iOS Platform RSS Feed | iOS RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Get Ready To Boogie During Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery's Celestial Ball Fri, 08 Feb 2019 12:06:35 -0500 QuintLyn

Players of Jam City's mobile game Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery have a new special adventure to take part in, and it's the social event of the season. The Celestial Ball is an adventure directed at players who have reached fourth-year or above. These players will be able to participate in after-class preparations for the formal dance.

In order to participate, players will need to help other Hogwarts students prepare for the ball. Some students want to help put the ball together, others want to sabotage the whole thing. Still others would just like a little help putting together the perfect makeup and outfit.

Once everything's prepared, players will need to find a date. To do this, they'll need to go to the Great Hall and mingle with classmates. When that's taken care of, there's only one thing left to do -- chose your own special outfit from a collection designed by Ravenclaw's Andre.

This will be the first time players of Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery will be able to take part in the Celestial Ball -- just in time for Valentine's Day. The devs believe it offers players an opportunity to explore more of the social aspects of the game, providing all the excitement that should be expected from a Hogwarts school dance.

The dance adds to a long list of things players are able to do in Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery. The game allows players to create their own characters and experience life as a Hogwarts student. Just as with Harry, Ron, and Hermione, players will attend classes, learn magic, and make both friends and enemies. There are even duels to deal with and quizzes to take.

The game offers a decision based encounter system that determines their character's story arc. With this system, players create their own experience within the game, rather than sharing the exact same storyline with all the other players.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery is available on both iOS and Android devices.

Pokemon Go Players Can Now Catch Shiny Meltan For A Limited Time Tue, 05 Feb 2019 17:58:30 -0500 QuintLyn

Pokemon GO players may already have caught Meltan — and even transferred it to their copies of Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! or Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! on the Nintendo Switch — but they still don't have a Shiny Meltan.

There's a good reason for that: The shiny version of the mythical metal pokemon hadn't appeared in the game until today.

Now, players everywhere have a chance to obtain a Shiny Meltan whenever they open a Mystery Box in Pokemon GO

In order to obtain a Mystery Box, players will need to link their Pokemon GO accounts to their copy of Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! or Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! Once a box is acquired, players just need to open it for a chance to catch the Mythical Shiny Meltan.

Keep in mind, though, this is a limited-time event. Players will need to open Mystery Boxes between today and March 4. The best news is that Niantic has shortened the wait time between box openings, giving players more chances to catch Meltan before the event ends.

Meltan is a special pokemon that was originally introduced in October as part of a campaign to encourage players to connect their Pokemon GO accounts with Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! or Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee! when the games launched on the Nintendo Switch.

The pokemon's introduction consisted of a series of videos featuring Pokemon GO's Professor Willow and Let's Go!'s Professor Oak trying to solve the mystery around a previously undiscovered pokemon. As the video's continued, the duo discovered that it's not only an ancient pokemon but that it has some very unique abilities.

Both Let's Go! games allow Pokemon GO players to transfer pokemon captured in the mobile game into them, giving them a chance to build their Let's Go! collections even while they're away from the game. The system also encourages Pokemon GO players to stick with the mobile game.

Track Your Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon Series Cards With The Card Dex Mobile App Mon, 04 Feb 2019 16:34:34 -0500 QuintLyn

Soon, fans of the Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon Series will be able to easily track all their cards with the help of an official app from The Pokemon Company. The Pokemon TCG Card Dex is a free app that tracks not only the main series of cards but all expansions and even promo cards some lucky players may have acquired.

Pokemon TCG: Sun & Moon players in Sweden already have access to the app thanks to a soft launch in their country. Unfortunately, the rest of us will have to wait until it rolls out in our countries in order to give it a whirl.

The Pokemon TCG Card Dex isn't just a spreadsheet-like program that requires players to manually enter their card information. Instead, players will use the built-in cameras on their phone to scan cards and add them to the Dex.

The excellent news is that even damaged or obscured cards can be recognized by the app. As for cards in different languages, they are translated into the user's language of choice.

Once scanned in, cards in the Dex can be sorted by expansion, card type, rarity, Pokemon type, energy type, HP, and a variety of other options.  Players can also search the Dex for cards they haven't yet entered in order to discover new ones they'd like to add to their collection.

The Pokemon TCG Card Dex is free to download in Sweden, via both the Apple App Store and Google Play. It supports several languages, including English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, and Brazilian Portuguese. So several countries are already localized for when it rolls out in their areas.

At present, no other languages are included, but seeing as this is Pokemon we're talking about, it probably won't take long for the app to include more. Although, it is a bit surprising that Japanese isn't listed as one of the available languages.

Microsoft Live Coming Nintendo Switch and Mobile Devices Mon, 04 Feb 2019 14:24:55 -0500 QuintLyn

It looks like Microsoft is planning to spread the Xbox Live love around — and to some rather unexpected places.

The company is currently preparing Xbox Live support for not only mobile devices both iOS and Android but also the Nintendo Switch.

Set to be officially revealed at GDC in March, the cross-device Xbox Live integration will allow users to view friends lists, game history, and those all-important achievements on any supported device. This is fantastic news for anyone who wants to show off their scores on the go.

Of course, Microsoft's goals are a bit loftier than that. The intent is to offer players support for cross-platform play on more titles. Now, third-party games will join Minecraft and other Microsoft-specific titles in the company's cross-platform library as Microsoft will provide everything developers need in order to do so.

This move seems to also be directed at getting mobile game developers to join the Xbox Live network and bring their players along with them. According to Windows Central, Microsoft estimates the expansion will expand their base from 400 million devices across Xbox consoles and Windows machines to over 2 billion devices, a fairly impressive growth margin.

In order to make the process of building games for Xbox Live easier, Microsoft will also make use of the PlayFab suite of tools, which offers developers a complete backend for developing games. It includes support of player management, leaderboards, real-time analytics and reporting, messaging, content update, in-game events, and more.

Bringing Xbox Live to more devices is an interesting move for Microsoft, which is known specifically for Windows and console play. Even more interesting will be the reaction of the most vocal part of its player base who largely see themselves as "hardcore" gamers and consider mobile gaming to be the opposite of everything they stand for. 

That said, as mobile devices continue to become more powerful, it's not surprising that Microsoft wants to get in on the action and bring in that sweet mobile gaming cash.

PUBG Mobile Guide: How to Find Chicken Dinner Table Thu, 31 Jan 2019 10:37:23 -0500 Sergey_3847

There are several official servers in PUBG Mobile, which players from all over the world can use on their devices. However, those who want to have all the latest updates most likely play on a Global server, as this is where all the best things happen.

Since PUBG Mobile has been developed by a Chinese company Tencent, players who use Chinese or Global servers can witness a new secret item on the map: a fully functional chicken dinner table.

If you want to see it too, then follow our quick guide below.

Chicken Dinner Table Location in PUBG Mobile

The chicken dinner table can be found inside one of the buildings in the small village of Gatka, which is located in the western part of the map. Land there and search for a building with two red lanterns above the doors. You should have no problem finding it, as it is the largest building in the village.

The table offers a huge variety of dishes, including a roasted chicken, the symbol of victory in PUBG Mobile. You can freely interact with the dishes just like with any other items.

If you don't know how to play on the Chinese server, then here is a short instruction:

  • For Android users:
    1. Go to the Chinese server website
    2. Press the top yellow button
    3. Install and play
  • For iOS users:
    1. Go to App Store
    2. Install the game
    3. Play as guest

It is possible that you will have some connectivity problems in the process, as the Global version is known to have issues with network lagging. But it is still worth to see the new chicken dinner table in all its glory.


Make sure to leave your feedback in the comments section below, and check out the rest of PUBG Mobile guides here at GameSkinny:

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid Announced Fri, 18 Jan 2019 01:15:05 -0500 Erroll Maas

Hasbro, Lionsgate, and developer nWay have announced a new Power Rangers game, titled Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid, for Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid has been said to be a "highly approachable" fighting game with a streamlined combat system and simplified controls. The new title will feature a variety of heroes and villains from the franchise, but the Mighty Morphin' Red Ranger, the Mighty Morphin' Green Ranger, the Super Megaforce Yellow Ranger, and Lord Drakkon are the only characters that have been confirmed so far.  

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid will also feature online multiplayer where players can compete against their friends and others to test their skills. Additionally, the game will feature cross-play and cross-progression between the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PC versions.

The Standard Edition of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid will cost $19.99, while the Collector's Edition will cost $39.99 and include three additional characters (and their stories in Arcade Mode), an additional warrior skin, and character skins for Lord Drakkon Evo II and the Mighty Morphin' Pink Ranger. Players who pre-order either version will also receive the Green Ranger V2 skin, which first appeared in the Superpower Beat Down YouTube series. 

nWay's previous game based on the franchise, Power Rangers: Legacy Wars, was released for iOS and Android on March 23, 2017, and it featured characters from throughout the franchise's history. Legacy Wars even featured Ryu, Chun-Li, and M. Bison from the Street Fighter franchise as guest characters, with Ryu getting a Power Coin of his own and becoming the "Ryu Ranger."

Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid  will be available April 2019 for PC, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox One. Interested players can find more information on the Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid website.

How to Unlock Bonus Costumes in Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition Fri, 11 Jan 2019 09:51:28 -0500 Edgar Wulf

In addition to other improvements, Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition contains a selection of bonus costumes. However, it might not be entirely obvious how these costumes are unlocked.

This brief guide will help you do just that.

Within the item menu, there's a subsection labeled "Extra Items", which contains additional titles for each character. These titles are, in fact, bonus costumes. It's not obvious since changing most titles in the game does not alter a character's appearance.

To redeem these titles along with a corresponding costume simply click on each and confirm to add them to the existing collection of titles. Now, access the status screen and change a character's title based on which costume appeals to you the most.

That's it, your party of heroes are officially hip! Some costume titles are full outfits or homages from other Tales or Bandai Namco games, while some are just spiffy. There really is no wrong choice.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for the Tales of Vesperia: Definitive Edition review, as well as additional guides, such as this one.

The Top 10 Worst Dumpster Fire Games of 2018 Sat, 29 Dec 2018 11:00:03 -0500 ElConquistadork


So that's it. And as clear-cut as many of the games on this list are to me, I'm sure there are plenty of you out there who would disagree with me on every single one of them (well, maybe not The Quiet Man).


And I'm good with that. Because my dislike of a game shouldn't take away your enjoyment of one. I have fun with lists like these, and then I move on. You should, too. Because the dirty little not-so-secret is this: none of us play games we hate for very long. I had so much damn fun with games this year, that I decided to have a little fun in the negatives, too. And I'd love to see what's on your list of refunds! Drop us a comment below, and have a great time with the new year! May 2019 bring us joy and pixels!


Fight me.


Here is the only advice you need when it comes to the art of seduction:

  1. Don't learn to seduce from video games.
  2. \n
  3. Don't learn to seduce from guys who go by nicknames that they clearly came up with in the 5th grade (aka, "Gambler")
  4. \n
  5. Don't learn to seduce at all.
  6. \n

Women don't want to be seduced: they want respect and clothes with pockets built in. Offer both and you should get by just fine.


I've heard many people suggest that this game is meant to be silly or understood as a joke. And if that's the case, then the creator of this game's long career as a pickup artist must be such deep satire that it's virtually indistinguishable from the real thing.


Otherwise, I'd have to assume he follows the path of plausible deniability espoused by 20th century philosopher Nelly:


"I'm just kiddin'... Unless you're gonna do it."


And even if that were the case, the gameplay is awful, and the humor is as cringy as the time your father drunkenly wet his pants during the "drunken pants wetting" scene in A Star Is Born.


Don't learn to seduce from video games: I'm pretty sure there was a GI Joe "knowing is half the battle" scene written about that.


The hype surrounding Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery was so great that even jaded old grognards like myself allowed ourselves a moment for excitement. Create your own Hogwarts student, join your favorite House, and have magical adventures of your own? Where do I sign up??


No, not for the microtransactions. For the game itself.


...Oh, they're one and the same, huh? 




Let me be clear: I don't mind microtransactions in a free-to-play game. I think most of us recognized that that's the entire point of free-to-play. But there's a difference between "pay for a heightened experience" or "pay to play some extra turns" and "pay up every fifteen minutes or so if you want this to last longer than your average YouTube commercial."


And even if the transactions were justified, the game is just dull, dull, dull. I swear to god, I had to wake the Sorting Hat up from a boredom-induced nap before he would assign me to my House. 


"Hey guys: remember that terrible video game from the nineties that's basically become a meme? Wouldn't it be funny and ironic if we made a new version of it that's also bad?"


No. It would be neither of those things. 


It might, however, be an incredibly shitty game.


Oh, who am I kidding? It would most definitely be an incredibly shitty game. Enter Shaq Fu: A Legend Reborn.


Remember your high school friend who always took the joke a little too far? The one who thought South Park was the height of satire and had no ability to read between the lines? The one who thought the only funny jokes were dead baby jokes? 


Agony is what would happen if that kid played 2016's DOOM and decided he needed to make his own version of it. Even if the repetitive gameplay, terrible save system, and clunky stealth mechanics were fun, you're still left with a game that seems to believe that the only way to be frightening is to disgust and sicken. It's horror without mystery, fear without the fun, and disgust without the meaning. It's a 100,000 word novel, but it's just the same word written over and over again. 


That word is probably "agony", by the way.


(Editor's Note: this final joke has been put here by the recent law stating that a game review about Agony must contain some variation of said joke.)


Do you remember the scene in Addams Family Values where murderous psychopath Debbie explains why she's killed every one of her husbands (and parents)?


"Don't I deserve love," she asks, "And jewelry?"


The Culling 2 feels like the digital embodiment of that cynical, ugly attitude. The original Culling, while flawed, at least had a level of uniqueness that drew some attention. Unfortunately, it just couldn't compete with the vicious, skyscraper-sized monster that was PUBG


So when The Culling 2 was released this year, the ire of most gamers didn't come from a single source. It came from everything about this game. It really is simple math: 


Buggy mess + cynical attempt to cash in on what's how right now = nobody wantsta play.


And it felt like it came from a place of childish foot stomping, where the decision makers were convinced that they'd somehow been cheated out of a piece of the pie. So instead of making something that gamers could get excited about, it went with that age old question: "What's hot right now?"


It's a real shame that the developers felt the need to recreate the game from the ground up instead of just improving and sharpening the original to make it more competitive. But this is the games industry: where no one seems interested in learning from the mistakes of the past.


Zombies have become the Portlandia-style answer to anything gaming related. 


"Need help making that game more interesting and fun? PUT A ZOMBIE ON IT!"


I've grown sort of used to the over-saturation of the walking dead that's taken an active role in everything pop culture related over the past decade or so. But if there's one franchise that I never expected to be tainted by boring, endless hordes of zombie-style antagonists, it would have to be Metal Gear (a few years ago I would have said the work of Jane Austen, but we fucked that up good and proper.)


Like many AAA games, Metal Gear Survive takes that gloriously unfortunate tradition of stitching together pieces of everything that was popular a few years back without truly understanding what made those things popular in the first place.


So instead of a tight, exciting, soap-opera blended smoothie of stealth action like we're used to, we got a survival-horror-base-builder-hide-and-seek mish mash that was, at its best, underwhelming and dull. At its worst, however, it's a physical symbol of what happens when a soulless games corporation attempts to emulate the work of an artist who they truly don't understand.


Don't let the recent oh-so-meta-uber-hip trailers that just came out fool you into thinking that Square Enix was in on the joke from the beginning. The Quiet Man was an unironically buggy, janky, pretentious piece of drek that takes a truly interesting detail (a deaf protagonist) and proceeds to do almost nothing with it. 


No pats on the back should be allowed when a developer realizes their art is bad and decides to milk that angle. It's what I told you guys about Tommy-fucking-Wiseau, and would any of you listen?? NOOOOO and now I gotta listen to everyone's take on that trash dance fandango as if ineptitude is celebration-worthy and (Editor's Note: it was at this point that the author of this piece was found throwing his keyboard into a crowd of concerned onlookers while rambling about Michael Bay. He has been sedated and fed. We apologize for the inconvenience.)


I'm not mad, We Happy Few: I'm disappointed.


You took what was a genuinely intriguing and exciting level of stylization and satire, and somehow came up with the idea of adding in tired, never-were-really-all-that-good-in-the-first-place survival mechanics. The decision was sort of flabbergasting: so odd, in fact, that if it weren't based on the notion of emulating the popular Twitch games of days gone by, then I would truly have to believe in mystical coincidences from beyond the mortal coil.


But what it feels like, unfortunately, is a great-looking game made sterile and ineffective in the face of too much attention too early and possibly the intervention of an overwhelming games publisher that got caught in the creation process needlessly and abusively. 


Is Bethesda okay, you guys? Does it need to talk to someone? 


Because this shallow Petri dish of an online experiment isn't merely unworthy of the Fallout franchise, it almost feels like a cry for help. As if the Fallout 76 designers were being held against their will in a Saw-style murder basement, and the only way they could inform the outside world of their plight was to develop a game so unfinished, so buggy, so cynically jaded, and so contrary to everything that we had been hyped up for, that we would have no choice but to assume that someone over at Bethesda is in trouble.


But based on the insane number of microtransactions and the belittling lack of any real meat on this post-apocalyptic bone, I'd say that the only people in any real amount of trouble are the players themselves.


Y'know, we run into bad games all the time. We've been coping with them since one caveman suggested an early form of charades to another caveman. But now that 2018 is drawing to a close, I have to say: there's something special about the way games are getting bad lately. 


It isn't enough that a game is broken on release or buggy as hell (although we all know there's plenty of that). The massive army of indie games released on Steam every day alone is enough to inform you that, like the games we really admire, the games we truly hate have to stab us in just the right part of our loathing gland to truly receive the appropriate level of ire.


And 2018 had plenty of that. Shall we?

Top Fortnite Memes of 2018 Fri, 28 Dec 2018 12:49:11 -0500 Victoria B.

Whether you love or hate it, Fortnite has stuck around as one of the most played games in 2018. Some live for the next victory royale and others condemn it as one of the worst games. Sounds like the perfect content for the internet to eat up and spit back out for our entertainment.

With the fame and notoriety, comes with it an infinite amount of memes. Here are our top picks for this year’s best Fortnite memes.

Fortnite Memes of 2018

Did you find these relatable? Were there any favorites we missed? Let us know or share your memes with us. We'll look forward to the new one's to come in 2019.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Tower Overview Guide Fri, 28 Dec 2018 12:38:33 -0500 Oscar Gonzalez

Veteran Kingdom Rush players will be quick to understand the differences between the towers in Kingdom Rush Vengeance. Previous game entries have towers that share the general traits in the new game, but there are some big differences.

This guide will help break down the different towers available in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance and the benefits of each one. The towers listed are only the ones available for free and not those that require an in-app purchase.

Shadow Archers

Shadow Archers is the first tower and one worth having to the endgame. It's a cheap tower that can be leveled up fast to do significant damage at a long distance. 

Towers should be placed at the spots at the beginning and end of the enemy's path. Archers should be the first and last towers to attack enemy troops.

When reaching level 4, players should invest in Shadow Mark for those towers at the beginning of the path as this will allow enemies to face several towers while in a weakened state. Shadow Mark should be the focus of towers at the end of the path so they can take out enemies near the goalpost. Crow's Nest is the last ability to purchase as it does a minimal amount of damage, but it helps.

Attack Damage
  • Level 1: 3-4
  • Level 2: 7-11
  • Level 3: 14-21
  • Level 4: 23-24

Shadow Mark: Shots an arrow that marks a target causing extra damage to the enemies.

  • Level: +30% extra damage
  • Level 2: +60% extra damage
  • Level 3: +100% extra damage 

Blade of Demise: The archer vanishes and stabs an enemy in the back, killing it instantly.

  • Level 1: 40 second cooldown
  • Level 2: 30 second cooldown
  • Level 3: 24 second cooldown

Crow's Nest: Summons a crow that attacks enemies passing by.

  • Level 1: 1 damage
  • Level 2: 2 damage


Orc Warriors Den 

Orc Warrior Den is the second tower available and one that quickly loses its viability. Early on, it will be vital to each stage because the orcs will slow down enemies. However, later stages will have enemies much stronger that will run over them.

Place the orcs towers near artillery and mage towers so they can cause enemy troops to group up and be easy targets. It's also important to place an orc tower near the goalpost to stop enemies close to crossing the goal. 

Lust for Combat is the first ability to purchase and level up since the orcs do minimal damage. Captain Promotion is a second ability to purchase in order to have one orc that will survive against some of the tougher enemies. Seal of Blood is a bit of a waste considering the number of hit points they have.

Attack Damage and Hit Points

  • Level 1: 1-3, 60 HP
  • Level 2: 3-4, 100 HP
  • Level 3: 5-7, 150 HP
  • Level 4: 9-14, 200 HP

Lust for Combat: Orcs gain bonus damage.

  • Level 1: 40% bonus damage
  • Level 2: 80% bonus damage

Captain Promotion: Promotes an Orc Warrior to Captain, improving his damage and health.

  • Level 1: 300 HP, 12-21 Damage, 50% Armor 

Seal of Blood: Orc Warriors will regenerate more HP per second.

  • Level 1: 5 regeneration
  • Level 2: 10 regeneration


Infernal Mage 

Like the Shadow Archers, the Infernal Mage is a tower that has a lot of utility making it useful throughout the game. It deals a ton of magical damage that can take down big, armored and flying enemies with ease.

The ideal place for the Infernal Mage towers are chokepoints and areas on the path where they can reach enemies on multiple lanes. Keep them close to melee towers and Melting Furnace as slowed down enemies make for easy targets.

Lava Fissure is the first ability to obtain and level up. This will help mages do even greater damage and to more enemies. Affliction is helpful especially if the enemies will come in contact with artillery towers for some hefty damage. Infernal Portal can be useful as it will help delay a few enemies, but this mage tower should be focused on doing damage first.

Attack Damage
  • Level 1: 5-16
  • Level 2: 16-49
  • Level 3: 33-100
  • Level 4: 49-146

Affliction: Casts an infernal rune over the path that reduces enemies' armor for a few seconds.

  • Level 1: 25% reduction
  • Level 2: 50% reduction

Lava Fissure: Casts a seismic explosion dealing magic area damage to enemies.

  • Level 1: 28-42 damage
  • Level 2: 56-84 damage
  • Level 3: 80-120 damage 

Infernal Portal: Teleports a group of enemies back onto the path.

  • Level 1: 3-4 enemies
  • Level 2: 3-6 enemies.


Rocket Riders 

As the first artillery tower, Rocket Riders is a tower you want to keep until the end. It does big area damage at long range, which is important as the number of enemies increase.

Rocket Riders should be placed at wherever the most enemies will bunch up. Keeping them near a melee tower is a good idea, but it's imperative to not place the towers on the side paths since quick and flying enemies usually come through as both enemies can evade the rockets. 

Nitro Boosters are a big help when available since it's extra damage at even a longer range. Defective Engines will offer some help, but don't bother with Minefield as they can be wasted if no enemies walk on them.

Attack Damage
  • Level 1: 7-10
  • Level 2: 20-29
  • Level 3: 40-58
  • Level 4: 64-92

Minefield: Throws a mine on the road and deals damage to enemies that step on it.

  • Level 1: 60 damage
  • Level 2: 125 damage
  • Level 3: 190 damage

Nitro Boosters: Shoos a nitro-propelled bike that deals damage and has extra range.

  • Level 1: 100 damage
  • Level 2: 185 damage

Defective Engines: Shoots a defective bike that explodes mid-air and throws debris, dealing damage to the affected enemies.

  • Level 1: 22 damage
  • Level 2: 32 damage


Dark Knights

Dark Knights become available at the sixth level of the game, Bolgur's Throne. They're the second melee tower and should replace the Orcs Warriors Den immediately. The knights have more hit points and deal more damage for a bit more gold than the orcs.

As the case with all melee towers, place one close to the goal post, ideally next to the Shadow Archers in order to hold off enemies. A tower should also be placed near artillery and mage towers in order to slow down troops to receive more damage.

Armor of Thorns and Impervious should be purchased at the same time. This allows for the Dark Knights to sit back and let the enemies damage themselves. Forget about Brutal Strike as it's far to small of a chance to kill an enemy especially since nearby towers can do the job just fine.

Attack Damage and Hit Points
  • Level 1: 2-3, 100 HP
  • Level 2: 4-10, 130 HP
  • Level 3: 7-20, 180 HP
  • Level 4: 12-36, 240 HP

Brutal Strike: Dark Knights have a small chance of executing their enemy on each hit.

  • Level 1: 2% chance
  • Level 2: 4% chance
  • Level 3: 6% chance

Armor of Thorns: Dark Knights deal damage when they receive a melee hit from an enemy.

  • Level 1: 15 damage
  • Level 2: 30 damage
  • Level 3: 45 damage

Impervious: Dark Knight shield themselves resisting up to 3 hits without receiving damage.

  • Level 1: 6 seconds



Melting Furnace

Although it's considered an artillery tower, Melting Furnace is more about crowd control. With each attack, it will stun enemies nearby. This makes the tower great at slowing down big groups. However, in comparison to Rocket Riders, it deals less damage overall. Usage of Melting Furnace is more about preference since it can help with stall enemies but won't take them out quickly.

The ideal placement of a Melting Furnace is right in the middle of the action. Make sure it's near a mage or ranged tower as enemies will continue to receive damage as they're stunned.

When purchasing abilities, start off with Burning Fuel as this will speed up the Melting Furnace's attacks. Abrasive Heat should be next as long as you have two towers close by. Red Hot Coals will help increase the tower's damage output, but it's not really needed.

Attack Damage and Stun
  • Level 1: 5-7, 0.3 seconds
  • Level 2: 14-18, 0.4 seconds
  • Level 3: 25-31, 0.5 seconds
  • Level 4: 41-50, 0.6 seconds

Abrasive Heat: Nearby towers gain bonus attack damage.

  • Level 1: 15% bonus damage
  • Level 2: 30% bonus damage

Burning Fuel: The furnace infuses itself with a powerful fuel that speeds up its attack for a short period of time.

  • Level 1: 41-40 damage 

Red Hot Coal: Throws hot coal that burns and deals damage to enemies standing on them.

  • Level 1: 3 coals, 5 damage
  • Level 2: 5 coals, 8 damage


Specters Mausoleum 

Considered a mage tower, Specter Mausoleum trades in damage for more crowd control at a cheaper price. The tower has its benefits, but it shouldn't be the primary mage tower in your arsenal. Think of it as more of a support tower. 

Since it's considered a mage tower and has melee troops available, you'll want to place the Specter Mausoleum away from melee towers and closers to another mage or artillery tower.

Guardian Gargoyles and Spectral Communion should be the first abilities purchased. The gargoyles will essentially make the tower a melee tower dealing magic damage and Spectral Communion will help improve those damage numbers. Possession can be helpful when it works on bigger enemies, but it lasts for a short amount of time and has a long cooldown to be truly effective.

Attack Damage
  • Level 1: 5-8
  • Level 2: 13-20
  • Level 3: 26-38
  • Level 4: 48-71

Spectral Communion: The mausoleum can hold extra specters.

  • Level 1: 4 specters
  • Level 2: 5 specters

Possession: Take control of an enemy that will fight buy your side for a brief moment.

  • Level 1: 23 second cooldown
  • Level 2: 20 second cooldown
  • Level 3: 17 second cooldown

Guardian Gargoyles: Summons a Guardian Gargoyle that will fight by your side.

  • Level 1: 300HP, 16-25 damage (1)
  • Level 2: 300HP, 16-25 damage (2)



Goblirangs are the second ranged tower you'll receive and have the longest range. However, in comparison to Shadow Archers, they do slightly more damage per hit but with a must slower attack rate. The only advantage Goblirangs have in comparison to Shadow Archers is their chance to stun giving them some crowd control. If that's part of your strategy then add Goblirangs to your tower choices.

Like Shadow Archers, Goblirangs should be placed at where the entry and exit points for enemies in order to deal damage as early, or late, as possible.

Headbang is what makes Goblirangs unique so pick that ability first. Then go to Biggarangs in order to increase damage output. Angry Bees is not needed, but will help deal some more hurt to enemies.

Attack Damage
  • Level 1: 3-4
  • Level 2: 7-14
  • Level 3: 14-26
  • Level 4: 25-47

Headbang: Goblirang attacks have a chance to stun the target on each hit.

  • Level 1: 5% chance
  • Level 2: 10% chance
  • Level 3: 15% chance 

Biggarangs: The Goblirangs fling a huge boomerang every few seconds.

  • Level 1: 27-49
  • Level 2: 32-60
  • Level 3: 43-81

Angry Bees: Throws a beehive at an enemy dealing damage to it and nearby enemies for 7 seconds.

  • Level 1: 120 damage
  • Level 2: 230 damage
  • Level 3: 345 damage



Bone Flingers

Bone Flingers is another ranged tower, but it has the shortest range. It makes up for that short range by being versatile with its summoned skeletons and upgraded damage. Depending on your strategy, you might want to substitute Shadow Archers with Bone Flingers or equip them both.

Again, this is a ranged tower so place it near the entrance and exit of the path. The summons are especially useful near the goal post as they'll help stall enemies.

Summon Bonem is easily the best of the abilities for the tower. Not only does the golem have a lot of HP and deal good damage, but it can also do ranged damage, which will help weaken opponents before they get in melee range. Got Milk is next to increase the tower's damage output, followed up with The Walking Dead to help stall the enemies.

Attack Damage
  • Level 1 = 2-4
  • Level 2 = 5-11
  • Level 3 = 9-20
  • Level 4 = 14-34

Summon Bonem: Summons a giant skeleton golem that will fight and shoot enemies.

  • Level 1: 300 HP, 17-41 damage

The Walking Dead: Every few seconds spawns a skeleton that walks through the path.

  • Level 1: 19-39
  • Level 2: 24-44
  • Level 3: 29-49 

Got Milk: Increases damage of the basic attacks.

  • Level 1: 80 HP, 10-20 damage, 16 second cooldown
  • Level 2: 160 HP, 15-25 damage, 12 second cooldown

Elite Harassers

Easily the best of the melee towers, Elite Harassers do far more damage than Dark Nights and Orc Warriors. They're not the tankiest of melees, but their ranged attack makes them incredibly versatile. Once this tower is available, use it as your primary melee tower.

Place Elite Harassers in the thick of combat near artillery and mage towers to help slow down enemies. Also, make sure to put them near the goal post to stall any stragglers.

Arrow Storm is a big help since it does big ranged damage that will take down any flying enemies and weaken ground troops before they come into melee range. Backstab will help increase the troops chance of surviving, and Fury of the Twilight will add another chance to keep them in the fight.

Attack Damage and Hit Points
  • Level 1: 5-7, 70 HP
  • Level 2: 10-13, 130 HP
  • Level 3: 15-25, 160 HP
  • Level 4: 25-35, 220 HP

Backstab: Harassers now counter the next attack when dodging an enemy's melee hit.

  • Level 1: 10-15 damage, 40% dodge chance
  • Level 2: 20-30 damage, 50% dodge chance

Arrow Storm: Swiftly shoots several arrows at their enemies.

  • Level 1: 16-23
  • Level 2: 32-48
  • Level 3: 48-72

Fury of the Twilight: When harassers die, they have a chance of going berserk.

  • Level 1: 250 HP, 32-48 damage

Orc Shaman

The last of the free towers is easily the best. Orc Shaman does the most damage and should be equipped right away. The only drawback is its slow attack speed in comparison to the Infernal Mage, but still, make the Orc Shaman your default damage dealing tower.

Orc Shamans should be placed in the middle of the lanes and wherever there's a possible chokepoint. It will do big damage to whatever enemies come across it and it has two area attack spells to unless on groups of enemies.

Meteor Shower does the most damage of the two area attack abilities making it the first one to purchase. Static Shock will come next making the tower deal damage to plenty of enemies. Healing Roots should be considered only if melee towers are nearby as it'll help keep them alive.

Attack Damage
  • Level 1: 4-20
  • Level 2: 10-55
  • Level 3: 20-110
  • Level 4: 35-190

Healing Roots: Fills a zone with powerful healing roots. Allies over it will get healed.

  • Level 1: 20 HP
  • Level 2: 40 HP
  • Level 3: 80 HP

Meteor Shower: Casts a shower of meteorites that deal damage to the affected enemies in the area.

  • Level 1: 18-33
  • Level 2: 28-52
  • Level 3: 35-65

Static Shock: Lightning strikes now deal extra damage to nearby enemies.

  • Level 1: 3-13
  • Level 2: 6-26
  • Level 3: 10-38


That's it for my Kingdom Rush Vengeance overview! If you're having trouble with the final stage, check out my guide on how to best it.



Getting Started in Fortnite Creative Mode: A How-To Guide Fri, 28 Dec 2018 11:52:55 -0500 Oscar Gonzalez

To keep players invested and coming back, Epic Games keeps adding new modes to Fortnite, with the latest being the already-popular Creative Mode.  

Released December 6 for Battle Pass owners, Creative Mode is now available for all players. Unlike Playground mode that allowed players to practice on their own island, this new mode lets a person build and design an island for themselves or share with others. Those whose creations catch the eye of Epic could also see what they made make it into a battle royale match. 

Here's what you need to know in order to start building. 

How to Get Started

To access Creative Mode look for the option below Save the World and Battle Royale matches.

Once selected, you can start a lobby and a server with friends or just jump into your own game. After the loading screen, you'll see a hub that will have multiple rifts; one rift is to your own island, while the other rifts will lead to your friends and featured servers chosen by Epic Games.

There are several "save" slots available so you can store different islands instead of reusing one over and over again. Four slots are for the default island that looks like a smaller version of the battle royale map. There are two slots for The Block where players can create their own area that may be picked by Epic Games. Currently, there are also four Arctic Island slots that allow players to create their own structures on a giant ice island. 


How to Share Your Island

Unlike Playground Mode, Creative Mode is less about practice and more about creating. In a way, it's similar to Minecraft and Super Mario Maker as players can share their island with others. Up to 16 players can visit an island to partake in whatever the owner of the island created. 

Also, Epic Games announced during the Game Awards that there is a universal stage for user-created content called The Block. Players can find the space on the northeast side of the island where Risky Reels used to be. Not only is it marked on the map, but there are also billboards identifying the area and the name of the player who created the space. Since this space will change regularly, The Block could offer some tactical help during a match such as having vehicles and weapons. 

What Can You Build?

There are a lot of possibilities when given your own island. To start building, players need to equip a remote phone that's in their inventory. Once equipped, the commands to copy, cut, and delete will be available, but in order to use those commands, you'll need something to copy, cut, and delete.

Opening up the inventory screen will show what's available to you. Items can be equipped and placed on the island or they can be added to a chest or llama for players to open.

The first tab in the inventory screen is the prefab buildings and assets. The first rows will include structures that have a theme to them, such as Bounce Challenge and Ice Bounce. These are more like obstacle courses instead of traditional buildings.

Further down is where you'll see some of the buildings found in a match, such as houses, stores, and factories. Below that are multiple galleries. These will include various assets such as cars, walls, streets, and more.

Next to the prefab tab is devices. This is where items like shopping carts, launchers, timers, and player spawn points will be found. Weapons are in the next tab and every weapon from common to Legendary is available.

The last tab for items is consumables. This is where explosives, medkits, materials, and potions will be located. Then there is a tab for chests, where the items selected for a chest will be shown, and you'll be able to place them in a chest or llama.

Time to Build

With the phone equipped, you can start placing whatever wherever.

When you choose a prefab, you can make multiple copies or select one of the assets with the phone. If you want a certain car or tree, you can choose that one item and copy it. The rules for building are similar to building forts in that there needs to be a foundation on the ground to start and everything you place will need to be connected to another structure. 

Even though you can copy whatever you like, there is a limit. At the bottom of the screen, there will be a meter showing the island's memory usage. The limit is 100,000 and a prefab building can take approximately 15,000-17,000 "units" of memory, so keep that in mind while making your island. 

Once your island is built, you can assign a game type to it, such as deathmatch or race. If you decide not to, then your creation will be available for you and others to enjoy without any rules.

To help you see everything from every angle, and presumably not create poorly-built islands, Epic gave creators the ability to fly. Just double jump and you'll be able to get a bird's eye view of your island. 


So far, Fortnite players have created Call of Duty maps and race tracks in Creative Mode. Expect more creativity in the coming weeks when more Fortnite players spend time with the new mode.

Fortnite Season 7, Week 4 Challenges Leaked Fri, 21 Dec 2018 14:27:06 -0500 William R. Parks

Yesterday marked the beginning of Fortnite Season 7's third week of challenges, which has many players ringing doorbells and riding ziplines throughout the battle royale's map. That said, some industrious fans are already looking towards the future, digging into the game files and uncovering the requirements for week four's challenges.

While some of the specific challenge details are missing, such as the exact number of eliminations required for certain challenges, the leaked information paints a relatively clear picture of what fans can expect from next week's offerings:

Free Challenges

  • Stage 1: Destroy Chairs
    Stage 2: Destroy Wooden Utility Poles 
    Final Stage: Destroy Wooden Palettes

  • Stage 1: Search the letter “O” west of Pleasant Park
    Stage 2: Search the letter “S” in Wailing Woods
    Stage 3: Search the letter “M” in Dusty Divot
    Stage 4: Search the letter “N” under a frozen lake
    Final Stage: Visit the NOMS sign in Retail Row

  • Pickaxe Damage

Battle Pass Challenges

  • Eliminate opponents at all Expedition Outposts

  • Eliminations at Happy Hamlet or Pleasant Park

  • Launch Fireworks

  • Use an X-4 Stormwing Plane in different matches

As per usual, many of the week's challenges appear relatively straightforward, asking players to interact with certain world objects or deal damage with specified weapons. So long as players are able to get eliminations and are willing to adjust their play patterns to focus on the challenges, there should be little issue in completing them.

The biggest unknown of the week four challenges appears to be the exact locations of the letters specified in the second free challenge. However, dedicated fans are certain to find these locations promptly upon release.

It is important to emphasize that these details are, of course, not officially confirmed, and the challenges that are released next week may be slightly different than those listed above. Still, players can expect that this leaked information will inform the majority of the week four challenges.

This new week of challenges is expected to go live next Thursday, December 27. In the mean time, week three's challenges and the "14 Days of Fortnite" event should give players plenty of content to experience through the holiday.

More details on the season seven, week four challenge leak can be found on Fortnite INTEL.

Fortnite: How to Complete All the Season 7, Week 3 Challenges Thu, 20 Dec 2018 22:26:37 -0500 William R. Parks

As Fortnite's seventh season moves forward, Epic continues to update and expand the game's battle royale experience. While some players may be spending their time participating in the "14 Days of Fortnite" event, a new week of challenges is now available for those looking for something different.

As always, this week includes a series of free challenges available to all players:

  • Ride a Zipline in different matches [5]

    While this challenge is fairly straightforward, it will require players to participate in at least five matches. For those that are having trouble locating ziplines, the new winter biome has several.

  • Stage 1: Land at Lonely Lodge
    Stage 2: Land at Pleasant Park
    Stage 3: Land at Lucky Landing
    Stage 4: Land at Lazy Links
    Final Stage: Land at Tilted Towers

    This is yet another simple challenge that just requires participation in multiple matches. So long as players focus on landing in the designated locations, there should be no issue here.

  • Legendary weapon Eliminations (HARD) [2]

    This challenge requires a level of skill not needed for the preceding challenges, but its requirements are also clear. Players will simply need to survive long enough to locate a Legendary weapon, and land a couple of kills, to finish this one off.

For players that own a Battle Pass, there are four additional challenges to complete:

  • Search Chests at Polar Peak or Tomato Temple [7]

    While it may take a number of matches to complete the first challenge, players that land in Polar Peak or Tomato Temple will have the best chance at finding chests. Of course, some survival ability will be needed, as others are likely to be attempting this challenge as well.

  • Ring a doorbell in different named locations in a single match [2]

    There are a number of houses with doorbells to ring across Fortnite's map. Players can reference the following map when planning the doorbells they will ring to complete this challenge.

  • Search between three ski lodges (HARD) [1]

    This is another challenge that just asks players to go to a designated area. In this case, that is a location in the new winter biome, and it is indicated on the following map.

  • Stage 1: Deal damage with Shotguns to opponents (HARD) [200]
    Stage 2: Deal damage with Pistols to opponents (HARD) [200]
    Final Stage: Deal damage with Sniper Rifles to opponents (HARD) [200]

    The requirements of the week's final challenge are clear. Players that focus on obtaining the designated weapons, and hitting opponents with them, will easily complete this challenge.

Aside from a couple of weapon-based challenges, dedicated players will have no trouble completing this week's offerings. This should give them plenty of time to try out the recently nerfed X-4 Stormwing Plane before a new week of challenges arrive.

Pokemon GO Introduces New Legendary Pokemon Tue, 18 Dec 2018 22:56:01 -0500 William R. Parks

While Pokemon GO's recently added Trainer Battles may be keeping some players occupied, Niantic continues to add new PvE experiences to its mobile game. One such offering has just been made available in the form of a new Legendary Pokemon, Heatran.

Heatran is a Fire- and Steel-type Pokemon, and brave trainers can now battle it as Pokemon GO's newest Raid Boss. It is available for capture until January 15 at 4pm EST.

This new Legendary Pokemon is a fierce opponent, with 251 Attack, 213 Defense, 209 Stamina, and a Max CP of 3,754. As such, it is recommended that high level players tackle the encounter in groups of three or more while lower level trainers should have a squad of at least eight players.

Furthermore, players should be aware of the weather before they take on Heatran, as it is boosted by sun and snow. These weather effects will increase its capture CP to a maximum of 2,681 — a significant increase from the 2,145 maximum capture CP of an un-boosted Heatran.

When selecting Pokemon to battle against this new Legendary, it is important to note that it has a double weakness to Ground-types, and it is also vulnerable to Fighting- and Water-type Pokemon. This makes Groudon (with Mud Shot and Earthquake) and Rhyperior (with Mud-Slap and Earthquake) the premiere counters to Heatran.

Rhydon, Swampert, Golem, and Kyogre comprise the next tier of suitable counters, and trainers without access to any of these Pokemon can look towards other Ground- and Fighting-type Pokemon. However, it is not recommended to engage Heatran in a small group, or when boosted, without one of the aforementioned counters.

With the addition of Heatran, Pokemon GO receives yet another Gen 4 Pokemon. These Pokemon were featured in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, and they have been slowly introduced into the mobile game since October.

Unfortunately, Heatran's move set leaves something to be desired, however, this new Raid Boss is a great opportunity for players to add a Legendary to their stables. Perhaps its utility will be confined to PvP, but many players are certain to be happy just to have some new PvE content to explore.

More details on tackling the Heatran encounter can be found on Pokemon GO Hub.

Fortnite Save the World Mode Disabled Tue, 18 Dec 2018 13:27:11 -0500 William R. Parks

With its continual updating and innovation, Fortnite remains the premiere title for battle royale style gameplay, but it also features a number of other game modes. One such mode is a PvE experience called "Save the World," however, Epic has just taken to Twitter to announce that this co-op offering is temporarily disabled.

This morning marked the launch of Fortnite's v7.10 update, which includes significant changes and additions to "Save the World." A major addition from this patch is a new way to play the PvE mode called "Frostnite," which Epic is citing as a primary cause for the current deactivation:

More specifically, some players are indicating that playing a round of "Frostnite" causes the contents of their Stormshield Storage containers to be deleted in full. Players use these containers to temporarily store items for later use in "Save the World," and some have put significant time into stocking these caches.

These empty repositories have caused understandable concern within the community, and Epic has responded on Reddit, suggesting that it may reactivate "Save the World" but leave "Frostnite" offline for the time being. However, before any of this occurs, the company indicates that it is "doing internal testing to ensure that no more data loss is occurring outside of the mode."

In the mean time, players will need to standby for further updates from Epic, including when "Save the World" will be reactivated and how the company plans to restore the missing items. While it may be a less than ideal solution, some players suggest a server rollback might be necessary.

"Frostnite" is a survival game mode where players must work together to collect resources and fend off waves of enemies, with access to only the most basic gear. Success with this new objective grants rewards, and there are associated event quests to participate in.

While some players may be frustrated not to be able to play this new event, or "Save the World" in general, it is clear that resolving this issue is of the utmost importance. Fortunately, there is every indication that Epic is working diligently, and the company has promised to continue providing information throughout the process. 

More details on "Frostnite" and the v7.10 update can be found in the patch notes. Epic's updates on "Save the World" are located on Reddit.

Fortnite X-4 Stormwing Plane is Getting Nerfed Mon, 17 Dec 2018 22:40:23 -0500 William R. Parks

With Fortnite's seventh season in full swing, players are acquainting themselves with changes to the battle royale's map, as well as the game's first aerial vehicle, the X-4 Stormwing Plane. However, following some community-driven concerns about the power level of this new vehicle, Epic has announced that changes are imminent for the X-4 Storming.

Specifically, Sean Hamilton, Epic Games' community coordinator, has taken to Twitter to announce that Fortnite players that are piloting the plane will take increased damage when it is demolished. Destroying a plane, or crashing one, currently deals 25 damage to the pilot, and this is being doubled to 50.

This tweak is to be implemented with Fortnite's v7.10 update, and while this new patch was scheduled for release on December 18, Epic has recently indicated that it is delayed until further notice, "due to last minute issues discovered within the build."

For better or worse, this means that players will have a little more time with the current X-4 Stormwing.

Beyond this nerf, not much is currently known about v7.10. However, Epic has confirmed one thing that will not be included: another new vehicle called the Driftboard. This snowboard-inspired conveyance was revealed today through Fortnite's in-game news feed, and it is a single-player vehicle with apparent "boost" mechanics.

It is safe to say that players will have access to the Driftboard before the end of Season 7, considering its connection with the game's new wintery biome and its apparent depiction in some of the season's promotional material. That said, fans will need to wait a bit longer than they may have hoped for the release of this new vehicle.

With Season 7, Epic has certainly been testing the boundaries of what power level is appropriate for battle royale. Just last week, a vocal portion of the player base called for a newly introduced Mythic sword, the Infinity Blade, to be vaulted, and Epic complied.

It does not seem that the same fate awaits the X-4 Stormwing, though it remains to be seen if this specific nerf will be sufficient in bringing it in line. Some players may find these phases of competing against overpowered gear frustrating, but it is refreshing to see that Epic is willing to continue innovating, and that it is committed to acting promptly on player feedback.

Sean Hamilton's confirmation of the nerf of the X-4 Stormwing Plane can be found on Twitter.

Marvel Battle Lines Beginner's Guide: Everything You Need to Assemble a Winner Mon, 17 Dec 2018 11:14:12 -0500 RobertPIngram

What do you get when you take Tic-Tac-Toe and toss it in the blender with a universe containing not just decades of successful comics but also the most successful movie franchise of all time? You get the latest head-to-head online battle game, Marvel Battle Lines.

While a game which can be credibly compared to a game little children play may seem like a poor choice for anyone looking for strategic gameplay, Battle Lines manages to pack a great deal of plotting into a very simple structure. Then end result is a game which is engaging right out of the gate, unlike many of its competitors, and also allows for strong play without breaking the bank on microtransactions.

Unfortunately, for all the appeal the game has once you figure out how to make the engine purr, it doesn't do the best job of teaching new players how to play effectively. If you've been struggling in your online Arena matches and failing to progress in the campaign mode, try these tips the next time you assemble your squad.


The key to success in any game like Marvel Battle Lines starts with the deck you bring to the digital table. If you field a flawed team, you're doomed to failure before the first turn. There are many different styles of decks you can build and succeed with, but there are some core concepts to consider to ensure you build a deck with some punch.

Zeroes Can Still Be Heroes

While most online dueling games see players automatically generating energy every turn, that's not the case in Battle Lines. Because you have to play cards onto cosmic fragments in order to earn more power for playing cards, most of your cards which have a cost to play will be a push at best, unless you progress into later stages where squares begin to earn multiple fragments at once.

No-cost characters let you get valuable soldiers in the field while stockpiling resources, and offer flexibility as they can be played onto resource-free squares to set up lines without it sacrificing your ability to act next turn. You will start the game with multiple basic no-cost characters, but as you unlock more you will find characters with special powers to replace them.

Actions Make a World of Difference

You can only make one character action in a turn, be it playing a new character from your hand or moving and attacking with one already in play. You can make as many actions as you wish prior to that play, however, meaning action cards are the key to setting up chain reaction plays. An action that lets you eliminate a blocking enemy means you can fill their spot before your opponent has the chance to block again.

Choose a Deck Leader

The biggest and boldest names of the Marvel Universe hold a special place in your deck, offering boosts to the player in addition to serving as powerful characters on the battlefield. As you play through the game you'll build a nice stable of options for deck leader, so choose the one you like most, then build a deck of cards which work in conjunction with your leader's strengths.

Stocking Up on the Cheap

If you're opposed to spending to build your deck in a hurry, don't despair. There are plenty of ways to quickly build out your array of cards in order to give yourself more selections on the battlefield.

Finish the Campaign

The easiest way to fill your arsenal with useful heroes is to play through the single-player campaign. While it may be tempting to jump online straight away after playing through the tutorial, you're missing out. Unlike many games which offer a smattering of randomized rewards throughout their tutorials, Battle Lines comes with some solid guaranteed additions as heroes help you out in the storyline and are then earned as a reward. Playing through the whole campaign will give you plenty to work with when deck building.

Get in the Holiday Spirit

If you're a seasoned player of freemium mobile games, you already know to be on the lookout for free loot in the form of daily, weekly and monthly challenges. Marvel Battle Lines is no different, and you shouldn't pass up the opportunity to gather them in, but also be on the lookout for seasonal specials. These not only bring in some unique challenges to play through, but also have their own set of unlockables for checking in and playing multiple days or completing holiday challenges.

Kick, Whack, Throw

Picking on heroes and villains in the field is all well and good, but to win the game you need to take out your opponent and that means triggering battle lines. Conceptually, it's a very simple goal -- fill out an entire row or column to trigger everyone in it, or connect three characters on a diagonal. In practice, it's not as easy as it sounds. Your opponent isn't going to just let you walk to those lines unopposed, so you need to plan so that they can not stop you.

Stack Your Attack

Anyone who played Tic-Tac-Toe growing up likely learned pretty quickly to block any time their opponent got two marks lined up. To win, therefore, you had to create a situation where you had two winning moves, so your opponent couldn't block them both. Battle Lines is no different.

Take advantage of the chance to give yourself two or more attacking lanes at once. In the example below, Shang-Chi's ability was used to eliminate an enemy between Hawkeye and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent while he himself took the lower left square. This created two lanes which each had a pair of characters in them, leaving the opponent in the position of only being able to shut off one of them.

On the next turn, playing a character into the middle square in the second row triggered a battle line for the win.

Think Like Dr. Strange

So, now that you know the key to getting lines triggered is setting up multiple attack lanes at once, how do you get those options? You have to be thinking ahead on every turn. Don't just look at what is most immediately beneficial, instead think what is most likely to lead to an unstoppable line. Occasionally the direct route will be the best route, but often in the early game, a move which builds for a few rounds is much harder to stop.

Attacking Actions Open Lanes

Another effective way of forcing a battle line is to utilize attacking actions which damage opposing characters. Since the action doesn't end your turn, if an opponent has a square filled which would complete your line, use an attacking action to wipe them out, then drop a character in to trigger your battle line. This is the most effective way to hit at an effective defensive player who keeps shutting down your attacks.

Practice Makes Perfect

The best way to implement these tricks, and to learn how to plan moves several turns ahead, is to get out there and start playing.

Consider what you've learned about building a deck with synergy, then hit the arena or single player modes with these new tricks in mind. If you execute them correctly, you should see your win rates going up and up and be a better Marvel Battle Lines player for it.

Fortnite's New Infinity Blade is Getting Nerfed [UPDATE: Now Vaulted] Fri, 14 Dec 2018 13:51:27 -0500 William R. Parks

[UPDATE 12/14/15: Epic has taken to Twitter to announce that the Infinity Blade is now Vaulted, and the company is currently "re-evaluating" its approach to Mythic items.]

Original story: 

Earlier this week, Fortnite's newest melee weapon, the Infinity Blade, was added to the popular battle royale game mode. Unfortunately, the release of this powerful sword has not been received well, with a vocal portion of the player base calling for an immediate nerf.

Epic has responded by outlining changes that will be coming to the weapon in an upcoming patch.

These changes are focused on increasing the risk of wielding the Infinity Blade, and, after patch V7.10, Fortnite players will no longer be able to build or harvest with the weapon in their inventory. "By taking away the ability to harvest/build we hope to tune the Infinity Blade to where it feels risky to have, but still satisfying to wield," Epic's announcement on Reddit states.

The Infinity Blade is currently the only Mythic item available in battle royale. Mythic items are a step above the game's Legendary items, and this power increase can certainly be felt with the new melee weapon.

Not only will players find that they are dealing devastating damage with the Mythic sword, it also boosts mobility and comes with some extremely powerful effects. Specifically, players that are wielding the weapon receive an increase to their health and shield pools, regenerate health over time, and get health and speed boosts whenever they kill an opponent.

This is a deadly combination, and while only one player is able to obtain the Infinity Blade per match, the weapon is having a great deal of effect on Fortnite. While Epic's proposed changes may reduce this impact, some players are wondering why the weapon is not simply relegated to a Limited Time Mode (LTM).

In a previous LTM, players attempted to locate yet another Mythic item, the Infinity Gauntlet, which would give them powerful abilities and transform them into the supervillain Thanos. The goal of this game mode was to be the last Thanos standing, and some players are citing this as a perfect structure for an Infinity Blade-based LTM.

That said, Epic has indicated that it is committed to including Mythic items in Fortnite's battle royale mode going forward. Following the initial implementation of the Infinity Blade, this may come as troubling news to some fans. However, it is clear that the company has its eye on balancing Mythic items, and perhaps a solution can be found that does not require removing the Infinity Blade in full.

Epic's full announcement can be found on Reddit.

How to Beat the Final Stage in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance Fri, 14 Dec 2018 12:54:11 -0500 Oscar Gonzalez

Ironhide Game Studio lets players take control of the bad guys for the first time in Kingdom Rush: Vengeance. As Lord Vez'nan, the goal is to take down King Denas whose kingdom was defended in the previous games in the series.

As one would expect from a Kingdom Rush game, the final level of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance tests a player's endurance while throwing in something unconventional. This guide will break down the last stage wave-by-wave with advice on how to take down King Denas and to claim the kingdom for evil. 

Good To Be Bad

The final level of Kingdom Rush: Vengeance has 18 waves, which is three more than previous levels. It's also split into two stages with the stage one being the first eight waves and stage two comprised of the following 10 waves.

For stage one, players will receive 1,5000 gold to build towers along three paths and will have to defend only two of them. The ideal towers to use will be a mix of ranged, melee, magic and artillery towers. Damage takes priority over crowd control in this final level as enemies will need to be hit hard and quickly.

This final level will also be the first time when players will have to deal with a constant stream of damage from enemy archers on the wall on the left. To help with that, Lord Vez'nan is on the right and available to unleash a magic spell that will take down one-hit kill most enemies. This is a strong attack that has an average cooldown time so make use of it as much as possible.

Tower Placement

Ranged towers should be placed at the spots next to the entryways for the enemies as well as the goal in order to land some hits right when they enter the path and leave it. Shadow Archers are ideal considering their damage and range, but Goblirangs can also work although they fire a little slower than the archers.

For melee towers, get them next to the ranged towers at the goal so they can hold off enemies about to cross the line leading to reduced hearts. It's also helpful to place one or two melees at the corners where they can be moved to guard multiple paths. Go with Elite Harassers as their ranged attacks are helpful in taking down flying enemies that sneak through the previous towers. 

Magic towers should be used as much as possible since there are a few enemies that can only take damage from magic, and the towers can take down flying troops. Orc Shamans deal heavy magic damage, but Infernal Mages can also work. As for artillery towers, place them near melees since ground troops can delay enemies causing them to pool up leading to a great damage zone. Stick with Rocket Riders to blast those groups of enemeis. 

Wave 1 

Recruits, Footmen and Troop Captains will make up the first wave. Since the original 1,500 gold will be just enough to pay for all the towers, use the gold gained in this wave to upgrade melee towers first so they will be able to hold their own against the enemies.

Wave 2 

Along with the previously mentioned enemies, stronger troops such as the Arcana Magnus, Shieldbearers and Musketeers will start showing up. Make use of Demon Goonies and Ultimate Skills to take down Musketeers who will keep their distance from melee fighters.

Wave 3

Watchdogs will start showing up in this wave via the third path. By now, most towers would be at least at level 2. As long as you're not overwhelmed, the doggies should fall quickly. 

Wave 4

The last new enemy troop will show up in this wave. War Wagons are heavy-duty troops carriers. Troops will come out of the wagon as it makes its way down the path, and it takes a lot of damage to take one down. Gryphon Bombardiers and Elven Rangers will also show up so level up the magic and ranged attack towers to take both down as they will absolutely punish melee towers.

Wave 5

This is the heavy-duty wave. Shieldbearers, Paladins and Cavaliers will be the focus. Magic and artillery towers will do the most damage while melee towers will help slow the troops down.

Wave 6 

War Wagons, Footmen, Gryphons and Shieldbearer will come through during this wave with nothing particularly special. By now, all the towers should be fully upgraded.

Wave 7 

High Sorcerers will debut at this point. Not only are they riding monsters that require a ton of damage to take down. They will also randomly transform your melee troops into sheep, which will head towards the goal.

Wave 8 

During this final wave of the first stage, all previous enemies will make an appearance with more coming via the third path so be prepared.

Once all enemies are defeated, a cutscene will occur in which Lord Vez'nan will destroy the wall. This screen will then transition to the left to start stage two.

Beat Down the King 

The second stage will have four paths and the same amount of spots for towers. Players will have 2,000 gold to start which is more than enough build all the towers needed as well as start upgrading them. 

Like in the previous stage, there is a constant attack coming from the enemy. This time around, artillery cannons will target your towers. When attacked, towers will start to burn and will be unavailable. They can be repaired right away for a price of 125 gold. Because of this, it's important to have a couple hundred gold available to repair towers. Lord Vez'nan will be off to the right again with a spell available to take down enemy troops.

Tower Placement

The tower strategy for stage two of the final level is similar to the first especially since you will not be able to switch up towers between stages. Keep ranged towers near the entryways and the goal with melees nearby. The only real difference in this section is the four plots near the enemy gate. Most enemies, especially heavily armored enemies, will come through the gate, which makes this spot prime real estate for magic towers. 

Wave 9 

Recruits, Footman and Musketeers will make up the troops in this wave. Spend this wave getting gold to upgrade towers and get used to the timing of the canons that will destroy your towers.

Wave 10

Hunting Eagles will start appearing in this wave along with High Sorcerers. As long as ranged and magic towers have been upgraded, the birds should not be much trouble.

Wave 11 

Devoted Priests begin showings up in this wave so use the Demon Goonies to get at them or else deal with extra shielded troops.

Wave 12 

War Wagons return in this wave so make sure towers are upgraded for some big damage. Elven rangers also start showing up in this wave.

Wave 13-18

All the enemy troops will appear throughout these waves. As long as you upgrade towers quickly and repair them, it should be easy to make your way through the next five waves without much issue.


Once the last enemy is killed, another cutscene will take place. Lord Vez'nan will summon a giant monster to destroy King Denas' castle door. At the same time, a knight of the king will show up and drink a potion that will cause it to grow in size.

It's at this point that the final wave will take place, but with a different goal. A meter will appear at the top of the screen indicating how close the monster is to the gate. The new super-sized knight will block the monster's way while enemy troops will still travel down the four paths. Players will have to fend off enemies while at the same time doing as much damage as possible to the knight. To win, the monster will have to reach the gate or two of these giant knights will have to be defeated.


Once done, Lord Vez'nan will take his place as king and the credits will roll. Congratulations, you finished Kingdom Rush: Vengeance and will be treated to a cliffhanger for the next game in the series.

Fortnite's Cross-Platform Services Offered Freely to Developers Fri, 14 Dec 2018 10:17:43 -0500 William R. Parks

As multiplayer gaming continues to exponentially grow in popularity, the ability for players to play their favorite titles with friends, regardless of their preferred platform, is becoming increasingly important. Fortunately for players that are dreaming of more pervasive cross-play support, a recent announcement from Epic, the developers behind Fortnite, suggests that their dreams may be one step closer to reality.

Specifically, Epic is making portions of its cross-platform game services free to all developers. These services, which are the foundation of Fortnite's cross-play support, will begin their rollout in 2019, and they will be "open to all engines, all platforms, and all stores."

Furthermore, the company emphasizes that developers are free to take the portions of the online services that fit their needs and that all services are operated under GDPR compliance.

Epic's announcement offers further insight into the release of these services:

The service launch will begin with a C SDK encapsulating our online services, together with Unreal Engine and Unity integrations. We’ll start with a core set of features and expand over time.

Developers will begin seeing these core features made available during the second quarter of 2019. This includes the ability for supported games to recognize friends and acquired items (such as cosmetics) across PC, Mac, iOS, Android, PlayStation, Xbox, and Switch. 

Then, in the third quarter, Epic will be making cross-platform voice communication available as well as trophies and the beginnings of the requisite support for matchmaking across the seven major platforms.

"The services described above are just our first steps," Epic's announcement reads. "As you can see from our game and engine efforts, we’re also working on further support for user-generated content, enhanced social features, anti-cheat, and more."

Between this announcement and the launch of the Epic Games Store, a digital distribution platform with a focus on increasing developers' revenue, it is clear that Epic is committed to turning the success of Fortnite into an opportunity for other developers. This sentiment is specifically reflected in this new announcement, as it states that the company's goal is to "help game developers succeed."

While clearly these new offerings are not completely selfless acts, and some have already leveled criticisms at the Epic Games Store for locking developers into exclusive distribution deals, many small game makers are certain to benefit greatly from them. These freely available cross-platform game services may not guarantee that all multiplayer gaming has full cross-play support moving forward, however, they will make it an option for studios that could never have considered it previously.

Epic's full announcement is available on the company's blog.