Arctis headsets only solidifies that reputation.

The Arctis line is engineered to be as comfortable as possible for as long as possible. If you're the sort of gamer who will spend 8+ hours in your cans, SteelSeries designed this headset with you in mind.

With their top-end wireless Arctis 7 model, it's clear that SteelSeries wants to give players the coziest experience it can without sacrificing great sound in the process.

The highlights of this great sounding headset include:

  • Compatible with PC, Mac, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices
  • Extremely comfortable headband
  • 24 hours of battery life
  • Great for on-the-go
  • Lossless wireless audio with low latency up to 40 feet
  • Stereo and DTS 7.1 surround sound
  • Great for hearing callout in games like PUBG and WoW and enemies in games like Fortnite and Call of Duty
  • Discord-certified Clearcast bidirectional microphone
  • It’s one of the most awarded gaming headsets of all time, with rave reviews from tons of gaming publications, including GameSkinny.
When We’ll Announce the Winner:

There will be 5 headsets given away and the winners will be announced June 6, 2019. Contest closes on June 2 at 11:59 p.m. Good Luck!

Barotrauma Hitting Steam Early Access June 5th, Try the Free Pre-alpha! Fri, 17 May 2019 16:35:55 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Have you noticed Barotrauma on Steam yet? If you're game for some high-tension underwater exploration and submarine customization with a multiplayer twist, you may want to mark your calendar for the game's June 5 Early Access launch on Steam.

Barotrauma intrigued me with its name and gritty icon on the Steam Upcoming Games list, and I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Currently in closed alpha, Barotrauma will task players with exploring the underwater depths of Jupiter's frozen moon. It may be humanity's first step into the depths, but the environment is teeming with life most unwelcoming.

Not too different from subversive co-op games like the classic Space Station 13, the game will allow players to take the reigns as one of the submarine's staff, from captain to security officer. It will take teamwork, knowledge of the game's systems, and a steel will to survive in the frozen depths of Jupiter's moon both within the submarine... and exploring without the safety of its confines.

Also like Space Station 13 and its ilk, Barotrauma will be flexible enough to allow players to play honorably and help the team's exploration efforts, or be total dinks and subtly or very obviously ruin the mission for everyone involved. Some may say that sounds awful, but if you've played these sorts of games before, you know that sort of risk makes the reward of survival all that much sweeter.

It all sounds really fun and looks (quite frankly) terrifying for a thalassophobic mess like myself. Some of the creatures the developers have revealed and some of my time in the pre-alpha version of the game really just scratch that fear itch in the right way.

Speaking of the pre-alpha, did you know you can give it a whirl right now while you wait for the Early Access beta launch?

Though the pre-alpha is quite old and by no means up to par with the upcoming Early Access version, it's still a fun foray into the game's unique style of exploration and management and it's totally free.

The pre-alpha is a good testing point if you're on the fence before ponying up on Barotrauma's Steam Early Access date of June 5. If the game even sounds like your cup of tea, you will probably not be disappointed.

It's Minecraft's 10th Anniversary! Minecraft Earth Is on the Way Fri, 17 May 2019 15:59:18 -0400 Ashley Shankle

It feels like Minecraft's been around for ages. Heck, 10 years is a long time. It may as well be ages!

Minecraft's been toiling around the game industry for longer than a decade, but the game's full release in 2009 took the game from a simple fad to a full-on worldwide phenomenon.

Today people know what Minecraft is, even if they don't know an Enter key from a Start button. While Fortnite may have superseded Minecraft in terms of trendiness, the blocky sandbox continues to be a force to be reckoned with here in 2019.

We've seen how Minecraft has evolved over the years -- the Marketplace, texture and mashup packs, and content updates that have pushed it well past its initial vision. The 2014 acquisition of Mojang by Microsoft changed the fate of the game forever, many would say for the better.

Today's the game's 10th anniversary, a milestone for Mojang and the Minecraft community at large. As a Minecraft player, you've got to celebrate! Luckily there are a few ways to do so.

The first is the most exciting: Minecraft Earth!

Mojang announced Minecraft Earth today, an augmented reality (AR) mobile game that will bring those pixelly blocks to the real world... virtually.

Minecraft Earth will allow players to build their own creations anywhere in the world, viewable via the game. This isn't going to just be a Creative Mode affair, though. The announcement specifically mentions Survival and the ability to fight them in the AR title. No simple sandbox here!

So how do you get into the Minecraft Earth beta? You can sign up for the Minecraft Earth closed beta right now by heading over to the beta sign-up page.

Those who sign up get a free special limited skin for Minecraft Earth and Bedrock, so get to it! It's too cute to pass up. You should get the skin within 24 hours of registering for the beta, whether you get in or not.

Mojang stated they will be rolling the beta out to hundreds of thousands of players, so just about everyone's got a chance to get in. However, you must be 18 or older to be eligible for the beta.

10th Anniversary Sale!

Maybe you're a longtime player trying to get their friends to hop on the Minecraft train or someone just considering jumping in, now's the time to throw some cash Mojang's way. The game is 50% off on Windows 10, Java, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One.

There's really never been a better time get into Minecraft considering the recent Village & Pillage update that's been rolling out across platforms (the PlayStation 4 Edition still doesn't have the whole thing, however) and this big sale.

The Minecraft Marketplace is also going through a sale, discounting the top 10 most popular worlds, mash-up packs, and skins by 10% for a limited time. Not the best discount, but it's certainly better than nothing!

So what are you planning on doing for Minecraft's 10th anniversary? Sound off in the comments below, and keep your eyes peeled for your beta invites as Mojang rolls out the Minecraft Earth beta to blend your real life with your favorite game.

Also check out our awesome Minecraft seed lists, which millions of players have used thus far and are well-worth checking out. Have fun!

WoW Classic Releasing August 27— Here's How to Sign Up for Beta Tue, 14 May 2019 11:53:56 -0400 Ashley Shankle

Do we finally have a date on World of Warcraft Classic? Yeah, we finally have a release date on WoW Classic, and it's late this summer as we've all expected.

Anyone interested in returning to the Azeroth of yore should mark their calendars for August 27, for that is the day Blizzard will be opening the gates for all players to try their hand at the classic World of Warcraft experience.

However, you don't necessarily have to wait until August 27 to see what Azeroth was like in the old days you may be able to get into one of the closed betas starting May 15 and spanning into July.

Starting tomorrow, Blizzard will begin sending out invites to players to participate in the closed beta, during which there will be a series of stress tests. According to the announcement post, more players will be introduced to the beta pool after stress tests. The currently scheduled stress tests are as follows:

  • May 22 to May 23
  • June 19 to June 20
  • July 18 to July 19

How to Sign Up for the WoW Classic Beta

There are multiple parts to being eligible for the World of Warcraft Classic beta. These are:

  • Opting into two separate betas within your Blizzard account
  • Being presently subscribed to the game and have WoW time on the account
  • Your play history with the game

That last one doesn't mean you won't be chosen if you haven't played in a long time. The announcement post makes it clear Blizzard is choosing players with diverse game histories to cast a wider net for player opinions. If you haven't played retail literally since Vanilla, you still have a chance.

So first, let's go into opting into the beta.

Head over to the Games & Subscriptions page of your Blizzard account and scroll down to 'Beta Access'.

Click in and check both Warcraft and World of Warcraft Classic, then click 'Update Preferences'.

Once you've done this and fit the listed criteria above (an active sub and just having played the game before), that's it. You've done it. You've signed up for the WoW Classic beta!

From Beta to Release

Blizzard has stated there will be a level cap during the beta, and that cap seems to be Level 30.

Since players can't learn the riding skill until Level 40 in Classic, classes with low-level mobility skills will probably dominate during the beta period. Consider a hunter, shaman, or druid.

Even if you can't get into the beta, you'll still have a chance to get up to three of your preferred character names.

Classic players will be able to create up to three full WoW Classic characters on August 13, a full two weeks before launch.

Now, a little good news for North American players:

To make up for time differences, North American World of Warcraft Classic players will be able to log in on August 26 as the release rolls out worldwide.

The game will be launching in full at 3 p.m. PDT/6 p.m. EDT on August 26 in North America. This is just so the game releases at the exact same time worldwide, for which I have no complaints.

If you're an old grumpus like me that just wants to go back to the old days or never experienced World of Warcraft in its original form, there's not much time left to go back to old Azeroth and make new memories.

Me? I'm most excited to return to my old shaman, but get ready for loads of rogues. More rogues than you or anyone else will know what to do with. Because that's the Vanilla way.