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Pokemon Unite medals are symbols of your victory, prowess, or unique ability to attract harm more than anyone else. You'll see these pop up on the results screen after every match if you managed to meet specific criteria, but there's no easy way of knowing what each medal is for.

Our Pokemon Unite medals guide lists them all and how to get them. And no, they aren't the same as badges, even if they look similar. 

Every Pokemon Unite Medal

Venusaur Battle Record screen.

These are all the medals and what they mean. As mentioned, you'll see one or more pop up during the results screen after every match if you met the requirements to obtain them. Raise your MVP score by scoring goals and racking up KOs.

Medal Requirement
  Silver All-Rounder MVP score of 70 or higher for All-Rounder
  Silver Attacker MVP score of 70 or higher for an Attacker
Silver Defense MVP score of 70 or higher for a Defender
  Silver Speedster MVP score of 70 or higher for a Speedster
Silver Supporter MVP score of 70 or higher for a Supporter
Gold All-Rounder MVP score of 80 or higher for All-Rounder
  Gold Attacker  MVP score of 80 or higher for an Attacker
Gold Defense MVP score of 80 or higher for a Defender
Gold Speedster MVP score of 80 or higher for a Speedster
  Gold Supporter MVP score of 80 or higher for a Supporter
KO Earned the most KOs
Injured Received the most damage
Goal Interrupted Interrupted the most goals
 Healed Healed the most damage
  Best Score Had the most goals
Assist Had the most assists

What are Medals For?

They might look like badges, but unlike mainline Pokemon games, these don't give you access to new areas or the right to attack people in positions of power. Pokemon Unite medals are just there to look good and signify a job well done. 

That's all you need to know about Pokemon Unite medals, but be sure to check out our other Pokemon Unite guides for more tips on how to be the very best.

Pokemon Unite Beginners Tips Guide: Mastering the Arena Thu, 29 Jul 2021 16:20:50 -0400 Kenneth Seward Jr.

Pokemon Unite puts a unique spin on the MOBA genre. It features a bunch of aspects that work within the realm of Pokemon. That said, it still utilizes a lot of the rules other MOBA’s subscribe to. The “easy to pick up and play” vibe can be deceiving.

No worries, though. Our Pokemon Unite beginner’s guide below is designed to help potential new MOBA fans find their footing. It won’t make you a pro overnight, but it will at least send you in the right direction.

Note: These tips are for Pokemon Unite’s main 5v5 mode. While one could/should use them when playing the shorter, quick match modes (4v4, 3v3), they’re most applicable to standard battles.

Pokemon Unite Beginner’s Tips and Tricks

Tip #1: Start with Balanced Teams

The best team in Pokemon Unite is a balanced one. While this might seem like an obvious thing to note, many players tend to pick their favorite Pokemon no matter what. It’s to be expected given the franchise.

That said, one of the main reasons this happens is because newer players don’t have a clear understanding of Pokemon Unite’s Battle Type system.

Battle Types dictate what a Pokemon’s strengths and weaknesses are. They aren’t designed to follow normal Pokemon rules, though. Fire Pokemon aren’t weak against Water Pokemon. Instead, it leans closer to a MOBA-styled roles.

Pokemon Unite has five Battle Types:

  • Attacker (Mage/Nuker)
  • Speedster (Assassin/Jungler)
  • All-Rounder (Warrior/Initiator)
  • Defender (Tanks)
  • Supporter (Healer)

The above list loosely describes each Battle Type. Attackers, for instance, don’t have much health and yet, are capable of dealing a ton of ranged damage. Hence, the “Mage” (or in the case of Dota 2, Nuker) moniker.

Speedsters are fast Pokemon that excel at hit and run tactics. All-Rounders are great at initiating team fights. They aren’t as beefy (health-wise) as Defenders, but they can survive lengthy skirmishes and hit harder than their tanky companions. Supporters are great at debuffing enemies and healing allies.

Ideally, you’d want your team to pick Pokemon from each one of these Battle Types. Having a supporter like Eldegoss heal you during a tough fight can easily turn the tables in your favor. Gengar is a sneaky Speedster that can teleport around opponents, confusing them before taking them down. They might need some help getting in and out of fights though. That’s where an All-Rounder like Machamp comes in.

Mixing and matching is common and, in a lot of cases, encouraged. But going into a match with multiple Speedsters or without a Supporter in hopes of being able to overwhelm your opponents with a strong offense isn’t recommended for beginners.

You need to learn the risks and rewards of an unbalanced team before trying to utilize a more advanced team composition.  

Tip #2: Play Your Role

No matter how good your team composition is, you’ll ultimately lose if you and your teammates don’t play your assigned roles. Thankfully, Pokemon Unite isn’t as strict as other MOBA’s in this department.

Pokemon Unite sports two lanes (Top and Bottom) and a center section (Jungle). There should be two players in each lane.

Maybe an Attacker and Defender in one and an All-Arounder and Supporter in another. The center of the map is usually Speedster territory. Advanced players can play on any area of the map with most Pokemon. But for those of us just starting, this is the typical setup.

The goal is to push your designated lane with a teammate. Battle rivals, collect Aeos Energy needed to score and level up. Defenders and Supporters will assist their more offensive partners. The Speedster player should float through the jungle, taking down wild Pokemon for EXP and Aeos Energy while looking for an opportunity to attack unaware rivals in the top or bottom lanes.

As the match goes on, your role’s responsibilities will increase. Rotating to help defend a goal from an aggressive push, grouping up to dispatch a Boss Pokemon, swapping places with another player – you’ll need to adjust your tactics in response to the changing battlefield.

What you don’t want to do, though, is take on a different Battle Type role.

Defenders shouldn’t be so concerned with scoring a kill that they stop defending their weaker allies. Speedsters shouldn’t be left to guard a goal all by themselves, considering they don’t have a ton of HP. Basically, not sticking to your role/playing to your Pokemon’s strengths is a fast way of losing an otherwise winnable match.

Tip #3: The Last Hit Counts

In most MOBAs, the person who gets the last hit on an enemy – whether they be NPCs or rival players – receives the most experience points. Pokemon Unite is no different.

Because of this, Defenders/Supports should let Attackers/Speedsters get the last hit on Wild Pokemon during the early phases of a match. This will allow them to evolve and increase their attack power sooner than normal.

The supportive roles can still be effective at lower levels; Snorlax can temporarily stun enemies at Level 3 and at Level 14. That’s not exactly the case for the more offensive based Pokemon. They all depend on their attacking power. Players using these Battle Types will want to quickly out level their opponents, securing a strong advantage during team fights.

Tip #4: Manage Special Wild Pokemon

Not all of the wild Pokemon are created equal. There are some that reward players with special buffs. They’re harder to dispatch – one of them requires a coordinated team effort to take down – but they are all worth your time.

Pokemon Unite’s standard mode features wild Pokemon that can either buff a person or a whole team. They are as follows:

Solo Buffs:

  • Bouffalant – (Orange Buff) – Normal Attacks slow down enemy Pokemon
  • Ludicolo – (Purple Buff) – Higher damage against enemy Pokemon with low health

Team Buffs:

  • Rotom – depowers the nearest goal, allowing the score gauge to charge faster
  • Dreadnaw – gives the team an EXP bonus and shields
  • Zapdos – gives +20 Aeos Energy to the team. Depowers all enemy goals, making scoring also immediate for a short amount of time

These special Pokemon are like power weapons in Halo. You’ll want to keep them in mind while fighting and scoring, least the other team capitalizes on your absence.

There are Bouffalant’s and Ludicolo’s located on both sides of the map. So, you won’t necessarily have to fight over them. The Rotom, Zapdos, and Dreadnaw only spawn at certain times in open areas at the top, center, and bottom of the map receptively.

Expect a fight, especially when it comes to Zapdos; taking down the legendary Pokemon will result in a strong advantage and potentially swing a losing battle in your favor.

Tip #5: Easy Scoring

Scoring points in Pokemon Unite is easier said than done thanks to the charging mechanic. If a goal is uncontested, then charging up before depositing Aeos Energy isn’t a problem. It only takes a few hits (or a disruptive ability) to stop you from charging, though. And considering that the charge rate depends on how much Energy you’re holding, you might find it difficult to score.

It is possible to mitigate some of the challenging aspects of charging, though. The first were already mentioned – taking down Rotom or Zapados will take the sting out of this mechanic. Another way is to use abilities with status immune states.

Take Machamp for instance. This Pokemon has a move called Submission, where he rushes towards rivals, grabs them, and slams them into the ground. The whole time this is happening, Machamp is in a powered-up state that’s immune to negative status effects. This means that it can’t be stunned, slowed, or stopped by most abilities.

If you were to activate Machamp’s Submission ability and, instead of rushing towards a Pokemon, went to a goal, you could charge up without worrying about being interrupted. As long as you are done charging before the move wore off, you should be able to score.

Tip #6: Turn on Advance Controls

It’s important to tailor your controls to your playstyle. In Pokemon Unite, this might be turning off Automatic Basic Attacks, making it easier to let others get last hits, or turning off pursuit mode, so your Pokemon doesn’t chase enemies when they’re out of range.

The one setting we’d recommend toggling on is Advance Controls. This will separate your basic attacks button-wise.

Normally, you’d attack Wild Pokemon and rival players alike using the “A” button. With Advance Controls turned on, you’ll attack Wild Pokemon with the “B” button and other players with the “A” button. That way you won’t accidentally attack an NPC when trying to take down an escaping opponent with low health.

And don’t worry, you’ll still be able to cancel your special moves using “B” like always.

Tip # 7: Have Fun

Pokemon Unite is a competitive game. But its also features Nintendo's loveable mascots. While we understand the desire to win matches can be strong, that desire shouldn’t make people forget that everyone is battling with cute Pokemon; it’s hard to be grumpy when you’re running around an arena as Pikachu.

Basically, always remember to have fun. Don’t take this (or any other game) so seriously that you ruin a potentially entertaining experience. And if you’re interested in learning more about this game, then feel free to check out our other Pokemon Unite guides.   

Pokemon Unite: How Held and Battle Items Work Wed, 28 Jul 2021 16:56:04 -0400 Kenneth Seward Jr.

While Pokemon Unite's unique stylings are catered to the popular franchise, many of its gameplay mechanics are derived from the MOBA genre. That includes the ability to empower a character using Held Items and Battle Items.

Learning how to properly equip your Pokemon is important. Before you can, though, you’ll need to know what Pokemon Unite’s items are. Our guide below details their specific uses, how to upgrade some of them, and more.  

Held Items vs Battle Items

The Item Box menu with the Held Items submenu highlighted, showing seven items.

Pokemon Unite allows players to utilize a ton of different items. When it comes to equitable items though, there are two main types: Held Items and Battle Items.

Held Items

A Held Item is a piece of gear that either alters a Pokemon’s stats and/or gives them extra passive abilities. Wise Glasses, for instance, increases the damage of special attacks. Leftovers, on the other hand, passively recovers a percentage of HP whenever a Pokemon is not in combat.

Players are given their first slot at Trainer Level 1. They’ll unlock the second and third slots at Level 7 and Level 10 respectively.  

Held Items can be equipped in the Battle Prep menu, either from the start screen or right before a battle.

Battle Items

Battle Items are tied to your trainer level – the first item, Potion, is unlocked at Level 4 – and cannot be purchased through the in-game shops. They all provide active abilities, have cooldown timers, and only one can be equipped at a time.

One might restore a bit of HP while another creates a smoke cloud, slowing down rivals. You use them by pressing “Y”, and they essentially give each Pokemon an extra skill to use during matches.

Battle Items can only be equipped right before a battle.

Upgrading Held Items

The All Held Items submenus showing the Leftovers (apple core) item.

Pokemon Unite’s Held Items can be upgraded using Item Enhancer tokens after reaching Trainer Level 9.

This is done by hitting “X” on the main menu screen and navigating to the Battle Prep option. From there, after clicking on Held Items, you’ll be greeted with a screen showing the last Pokemon you played with.

Select All Held Items on the left-hand side to pull up your list of unlocked/purchased items. This is where you’ll be able to upgrade them using Item Enhancer tokens.

Each Held item can be upgraded several times, incrementally increasing its stats and token cost along the way, getting a major boost at Level 10 and maxed out stats at Level 20.

Item Enhancers

Item Enhancers can be obtained in various ways. You can receive some by leveling up the Battle Pass, completing events, or increasing your Trainer level. Some can be rewarded some via the Engery Reward system. You can even purchase them from the Aeos Emporium (one of the in-game shops) using Aeos tickets.

That wraps up Pokemon Unite’s Held and Battle Items. Want to learn about other game mechanics or tricks to improve your in-game experience? Feel free to check back here for more Pokemon Unite guides.  

Pokemon Unite Fair Play Points System Explained Mon, 26 Jul 2021 16:28:40 -0400 Kenneth Seward Jr.

Tons of Pokemon fans have flooded Pokemon Unite’s servers. So much so, that the average wait time for a match is typically only a few seconds. But not all encounters are positive, and Fair Play points help you know if someone is likey a good match up. 

This Pokemon Unite guide will tell you everything you need to know about the game's Fair Play point system and how it works. 

We’ve outlined why someone might want to surrender during a Pokemon Unite match. One of the main reasons is poor sportsmanship. Someone going AFK out of spite or rage quitting, resulting in an unbalanced match.

Constantly being teamed up with negative players could sour someone’s enjoyment of the game. Thankfully, Pokemon Unite has a system called Fair Play that helps mitigate these types of experiences.

This system relies on points to determine if a player will be potentially positive or negative during a given match.

How Does the Fair Play System Work?

A screenshot of the Fair Play points deduction breakdown.

All Pokemon Unite players start out with 100 Fair Play Points, the maximum any player can have. The points will either stay at this number, decline, or increase (from a previous decline) based on their actions.

How many points are given or taken depends on the positive or negative action taken.

Positive Actions:

  • Complete a random match: + 2 points
  • Complete a ranked match: + 2 points
  • Complete a CPU match: + 1 point

Negative Actions:

  • Abandoning a matchmade team: - 1 point
  • Idling during a march (short term): - 2 points
  • Idling during a match (extended): - 5 points
  • Idling during a match (maliciously): - 8 points

Once you drop below 90 points, you’ll no longer receive Fair Play Point rewards (like coins) when a match is completed. Dropping below 80 will remove access to Ranked play. Go Below 60 and you won’t be able to play in Standard or Quick Matches; only private or CPU-based matches will be allowed.

What’s interesting about the Fair Play point system is how negative actions tower over the positive ones.

For one, Pokemon Unite only awards five Fair Play Points per day. However, it’s possible to lose much more than that in the same time frame.

And while I’m not sure what the point deduction is for being reported for bad behavior, I’d assume each report only make things worse. Basically, it’ll take negative players a while to redeem themselves in Pokemon Unite.

How to See Your Fair Play Points

In order to check your Fair Play status, go to the main menu screen. From there, press the “L” button and select your trainer profile. Scroll down to Fair Play points and see how you stack up. Hopefully, you’ll be greeted with the word “excellent” and a nice big “100”.

And that's how Fair Play points work, how to get them, and how to see how many you have. Pokemon Unite is an entertaining MOBA. Don’t spoil the fun by idling or rage quitting. In hopes of ensuring an overall better experience in-game, be sure to check back here for more Pokemon Unite guides.

How to Surrender in Pokemon Unite Mon, 26 Jul 2021 16:18:36 -0400 Kenneth Seward Jr.

While Pokemon Unite is a great time just waiting to happen, there will be times you need to throw in the towel and surrender.

Not every match will go your way, but Pokemon Unite has a way to surrender amicably when the going gets rough. This guide will tell you how to do that. 

the Pokemon Unite surrender option in the main options menu.

In order to properly surrender, a majority of your team has to decide they’d like to end the match. Before this can happen though, someone has to start the voting process.

Note: A surrender vote can only occur after the first five minutes of a match. This is to prevent people from abusing this system or otherwise giving up before things get really going.  

To start the voting process, you’ll first need to hit the “Plus” button and bring up the settings menu during a match. Once there, press the “X” button to notify the team you're looking to surrender.

You’ll only have three tries at this. So, if your team fails to vote (or chooses not to quit) you won’t get another chance to start the surrender process.

If someone else starts the voting process, you can join in on the vote by pressing and holding the “Plus” button. After a few seconds, you’ll be given the option to either vote yes or no. The game will end promptly if four out of the five players decide to surrender.

A screenshot showing the surrender vote option in-game.

I’m usually not a fan of surrendering, especially in MOBAs with gameplay systems tailored to provide a means of survival. There are plenty of ways to turn the tide in a losing match, and Pokemon Unite is no different.

That said, there are times when surrendering is the best option.

They’ll be times when one of your teammates disconnects, intentionally throws a match, or is otherwise AFK. Suffering from a laggy connection? Playing against a higher-ranked team? Heck, maybe you’re having a hard time in Pokemon Unite because no one is communicating.

Whatever the case, there are times when surrendering will seem appealing.

The other reason why surrendering is a solid way to end a match is because of a potential penalty. Leaving a match early – forcibly disconnecting – or feeding the opposing team in hopes of your teammates giving up will result in lost Fair Play points and/or the ability to participate in online battles.

Pokemon Unite is an entertaining MOBA. However, there will be matches that may warrant a quick end via surrender. Now you know how to do it. In hopes of ensuring an overall better experience in-game, be sure to check back here for more Pokemon Unite guides.

How to Get Holowear Tickets in Pokemon Unite Fri, 23 Jul 2021 15:55:52 -0400 Kenneth Seward Jr.

Let’s face it. As entertaining as it is to play Pokemon Unite play with and against friends, the one thing we’re all hyped about is... seeing Snorlax sporting summer wear. Seriously, who doesn’t want to see Garchomp rocking a snorkel or Machamp in some dope shorts?

Similar to other MOBAs, Pokemon Unite has a variety of skins for players to either buy or unlock. Purchasing them with real money is a simple enough. Using the different in-game currencies can be a bit confusing. Especially when it comes to Pokemon Unite’s Holowear Tickets.

What are Holowear Tickets?

The Holowear Tickets screen at the Zirco Trading shop in Pokemon Unite.

Holowear Tickets are one of Pokemon Unite's in-game currencies that’s used to unlock Holowear Pokemon skins.

Once you get Holowear Tickets, head over to the Zirco Trading shop to buy some of these items. The best of the best will require Aeos Gems (purchased with real money) of course. The current selection that can be unlocked via Holowear Tickets is solid, though.

How to Get Holowear Tickets

Exchanging energy rewards for holowear tickets in Pokemon Unite.

Holowear Tickets are rare.

There are no challenges, daily or otherwise, that’ll net you any. And you can’t get them by leveling up your trainer or winning matches. As of right now, there are only two ways to get Holowear Tickets and neither is ideal.

The best way to get Holowear Tickets is to use the Energy Rewards system. There is an energy conversion machine housed in a menu on the right side of the start screen. Click the icon right above the “search lobby” button.

Once there, you’ll be able to convert energy you’ve obtained (by playing matches) into random rewards. One of those rewards is a bundle of Holowear Tickets. Unfortunately, you only get 10 tickets at a time this way.

The second way to get Holowear Tickets is to purchase and complete the Battle Pass. You’ll get a prize box offering tickets once you’ve maxed out the pass. After that, you’ll get another Prize Box every 130 points post your max level.

The holowear option tab for Machamp, showing the Beach Style skin.

Though Nintendo wants players to spend money on Pokemon skins, the way Holowear Tickets are obtained is a little annoying. It would be better if players got a few tickets here and there as they completed the Battle Pass or the Energy system provided more tickets at a time, since the cheapest skin costs 18 tickets—  and it’s unfortunately, not for Snorlax.

There’s also the issue of owning the Pokemon.

As of right now, you can’t purchase a cool skin for a Pokemon you don’t own. And since the shop rotates what is or isn’t available, it’s possible that you won’t be able to buy the skin you want after getting the required tickets. Thankfully, there are other ways to unlock Holowear skins.  

Pokemon Unite is still a fun game to play. Even with the confusing in-game currencies. Now that you know how to get Holowear Tickets, hopefully, you'll be able to get the skins you're after! Be sure to check back here for more Pokemon Unite guides.

How to Unlock Zeraora in Pokemon Unite Fri, 23 Jul 2021 14:50:24 -0400 Kenneth Seward Jr.

The most appealing aspect of Pokemon Unite, besides its interesting twist on the genre, are the Pokemon themselves. The game includes a bunch of fan favorites like Pikachu, Charizard, Gengar, and Lucario. It also includes some newer additions, such as Zeraora.

Some Pokemon will need to be captured unlocked using in-game/real currency. Others can be won by completing various challenges. But how do you unlock the speedster Zeraora?

Zeraora selection screen.

Zeraora is being offered as a free reward to anyone who logs onto Pokemon Unite before August 31.

Just download the free-to-play game via the Nintendo eShop, create your trainer, and boom — one free Zeraora to add to your roster.

Note: If you’re waiting for Pokemon Unite to launch on iOS and Android smartphones later this year, don’t worry. The official Pokemon Unite Twitter account posted that mobile players will also be able to unlock Zeraora for free.

We assume it’ll be in the same fashion; download the game within a specified length of time and you’ll be good to go.

How to Claim Zeraora

How to claim Zeraora in the Pokemon Unite system messages menu.

All you have to do is log into Pokemon Unite to unlock Zeraora. They won’t immediately pop up in your Pokemon list though. You’ll need to claim them first.

This is done by hitting X on the start screen to pull up a side menu. From here, you’ll need to scroll down to “Mail” and click “System Messages”.

Click on the message titled “Launch Bonus” and claim Zeraora’s Unite license to unlock the Pokemon for use. Head back to the main screen and check your roster. Zeraora should be there waiting to be taken into battle.

Zeraora is a solid speedster — assassin-like melee character — whose lightning attacks are as cool as they are powerful. Everyone should add them to their roster as soon as possible.

And there you have it: how to unlock Zeraora in Pokemon Unite. Now you have a free Pokemon to get you started in this great introduction to MOBAs. Stay tuned for more Pokemon Unite guides.

Roblox Demon Fall: All Breathing Trainers Locations Guide Tue, 20 Jul 2021 11:15:46 -0400 Sergey_3847

Demon Fall in Roblox is based on the highly-acclaimed Demon Slayer anime. This game provides players with five breathing styles that fans of the anime and manga should be familiar with. Each breathing style needs to be unlocked by interacting with their corresponding trainers.

This guide will show you all the breathing trainer locations in Roblox Demon Fall. Once you unlock any of the five breathing styles, you will have to invest 3 skill points for each new upgrade of your chosen style.

All Breathing Trainers Locations in Roblox Demon Fall

A Roblox Demon Fall map showing the location of each of the trainers.

Thunder Breath Trainer Location

Thunder breath is a great style if you want to make your sword deal electric damage. This means that your hits will not only have higher damage, but also stun enemies for a longer time.

This breathing style can be acquired from Kujima, who resides in the Coast Forest in the southern part of the map.

Water Breath Trainer Location

This style will allow you to guardbreak your enemies using a special Whirlpool attack. It also adds 15% to your breath bar with each hit, which basically makes your breathing last much longer.

This style is taught by Urokodaki, the second trainer located in the Coast Forest.

Fire Breath Trainer Location

The Fire breath or Flame breath is really powerful. It makes all enemies burn when they get hit by your sword, dealing passive damage.

The Rengoku attack is especially powerful, creating an explosion of fire that engulfs all enemies within its area of effect.

You can learn this style from a trainer named Rengoku, who can be located on the White Peak east of Coast Forest.

Wind Breath Trainer Location

If you want to walk and move faster during battles, then Wind breath is a must-have.

This style includes the infamous Wind Typhon attack that makes your character spin and create a whirlwind that functions like an AoE attack.

You can learn this style from Grimm, a trainer that lives in Okuyia Village to the west of Coast Forest.

Mist Breath Trainer Location

Teleportation can be a great skill to have, especially when you need to attack your enemies from behind.

Mist breathing style has the Sea of Clouds and Haze ability that does that and more.

This style can be acquired from the Tokito trainer at the Frosty Forest in the northeastern part of the map.

Those are all breathing trainers locations in Roblox Demon Fall. For more Roblox related articles check out our dedicated hub page.

Roblox Troublesome Battlegrounds 2: Best Characters Tier List Mon, 12 Jul 2021 14:15:42 -0400 Sergey_3847

Troublesome Battlegrounds 2 is a fighting game on Roblox that has a new and updated roster of characters from the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series. This guide will provide you with a tier list of the best characters in Roblox Troublesome Battlegrounds 2, including their purchase costs and availability.

Currently, the game has four game modes: Free for All, Team Battle, Life Stocks, and Juggernaut. Each character listed below is generally notable in all of them, but if some of them are better in certain modes, it will be mentioned.

Roblox Troublesome Battlegrounds 2 S-Tier Characters


  • Roster: DLC Pack 1
  • Cost: 250 Robux

Ghiaccio is a perfect teammate that can take his allies to a victory with almost any team composition in a Team Battle mode.

His block-breaking move Ice Breaker is like no other in the game. It freezes enemy characters in a block of ice and has a cooldown of only 15 seconds. This allows him to repeatedly disrupt any enemy team's gameplan, and practically hand you the victory.

Ghiaccio's Blizzard AoE is just as good, and it not only damages all enemies in your vicinity, but it also freezes them, letting your other teammates get an advantage in the match-up.



  • Roster: Stardust Crusaders
  • Cost: $2,300

DIO has a rare teleportation ability that can be activated by pressing the Q key (Dodge).

DIO is an all-rounder that will be highly effective in any of the game's modes. He is just that powerful.

His infamous block-breaking Time Break ability allows him to swiftly move to any enemy and perform a heavy kick that completely disrupts their combos or blocking moves.

In his awakened form Greatest High all of his abilities double up in power, which basically means game over for anyone taking a chance against him.

A-Tier Characters

Jean Pierre Polnareff

Jean Pierre Polnareff.

  • Roster: Stardust Crusaders
  • Cost: $1,500

Polnareff is like a lightning in a bottle. He is extremely fast and has the longest M1 range, which makes his hitboxes the smallest.

This is one of the few characters with AoE attack Circle Slash that deals 10 damage to everyone around him.

Polnareff also has a few powerful guard break attacks, but his projectile-based Rapier Shot is the most effective one.

In his awakening form, he becomes extremely fast with his moves, which gives him an advantage over any other character in any of the game modes.

Akira Otoishi

Akira Otoishi.

  • Roster: DLC Pack 2
  • Cost: 250 Robux

Akira is not as fast as Polnareff, but he can stack up damage up to three times using his Amp Up form, where he also gives a short guitar performance, which is a nice touch.

He also has his own AoE attack Static Shock that has a cooldown of 30 seconds, and it also has the stacking damage counter, which can reach up to 28 points of damage.

Akira's block-breaking 1,000 Volt Slash attack blasts enemies with electric shock that is capable of throwing them out of any combo loop.

This and other skills make Akira a universally good character for all modes.

B-Tier Characters

Vinegar Doppio

Vinegar Doppio.

  • Roster: Golden Wind
  • Cost: $2,500

If you don't want to spend Robux on Ghiaccio, but you still want a solid Team Battle player, then having Doppio on your team would be great.

This pink-haired character has a unique combo-breaking ability Split Personality, which makes Doppio completely immune to all types of damage. You can just stand there, activate this ability, and watch your enemies struggle with dealing even a single point of damage to you.

In the awakened form Doppio turns into King Crimson, a much stronger version of the character with the same name from the first Troublesome Battlegrounds game.

Giorno Giovanna

Giorno Giovanna.

  • Roster: Golden Wind
  • Cost: $650

Juggernaut mode isn't everybody's cup of tea, but if you're one of those players who likes to play the role of a baddie, then Giorno is a great choice. Honestly, he's also just really cheap.

Giorno's biggest upside is his Life Sensor passive skill that allows him to see the health of other characters at all times. This can give you an advantage over which character you'd have a higher chance to finish first.

He can also heal himself using his Broach Healing ability, which is very important in modes like Juggernaut, where life count really matters.

Those are the best characters in Roblox Troublesome Battlegrounds 2. Also, be sure to check out more Roblox-related articles on our dedicated hub page.

Backbone One Review: Nothing Short Of Essential Mon, 12 Jul 2021 08:47:42 -0400 Mark Delaney

Mobile gaming has come a long way since the inception of the App Store and merchants like it. For many years, to play a game on your phone meant to grudgingly accept an ad-laden hellscape where constant microtransactions and unwieldy touch controls scared off anyone but the most Candy Crush-obsessed.

While services like Xbox Game Pass and Apple Arcade have done well to clean up those first two issues, it's been left up to others to solve the controller problem. With the Backbone One, the problem is solved.

Right on time for players to enjoy the swiftly improving mobile gaming platform of the iPhone, the Backbone One controller feels like a must-have. Simply put, there's no going back.

Backbone One Review: Nothing Short Of Essential

Front facing shot of the Backbone One connected to an iPhone, Xbox Game Pass on the screen.

The Backbone One is a mobile games controller that expands and contracts to snugly fit your iPhone in its clutches, giving it the near-identical form factor of a Nintendo Switch. At about 10 inches wide when extended and weighing just under five ounces sans phone, the Backbone is unimposing as an accessory, making it all the more likely you'll never need to leave it behind, which is great because you won't want to.

The Backbone One has no internal battery of its own and instead uses a low-power draw from your iPhone to sustain itself. In my week with the controller, I found my phone did not lose battery noticeably faster than it would if I was intensely playing for long sessions without it.

That too is a huge plus, because even for an avid mobile gamer like me, there's historically been an upper limit to how much I'd be willing to play some games when all I had available were the faulty virtual controls of many games. So long as your mobile game accepts controller input, it seems the Backbone One is seamlessly compatible.

This ranges from App Store-native games like Oceanhorn 2 and thatgamecompany's Sky, both of which otherwise suffer from touch controls, to console and PC streaming services like Game Pass, Stadia, and GeForce Now. The drastically improving versatility of the iPhone itself is supplemented tenfold by the advent of a controller so ergonomically brilliant.

Three shots of the Backbone One; one attached to a phone playing Sea of Thieves, one empty, and one from the back of the device.

It's pretty easy to see what the Backbone team had in mind. More than just in size and weight, the Backbone feels just like a Switch in one's hands. So much so that for the first day that I found myself pressing its B button instead of the more menu-critical A button, my mind tricked into thinking I was holding Nintendo's beloved handheld on many occasions.

The subtle outward slant down the side of the would-be joy-con improves the grip of the controller as compared to its obvious inspirator. 

Adopting the Xbox's button layout, players on Xbox or PC will quickly find it familiar, with four face buttons (clockwise from the top, YBAX), two shoulder triggers and a pair of accompanying bumpers, a D-Pad in the bottom left, and the offset joysticks with their own LS/RS clicking functionality.

Clearly designed to erase any potential hassle of games being lost in translation from one format to another, the Backbone One smartly adopts the predominant controller configuration, and with it, welcomes all players new and returning to a world of mobile games.

All of this mimicry is aided by sturdy craftsmanship. The controller doesn't feel cheap in the slightest. Its contracting center snaps back into place reliably and every button, trigger, and bumper feels  I'll say it again  just like a Switch. I've used mobile controllers before that felt cheap, but I accepted it then as the best there was. The Backbone raises the bar and ensures I will be more critical of competitors going forward. 

The Backbone One app, capture trimming Halo gameplay.

The Backbone comes with its own app, which, while not at all mandatory, is a good transit center for players who may not know where to start. From it, players can branch out into one of the many game streaming services or check out downloadable games that will immediately recognize the controller.

With a built-in headphone jack, unintrusive lightning cable pass-through for phone charging, and a notification button, it feels like the Backbone team has truly thought of almost everything. It even offers a social button so players can easily capture and share clips and screenshots. 

If there's any downside, it's the fact that the Backbone doesn't allow for protective cases to stay on while in use. I never, ever like to take my iPhone out of its hard shell, and it's been an adjustment doing so with this otherwise immaculate controller.

Admittedly, the design of the peripheral does suggest there's maybe no way around this, but I wonder if the team that thought of just about everything could improve on this one missing feature in any future version two.

As if Backbone One users would not already enjoy an embarrassment of riches from the controller's physical features, right now, the Backbone One includes three months of Xbox Game Pass for all new subscribers at no extra charge. At $45 itself, that would be half the price of the $99 controller, but instead, it's gifted thanks to a recent partnership between Backbone and the newly mobile-focused Xbox team.

Backbone One Review — The Bottom Line

Xbox Game Pass home screen featuring Forza Horizon 4 and Halo.


  • Near-perfect form factor borrowing heavily from the most successful predecessors
  • Fully featured with a dedicated app, social/share button, and spaces for headphones and charging
  • New-in-box Xbox Game Pass subscription is icing on the cake
  • Immediately, irreversibly, and drastically improves mobile gaming


  • Must be used without your iPhone's protective case

The first moment I set my phone into the Backbone's shell, the accessory earned its name. The Backbone One feels foundational for anyone looking to get the most out of their mobile gaming hobby.

Be it with games downloaded from the App Store or streamed using one of several emerging major and minor competitors, I could not  and will not  fathom playing controller-compatible games on my phone without the Backbone ever again.

Mobile gaming has taken many leaps forward simply on its own merits  better games, improved visuals, more reasonable economies, etc. But now an outsider has delivered an accessory that allows for mobile gaming to take perhaps its biggest leap forward to date. The Backbone will make believers out of mobile gaming naysayers while rewarding devotees with their best experience yet.

[Note: Backbone provided the Backbone One controller used for this review.]

Roblox Slayers Unleashed: All Dezzy Teddy Bear Locations Thu, 08 Jul 2021 11:22:56 -0400 Sergey_3847

Slayers Unleashed is a new fighting game in Roblox that is based on the Demon Slayer anime. It puts players in an open world environment, where they can test out their combat skills against others online. But the game is not limited to mere fighting and has some really cool surprises.

This guide will show you the locations of all Dezzy Teddy Bears in Roblox Slayers Unleashed. This quest can be done really quickly and the reward could be greater than the effort.

Roblox Slayers Unleashed: All Dezzy Teddy Bear Locations

In order to start the Teddy Bear quest you need to speak to Megan. This pink-haired NPC can be found in the safe zone right next to Katana Shop. Talk to her and she will ask you to find her lost Dezzy Teddy Bear.

There are actually three Teddy Bears to be found on the map. Follow our instructions to find them all.

Dezzy Teddy Bear 1 Location

You need to leave the safe zone through the eastern gate (just follow the E marker on top of the screen).

Once you enter the open area, you need to locate a set of platforms right in front of you (shown on the screenshot above).

Climb up this set of platforms and you should see the first Teddy Bear on one of the upper platforms.

Dezzy Teddy Bear 2 Location

The second Teddy Bear can be found to the right or northeast of the location of the first bear.

There you should see the second set of platforms. You will find the second doll on one of the upper platforms as well.

Dezzy Teddy Bear 3 Location

The third and final Teddy Bear can be seen at the base of the wall to the right of the location with the second doll.

Just walk up to the wall and walk all along it until you notice the bear on the ground. In case you can't see the Teddy Bears, you need to restart your server.

Once you get all three Dezzy Teddy Bear dolls you can bring them back to Megan, who will reward you with a random in-game item.

Hopefully, our guide helped you locate all Dezzy Teddy Bears in Roblox Slayers Unleashed. For more Roblox related articles check out our dedicated hub page.

Brawl Stars Volley Brawl: Best Brawlers Tier List Guide Wed, 30 Jun 2021 14:28:59 -0400 Sergey_3847

The Jurassic Splash update for Brawl Stars has brought the brand new Volley Brawl mode, which pits teams of players against one another to score goals for great victory. Naturally, not all brawlers are equally useful for this mode.

This guide showcases only the best brawlers in Brawl Stars Volley Brawl in a tier list fashion. Some of these brawlers you already expect, but others will be a complete surprise as they excel in this mode over others.

Brawl Stars Volley Brawl S-Tier Brawlers


  • Rarity: Chromatic
  • Class: Support
  • Speed: 720

Volley Brawl mode is all about landing that ball in the enemy's territory, and Gale's Force! is perfect for this purpose. It can push enemies away from the zone and let that ball land without any interference.

His Spring Ejector ability is also effective against single targets that try to get to the ball. Gale can push them up in the air, making their attempts at reaching the ball fail. But you could also use it to propel your own teammates to get closer to the ball.

Gale is a real gift for this type of mode. Be sure to use him if you can.


  • Rarity: Epic
  • Class: Heavyweight
  • Speed: 770

The only real competitor to Gale is Frank. He is the only one who can disrupt Gale's game by using his Active Noise Canceling gadget that makes him immune to Gale's Force! ability.

Frank can also do a similar trick to enemies with his Stunning Blow that stuns all enemies for a couple of seconds, which is more than enough to drop your ball onto an enemy zone.

Lastly, he's got the biggest health pool of all brawlers, which can keep him alive for a long time and allow him to get the ball even through a lot of damage.

Brawl Stars Volley Brawl A-Tier Brawlers


  • Rarity: Chromatic
  • Class: Support
  • Speed: 720

Lou in many regards is similar to both Gale and Frank.

He can use his Can-Do super skill that freezes the ground and prevents enemies from getting to your zone or failing to protect their own. He can also start Brain Freezing them one by one and render them useless for the time while you or any other teammate claims the ball.

So why isn't he an S-Tier? Well, Lou's got a low health pool and his gadgets aren't that good. But he is definitely a good addition to any team.


  • Rarity: Mythic
  • Class: Dashing Assassin
  • Speed: 820

Mortis is really good at only one thing, but this makes him an excellent brawler.

He can easily dash forward using his Shovel Swing, deal damage to an enemy player, and get the ball land on the enemy zone.

His high mobility allows him to do this trick over and over again, and not that many brawlers would be able to stop him.

But other than that, Mortis is quite subpar in comparison to Gale and Frank.

Brawl Stars Volley Brawl B-Tier Brawlers


  • Rarity: Mythic
  • Class: Fighter
  • Speed: 720

Use Squeak's Sticky Blomb and Big Blob abilities to take control of the enemy's zone by sending out lots of little bombs that stick to brawlers and explode sending them out of the protected area.

Although Squeak's appeal is quite limited in Volley Brawl, his crowd control abilities can be very useful at the most important moments of the game.


  • Rarity: Mythic
  • Class: Support
  • Speed: 820

Max is a typical support character that is designed to help others win.

Use her Let's Go! super skill to increase the speed of movement of your entire team. Th speed boost is quite significant, adding at least 30% to your teammates' mobility.

Her gadgets can also do some good work, like returning her back to the previous position. There could be cases where this ability can help you reclaim a previously lost ball.


  • Rarity: Legendary
  • Class: Sharpshooter
  • Speed: 720

Just like Squeak, this thorny brawler is all about crowd control.

All of his abilities are in one way or another use thorns to either damage or simply slow down enemy players.

His most useful ability is Stick Around! that does both of those things at the same time, which can be a good way to prevent enemies from retriveing the ball in the zone.

Those are the best brawlers in Brawl Stars Volley Brawl. For more Brawl Stars tips and tricks articles, be sure to check our dedicated hub page.

Sonic x Minecraft: Where Is the Chao Garden? Tue, 29 Jun 2021 12:15:53 -0400 Gavin Burtt

In celebration of Sonic the Hedgehog's 30th anniversary, Minecraft got the Sonic x Minecraft crossover pack. Though some Sonic fans may be inclined to ignore it, the pack comes with a whole lot more than just a tileset. Those who wish to relive the old days can find a Chao Garden hidden in the pack.

Most who like both Minecraft and Sonic will be drawn by the tileset, character skins, and even levels from Sonic the Hedgehog added to the game with Sonic x Minecraft. There's a lot to love in the pack overall, making the Chao Garden just the icing on the cake.

That said, we all want to know how to get there. Let's go into how to find the Chao Garden in Sonic x Minecraft.

How to Get to Chao Garden in Sonic x Minecraft

Head to the main room of the lab, where the Chaos Emeralds are kept. This is also the room where the achievements board can be found, as well as the high scores for each zone.

Look for the painting next to the door opposite the achievements board and jump through it like you do with stages, and ironically just as you'd do in Mario 64. This is the hidden path to the Chao Garden, which is a faithful recreation of the iconic neutral garden from Sonic Adventure 2, with the waterfall, pond, and small cliffs.

There should be some Chao in the garden already, but more will come to live in the garden as you complete Sonic x Mario stages.

This is not the first mashup that the Minecraft developers have created, with Bedrock Edition having released crossover packs for FalloutHalo, Skyrim, and other gaming and cultural mashups as DLC in the past. This Sonic one, however, is far and away the best, being more than just a world to explore and see recreations built within. It includes fully playable levels with actual Sonic mechanics you would see in the original games, plus these sorts of Easter Eggs that fans love.

The Sonic x Minecraft pack is available for the Bedrock Edition of the game, and can be purchased from the Minecraft Marketplace for 1340 Minecoins. $10 can be used to buy 1720 Minecoins, which would be your best deal if you are just looking to explore these recreations of classic Sonic the Hedgehog stages.

If you're a bit of a Minecraft enthusiast, check out our other Minecraft guides here on GameSkinny.

Roblox Strongman Simulator: How to Level Up Fast Tue, 29 Jun 2021 10:43:54 -0400 Sergey_3847

Strongman Simulator is a gym simulator in Roblox that allows players to earn strength and energy points to traverse different areas. Players need to pull different items and do squats at the gym in order to level up. This guide will show you how to level up fast in Roblox Strongman Simulator.

In order to pull heavier items you will need to spend the earned energy at the gym, doing squats with barbells. After that your level will increase and you can move even more items. The right strategy here is very important, so don't waste your time and follow our guide.

How to Level Up Fast in Roblox Strongman Simulator

Starting Area

The first area has a number of lightweight items that you need to pull, so follow these steps:

  1. Pull 3x Feathers to the finish line
  2. Do some squats with the smallest barbells
  3. Pull the Rubber Duck to the finish line
  4. Do some more squats
  5. Pull 2x Rubber Ducks
  6. Pull 3x Rubber Ducks
  7. Do another round of squats
  8. Pull 1x Toilet to the finish line

Repeat steps 7 and 8 as many times as you need in order to reach 50 Strength and 3K Energy. Now you can enter the next area.


This next area requires you to gain 100 Strength, so follow these steps:

  1. Pull 1x Protein Shaker to the finish line
  2. Do squats until you reach Massive Noob level
  3. Pull 6x Protein Shaker
  4. Pull 6x Kettle Bell
  5. Pull 3x Medicine Ball
  6. Pull 6x Weight
  7. Pull 1x Protein Bar

If you managed to do all this, you should have enough strength points to move to the next area.


In order to enter the next area, you need to remove the Fryer from the wall that blocks the entrance to the area. But for now the Fryer is a bit too heavy for you, so follow these steps to get stronger quickly:

  1. Pull 5x Soda to the finish line
  2. Pull 5x Sushi
  3. Do squats until you reach Weak Noodle level
  4. Pull 4x Fries
  5. Pull 3x Pie
  6. Pull 3x Turkey
  7. Do more squats until you reach Spicy Noodle level
  8. Pull 1x Fryer

Now you can remove the Fryer from the wall and move on to the next area.

Arcade Room

Here you can buy your first pets that will help you move even bigger things. But first you need to do the following:

  1. Pull 3x Fussball to the finish line
  2. Pull 3x Air Hockey
  3. Buy Space Invaders at the shop
  4. Do squats until you reach Mega Noodle level
  5. Pull 1x Pool Table
  6. Do some more squats until your reach Strong Ripped level
  7. Pull 3x Basketball
  8. Pull 1x Arcade

When you pull the Arcade away from the wall, it will open the entrance to the next area.

The Farm

This area will allow you to finally pull multiple types of items simultaneously. You will also make a huge leap in your level, so do the following:

  1. Pull 1x Carrot to the finish line
  2. Do squats until you reach Stronk level
  3. Pull 3x Carrot and 3x Tomato together
  4. Do more squats until you reach Massive Chonker level
  5. Pull 3x Carrot, 3x Tomato, and 3x Eggplant together
  6. Do more squats until you reach Gigantic level
  7. Pull 3x Carrot, 3x Tomato, 3x Eggplant, 3x Bale of Hay, and 2x Tractor together
  8. Pull 1x Drawbridge

Once the Drawbridge is pulled down, you can follow the path to the next area.

The Castle

This is the final and the last area that has the heaviest items to pull. If you follow these steps, then you should be able to reach max level:

  1. Pull 3x Obelisk to the finish line
  2. Do squats until you reach Massive Gigantic level
  3. Pull 3x Knights Table
  4. Do more squats until you reach Thicc Legend level
  5. Pull 3x Swordsman
  6. Do more squats until you reach Mega Tank level

That's it, the Mega Tank is the max level. You can also use the Rebirth mechanic that will restart your whole game, after which you will gain levels much faster. The more rebirths you have the faster you can level up.

That's everything you need to know on how to level up fast in Roblox Strongman Simulator. Also, be sure to check out other Roblox related articles on our dedicated hub page.

NieR Re[in]carnation Release Date Set for July, Gets New Trailer Mon, 28 Jun 2021 13:48:18 -0400 Jonathan Moore

NieR Re[in]carnation, the upcoming mobile game set in the NieR universe, has a release date. It will launch on July 28, 2021, for iOS and Android. It won't be a worldwide release, though. It will initially be available only in North America, Europe, and Korea. There's no word on when it will make its way to other regions. 

NieR Re[in]carnation will be a free download and feature microtransactions. Creative Director Yoko Taro confirmed the inclusion of gacha mechanics and microtransactions in April 2020. 

Since being announced, Re[in]carnation has amassed 400,000 pre-registrations, according to Square Enix. To celebrate that milestone, the developer will gift players 3,000 gems and an Enhancement Pack, which includes a "Large Character Enhancement x20, XL Character Enhancement x20, Large Weapon Enhancement x20, XL Weapon Enhancement x20."

The next milestone is 500,000 pre-registrants, which includes more free gems and materials, as well as the Weapon Evolution Pack. Beyond that is 600,000 pre-registrants, which also includes gems and materials as rewards, plus the Material Pack. 

The NieR Re[in]carnation release date comes alongside a new trailer for the game. The opening cinematic trailer gives more insight into The Cage and the game's overarching narrative. It also gives fans a better look at the NieR Re[in]carnation combat system.

In other news, (ICYMI) NieR Replicant Ver.1.22474487139..., a remaster of the original NieR, was released earlier this year for PC, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X. In our review, we said that Ver. 1.22474487139 "improves on almost all aspects to offer something for both newcomers and veterans alike." Read more here if you haven't played it yet. 

Roblox Wacky Wizards: How to Get Beans Mon, 28 Jun 2021 10:01:30 -0400 Sergey_3847

The Roblox wizard simulator Wacky Wizards allows players to brew magic potions out of all sorts of ingredients. Some of these ingredients are pretty hard to find, like beans. In this article we will provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to get beans in Roblox Wacky Wizards.

The beans are well hidden inside the volcano, and the path there is riddled with traps. The game gives you no hints on how to get through the traps, so we're going to help you instead.

How to Get Beans in Roblox Wacky Wizards

Before venturing onto this dangerous journey you need to craft a few potions and follow all the steps listed below.

Step 1: Enter the Volcano

The first potion that you need to brew is an Explosive Potion that will allow you to destroy the entrance into the volcano.

Here's what you need to do:

  1. Add 1x Dynamite to your cauldron
  2. Brew an Explosive Potion
  3. Take it to the volcano and find an area with cracks in the wall
  4. Drink the potion at the wall

Once the wall is destroyed, go back to your cauldron.

Step 2: Enlarge the Spoon

Next you need to enlarge the spoon that hovers over the pool of lava inside the volcano, so you could reach the first platform. For this, you'll need a Giant Potion.

Follow these steps:

  1. Add 1x Giant Ear to your cauldron
  2. Brew the Giant Potion
  3. Go back inside the volcano
  4. Drink the potion at the spoon (left of entrance)

You will see that the spoon suddenly grows in size. You will be able to walk over the lava pool, but you need to make another potion before doing that.

Step 3: Shrink in Size

Lastly, you need to be able to jump from the first platform inside the volcano onto the elevated platform.

If you try doing it while being your normal size, the platform will sink into the lava because you're too heavy. But if you shrink yourself, you can easily use it to get to the top of the volcano. You'll need to make a Tiny Potion this time.

Follow these steps to shrink yourself:

  1. Add 3x Fairy to your cauldron
  2. Brew the Tiny Potion
  3. Go back inside the volcano
  4. Jump onto the first platform
  5. Drink the potion to shrink yourself in size
  6. Jump onto the elevated platform

Once the platform takes you to the top of the volcano, you will find the can of beans at the end of the pathway. Pick it up and it's yours to use.

That's all you need to know on how to get beans in Roblox Wacky Wizards. If you want to know more, then check out other Roblox related articles on our dedicated hub page.

How to Get a Shiny Hero in Roblox Anime Fighters Mon, 21 Jun 2021 11:38:18 -0400 Sergey_3847

Anime Fighters is the latest fighting simulator in Roblox that gives players a chance to recruit a whole team of famous anime characters and fight prominent bosses. The power of your team depends on the rarity of your heroes and their status. Currently, shiny heroes are the most powerful ones in the game, but they are also the hardest ones to get.

This Roblox guide will provide you with tips on how to get a shiny hero in Roblox Anime Fighters. You will learn all about your chances of getting one, how much money you need to spend, and how long to wait for the shiny hero to drop.

How to Get a Shiny Hero in Roblox Anime Fighters

Players can hatch eggs at star podiums for 10,000 Yen each. These eggs will spawn one of six heroes at the following drop rates:

  1. Common 43%
  2. Common 43%
  3. Rare 10%
  4. Epic 2.1%
  5. Legendary 0.43%
  6. Mythical 0.021%

But there is also a possibility to unlock a shiny hero that not only has an updated look but also deals twice as much damage as that of its non-shiny counterpart.

Regardless of the rarity, the drop chance of a shiny hero equals to 0.5%. This means that you need to hatch 200 eggs to get one guaranteed shiny hero. This will cost you 2,000,000 Yen total.

How to Increase Your Luck

There is only one way to save money and increase your chances of getting a shiny hero. You need to increase your luck, which can be done in two ways:

  1. You can purchase gamepass luck at the in-game shop:
    • Lucky = 99 robux
    • Super Lucky = 699 robux
    • Ultra Lucky = 1,999 robux
  2. You can use the following free codes:
    • Lucky30k
    • Sulley100k
    • ChuggaChugga

If you use all three codes, you will increase your luck for roughly 20 minutes. Use this time to hatch as many eggs as possible, and you will be able to get the shiny hero much sooner and for a lot less money.

Hopefully, these tips and tricks helped you get a shiny hero in Roblox Anime Fighters. For more Roblox-related articles check out our dedicated hub page.

How to Get Gems in Roblox Noob Army Tycoon Fri, 18 Jun 2021 10:35:54 -0400 Sergey_3847

Noob Army Tycoon in Roblox has a new in-game currency called gems. These gems can be used to purchase new pets and hats. That is the only way you can purchase them, so finding this currency has become a huge priority for many players. This guide will provide you with all the methods on how to get gems in Roblox Noob Army Tycoon.

Fortunately, the developer of the game included several ways to get gems. Some are easier than others, but you never know which one will work for you the best.

How to Get Gems in Roblox Noob Army Tycoon

Finding Gems Chest

One of the most consistent methods of obtaining gems without spending any money is to find a gems chest.

This type of chest becomes available after you collect all $5,000 treasure chests. You can use our guide for finding all these treasure chests in Roblox Noob Army Tycoon.

Once you get all those chests, a new batch of chests will start randomly appearing in the world:

  • Normal Chest ($5,000)
  • Silver Chest ($25,000)
  • Golden Chest ($100,000)
  • Diamond Chest ($1,000,000)
  • Gems Chest (500 gems)

The gems chest, as well as other mentioned chests, will appear randomly in one of the following locations:

Map of islands showing gems chest locations with red markers.

Normal chests spawn most frequently, while diamond chest spawns being extremely rare. The gems chest spawns equally to the golden chest.

This means that you need to regularly check these spots for chests. Once in a while, you will be able to get the gems chest. If not, then you will get other types of chests. But they will always appear in the same spots.

First, check the base itself. The two opposite corners at the entrance of the base will have one of these chests spawning.

Then, check the bridge to the east of the base. The gems chest may spawn inside the pillar with an illusory wall supporting the bridge.

After that, check out the island east of the base with a shack. The chest may appear either inside the shack itself or inside the cave in the hill.

Lastly, move up to the bridge above the island with a shack and see if there's a chest under the bridge.

Mining Gems

Another consistent way of getting gems is mining them at a specific location, although this method is quite costly.

The gems mine outlined in red box in the water near a dock

Take your boat to a small island located to the left of the giant Noob Statue at the edge of the map. Once you arrive at the location, follow these steps:

  1. Interact with the blue square on the ground
  2. Pay $10,000 and 10,000 research points to unlock the Gems Mine
  3. Interact with the green square on the ground
  4. Pay the following amounts to unlock Gems Miners:
    • Level 1: $400,000
    • Level 2: $800,000
    • Level 3: $1,200,000
    • Level 4: $1,600,000
    • Level 5: $2,000,000

Each level of Gem Miners will produce five extra gems every 10 minutes. This means that Level 1 will produce 5 gems and Level 5 will produce 25 gems every 10 minutes.

In addition to gems mine, you can also unlock the golden mine in the same way as described above.

Lastly, at the docks near the gems mine island, you will be able to unlock Money Trader. This noob can turn your gems into money with the converting rate of $10,000 for 100 gems.

Killing Gems Noobs

The most random but valid method of obtaining gems is to kill Gems Noobs. These are special troops that spawn randomly within enemy units.

You can't really know which noobs are Gems Noobs, but you need to kill as many noobs as you can, and if you're lucky, you will kill such a noob and get 250 gems.

You will receive a message in your inbox that you've killed a Gems Noob and that's it.

Use the Gems Code

You can also use the special code that will grant you free 1,000 gems. Follow these steps to get them:

  1. Tap on the Twitter icon on the right side of the screen
  2. Enter code: 100MVisits
  3. Press "Enter" to confirm

This code is a gift from the developer of the game to all players.

That's all you need to know on how to get gems in Roblox Noob Army Tycoon. Be sure to check out other Roblox-related articles on our dedicated hub page.

How to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft Thu, 17 Jun 2021 18:23:00 -0400 Gavin Burtt

Up until Minecraft snapshot 17w47a, pumpkins would naturally spawn in the world with carved out faces. This is no longer the case, and natural pumpkins form more realistically and  faceless.

Of course, this means that natural pumpkins can no longer be used to make Snow Golems, Iron Golems, jack-o-lanterns, or be worn as a hat. So how do you carve a pumpkin in Minecraft

It's actually pretty easy, and the guide below tells you everything you need to know about carving pumpkins in Minecraft.

How to Carve a Pumpkin in Minecraft

A batch of pumpkins in a grassy biome with a cow in the background.

Equip a pair of shears, which can be crafted with two iron ingots, then interact with a placed pumpkin to carve it. Doing so will make the face appear, and you can then mine and collect the carved pumpkin as normal.

Carving it will also make it drop pumpkin seeds, which can be used to further farm pumpkins, or even to breed chickens.

How to Find Pumpkins in Minecraft

Before you can carve a pumpkin, you have to find one. Pumpkins naturally spawn in almost every Overworld biome, requiring only a grass block with an empty air space above it to appear.

This means that with the exception of deserts, beaches, and oceans, you can find pumpkins virtually anywhere. Look for grassy biomes with few visual obstructions, such as taiga or plains biomes, to find them.

You can also find pumpkins in Woodland Mansions, pillager outpost tents, taiga villages (they replace haybales). You can find pumpkin seeds as dungeon, mansion, village, or mineshaft loot, which you can then grow.

Carved pumpkins can be found naturally, too, appearing in rail rooms inside Woodland Mansions, as well as in pillager outposts, where they act as the heads of scarecrows.

What You Can Do With Carved Pumpkins

Carved pumpkins can be used to make jack-o-lanterns by placing them above a torch on a crafting table. They can also be worn on your head by placing them in the helmet slot of your inventory; this allows you to look Endermen in the face without upsetting them. This is great if you are going to the End to fight the dragon.

Finally, they can be used to spawn Snow Golems and Iron Golems. Place a carved pumpkin atop a two-high pillar of snow blocks to make a Snow Golem, or atop an upright, T-shaped arrangement of iron blocks to make an Iron Golem.

What You Can't Do With Carved Pumpkins

A carved pumpkin can not be used to make pumpkin pie, nor can it be placed into a crafting table to retrieve four pumpkin seeds, so don't make the mistake of shearing your pumpkin if you were planning on doing either of these things. 


That's everything you need to know about how to carve pumpkins in Minecraft, as well as how to find and what they're used for. Check out our other Minecraft guides while you're here, or use our Minecraft seeds articles to find your next favorite seed!

Roblox Project New World: How to Get All Trainers Mon, 14 Jun 2021 13:21:45 -0400 Sergey_3847

The developer of Project New World game in Roblox incorporated five trainers that teach players various kinds of Haki, which are special skills that can be used either for offensive or defensive purposes. This guide will provide you with tips on how to get all trainers Roblox Project New World.

Some trainers are easy to spot while others are well hidden. You will also need to reach a certain level with your character in order to meet the trainer's requirements. Finally, you will need to pay a certain amount of money to be able to learn the given skill.

How to Get All Trainers in Roblox Project New World

Sky Walk Trainer

This trainer teaches you to jump much higher than you normally can, which is very useful.

The trainer is located to the west of the Starter Island at the Tall Structures Island. Approach the very first tall structure and enter the black pillar through an invisible wall, which is easy to spot.

Interact with Sky Walk trainer to obtain the first level of Sky Walk for $20,000. You may evolve it to the second level by leaving and entering the pillar once again once you reach Level 500.

Next time you will need to ascend the tall stairs inside the pillar using your Sky Walk skill. Once you reach the top, interact with the trainer to obtain the second level for $100,000.

Flash Step Trainer

If you want to learn to walk super fast, then you need to head towards the Buggy Island, which is located to the north of the Starter Island.

You can find the trainer standing next to a red chest in the eastern part of the island. Interact with him and pay $50,000 to obtain the Flash Step skill.

Once the additional evolution steps for this skill become available, you can basically teleport your character across any island you're currently on. This is an especially great skill to have during boss fights.

Buso Haki Trainer

One of the best defensive skills in the game can be obtained from the Buso Haki trainer located on the Logue Island, which can be reached by traveling in the northeastern direction from the Buggy Island.

In order to get this skill you need to reach Level 350 with your character. The trainer can be seen on a floating platform on the western shore of the Logue Island. Interact with him to obtain the skill for $100,000.

Buso Haki creates a special defensive shield around your character that makes you immune to all kinds of damage. The higher the level of your haki, the longer this protective armor lasts.

Observation Haki Trainer

The Observation skill, also known as Kenbushoku Haki, can be obtained from the trainer located on the Marine Island. This area can be reached by traveling up north from the Buggy Island past the Monkey Island.

You need to be at least Level 500 to be able to get this haki, then you can find the trainer near one of the houses in the western part of the island. This skill will cost you $150,000.

This haki allows you to predict enemy movements and be prepared for their next strike. This is another great skill to have during boss fights.

Conqueror's Haki Trainer

The strongest skill in the game is undoubtedly the Conqueror's Haki, also known as Haoshoku Haki. This AoE stuns all enemies around you in a powerful blast.

If you want to get this skill, you need to be at least Level 900. Then, you can travel to the Fire Fist Island located in the northernmost part of the map.

The trainer stands on top of the tall pillar at the docks. Use your Sky Walk ability to get to the very top and obtain the Conqueror's Haki for $1,000,000.

That's all you need to know on how to get all stands in Roblox Project New World. If you want to know more, then check out other Roblox related articles on our dedicated hub page.