iOS Platform RSS Feed | iOS RSS Feed on en Launch Media Network Old School RuneScape Money Making Guide Sun, 18 Nov 2018 15:13:59 -0500 Oscar Gonzalez

For mobile gamers who want a nostalgic MMO experience, the recently released Old School RuneScape developed by Jagex. Like with any MMORPG, money is vital to make it through the early levels of the game.

Before diving into this guide, there are a few things new players should be aware of. This guide is made for free-to-players, which means having less access to skills, quests and other content available to those who pay for a subscription.

Along with less content due to using a free account, Jagex limited access to the Grand Exchange, a marketplace that is the source of making money for most of these methods. Free players will need to have their account active for 24 hours or receive seven quest points (that players receive after completing tasks given by NPCs) in order to access the Grand Exchange.

One last thing to note is that some resources will be crowded with gold farmers, causing competition resulting in less or slower gains overall.

Let's go chopping!


It just doesn't get as easy as chopping wood.

After completing the tutorial head to the Grand Exchange, which is north of Lumbridge, in the northwest of the city of Varrock. At the Grand Exchange, purchase an iron axe for approximately 25 gold or keep your bronze axe from the tutorial. Then head anywhere and get to chopping.

Each log can sell for 50 gold, but what's important is to level up the Woodcutting level. Cutting down trees will net some experience points for the skill and as you level up, more axes and different types of trees become available.

Getting to level 15 allows players to use the Mithril axe that lets you chop faster and cut down oak trees. Chopping down an oak tree will result in more than one log that can help make even more money. At level 41, the rune axe becomes available, which is the fastest axe available. Keep chopping and keep selling in order to get the gold rolling in. 

A mine is a terrible thing to waste

Like Woodcutting, Mining is another skill available at low levels that can produce a lot of gold without any danger.

South of Varrock is a mine where players can develop their Mining skill. Like Woodcutting, keep improving your pickaxe and continue to level up. The goal is to reach level 15 when iron ore become available to mine. Each iron ore sells for approximately 138 gold and can translate into big money.


Mooooo-ve in for the kill

If you want to satisfy your bloodlust in Old School RuneScape then this is the tactic for you. Cows are only level two and do a minimal amount of damage. They are also just north of where you start in Lumbridge. Each cow you kill will drop a cowhide.

Take a nice stack of a couple hundred cowhides to Al Kharid, which is east of Lumbridge and can be reached by paying a gate toll or complete the Prince Ali rescue quest. Find Ellis the tanner, and turn those cowhides into hard leather for just three gold each.

Hard leather can then sell for approximately 138 gold.

Start flipping out

A tradition of any MMORPG with a marketplace is flipping items, which is buying an item for one price and then selling it at the Grand Exchange for a higher price.

There are online databases showing the current prices in Old School RuneScape such as GE Tracker. To make money on flipping requires a little bit of homework, some money to start off with, and a bit of trial and error. Once you find the right items, gold will flow in.

There are other ways to make gold, but these methods have little risk and are not a huge timesink. These are the perfect gold making methods for newcomers to OSRS.

Cartoon Network Releases Ben 10 Focused Follow-Up To Super Slime Blitz Thu, 15 Nov 2018 14:16:31 -0500 QuintLyn

Today, Cartoon Network announced the release of Ben 10: Super Slime Ben, the follow up to the Amazing World of Gumball-themed Super Slime Blitz. The new game -- developed by Crystal Fish --  is available on the iOS App Store, Google Play, and the Amazon App store and promises bigger and better challenges than the previous offering.

In Super Slime Ben, players can play as all 10 of Ben's alien alter-egos, using their powers to climb as high as they can while avoiding all the traps and pitfalls along the way. And yes, there are coins that need grabbing on your way up the game's various climbing levels.

Throughout the game, players will find Omni-enhancements and costumes. They'll also be able to unlock hats and creatures with abilities that will help them climb even higher.

Ben 10: Super Slime Ben is rated E by the ESRB, so parents should feel safe letting their kids play. Do keep in mind, however, that since it's a free app, there will likely be ads and offers -- particularly from Cartoon Network.

Mobile Developer Jam City Signs Multi-Year Deal To Make Disney/Pixar Games Wed, 14 Nov 2018 14:30:53 -0500 QuintLyn

A whole new roster of games based on Disney and Pixar movies are on the way thanks to a deal signed between the media giant and mobile game developer Jam City. The new, multi-year partnership not only grants Jam City the rights to make new games based on popular movie franchises but also tasks them with taking over development on the popular mobile title Disney Emoji Blitz in conjunction with Disney's Glendale Games Studio.

Among the many new projects based on Disney/Pixar franchises will be a new game inspired by Disney's Frozen sequel.

According to Kyle Laughlin, Senior Vice President of Games and Interactive Experiences at Disney, this partnership "represents a significant long-term opportunity for [Disney's] games business and for the future slate of Disney and Pixar games.

"We can’t wait to see how Jam City and the incredibly talented team behind Disney Emoji Blitz will grow the already successful game and franchise, and how Jam City will bring their global reach and expertise in developing successful, enduring mobile games to the upcoming titles."

For their part, Jam City co-founder and CEO Chris DeWolfe states the company is "proud to be teaming with Disney," adding that "Jam City's leadership in mobile entertainment based on iconic entertainment IP, make [the] company an ideal partner to develop a lineup of new mobile games with Disney's most popular franchises."

Disney Emoji Blitz is available on both the Apple App Store and Google Play.

Interactive Entertainment Network Ripcord.TV Launched Today Tue, 13 Nov 2018 16:23:54 -0500 QuintLyn

Today, a new venture headed by esports experts AlphaDraft and producers from Sony and Disney announced the launch of Interactive Mobile TV Network

Designed to create a more interactive experience for viewers, combines the social experiences found on most livestreaming sites with the professional production found in more traditional media.

The new network features a team made up of television professionals and esporst industry veterans to create an interactive media experience  where the viewers can be part of the show. Viewers can interact with live game show and their hosts during their regularly scheduled times.

The network's current lineup includes five shows: Fast Facts, The Hunt, In or Out, Raise the Bar, and Word Up. During any of these shows, viewers can compete for bragging rights and cash prizes.

The app is available via both the Apple App Store and Google Play. More information on the platform can be found on the official site.


How Will Artifact Perform in a CCG World Dominated by Hearthstone and MtG? Tue, 13 Nov 2018 11:23:37 -0500 Sergey_3847

Artifact, a brand-new CCG from Valve and Richard Garfield, will enter its beta testing stage on November 19, and it will get a full release on November 28. Invariably, these two dates will mark the beginning of a new CCG era, one that has the potential to dethrone the two CCG mammoths on the market: Hearthstone and Magic: The Gathering.

Artifact offers innovative card game mechanics that combine the best elements of Hearthstone and Magic, which makes its gameplay highly engaging and never boring. But more importantly, Valve's new CCG will provide a unique card trading system that will prevent pay-to-win schemes that cripple games like Hearthstone and Magic

However, an obvious hurdle getting Artifact's way right out of the gate is that the base game will cost $20, and later, when the new expansions come out, players will have to buy each pack for $2 each. While free-to-play can often hide pay-to-win on the backside, a priced CCG can alienate potential players before they've even had a chance to play it. 

But pricing is not the only concern CCG players have when it comes to Artifact -- there are always concerns regarding systems, economies, and more. Let's take a look at what other surprises Valve's new card game might have and if players should be concerned. 

Artifact: The Rules of the Game

Artifact's three lanes show cards being played

Before discussing Artifact's future and comparing it to other card games, it's important to understand the mechanics of the game, as they are quite complex. This should come as no surprise since Artifact's lead designer is Richard Garfield, the creator of Magic: The Gathering.

If you thought that one board was not enough for a card game, then how about three? These correspond to the three lanes found in games like DoTA 2, where there are three towers at the end of each lane. 

Each turn in Artifact includes four phases; we'll take a look at them below. 

Action Phase

At the beginning of each turn, both players are able to start playing their cards (using mana) on each of the three lanes. Mana count starts at three and grows by one each turn. Hero and item cards don't cost any mana and can be played for free each turn.

When players use all of their mana, they can pass their turns. Then, the Combat phase begins -- for both players at the same time.

Combat Phase

Cards that have been placed on the board in the previous phase can now attack each of their opponent's towers simultaneously. If there is a card blocking an opponent's card, then the damage goes to the defending card instead of the tower.

When the Combat phase on one lane has been resolved, the game automatically resolves combat on the rest of the lanes.

Shopping Phase

After combat comes the Shopping phase, which serves as a sort of a "break" in the match. 

If during the Combat phase players manage to destroy some of the enemy cards or cast spells, they earn gold coins, which can then be spent to buy special items that are either generated by A.I. or manually put in the shop by the players themselves prior to the match-up.

These item cards cost no mana to cast and can enhance the performance of the players for the remainder of the match.

Deployment Phase

During this phase, players can also add two creeps on each lane. What's more, hero cards are immortal in Artifact, and during the deployment phase, players can replay them on lanes even if they've already played them on prior turns. 

This phase also begins the card drawing phase, but instead of one card, each player draws two cards. There is no limit on the amount of cards players can hold in their hands.

That is how complex one turn is in Artifact. It includes a vast number of decisions that need to be made on each of the three lanes, as well as devising quick strategies for placement and use. 

In the end, a winning player will have to destroy at least two of the three towers in order to claim victory.

How Artifact Fares Against Hearthstone and MtG

The Tinker card is shown with a cyberpunk robot on its face

Will Hearthstone and/or MtG players see any interest in Artifact?

First of all, it's already clear that Magic players will have a blast playing Artifact because of its complex gameplay. Richard Garfield is a genius game designer and he knows how to engage players with all kinds of mechanics, including the infamous RNG.

Hearthstone players, on the other hand, will most likely find it difficult to keep up with three boards at the same time. Some of the more experienced HS players do grind on several servers at the same time, but most casual players just want a quick rush of adrenaline.

The time required to finish a game in Hearthstone can be as short as a few minutes, while it's already obvious one match-up in Artifact may take up to an hour. This fits better with the MtG world, where players tend to spend long turns, pouring over possibilities and strategies.

But time consumption and complex decision-making aren't the only two factors that will influence how Artifact connects with CCG players. There is one more factor, which is probably the most important one -- the game's monetization system.

Artifact Economics vs. Hearthstone and MtG

The Artifact shop shows the cards players can buy

Monetization schemes in all three games are very different. Magic and Artifact are tradable card games, meaning that you can buy and sell cards on the open market. Hearthstone, on the other hand, is a collectible card game that requires players to buy packs and craft cards using dust. 

Hearthstone also stands out from the other two games because it's free-to-play. Artifact will cost $20 for the game client, two pre-constructed decks and 120 cards.

Magic Online will cost you $10 for a game client, but you pay nothing if you decide to play Magic Arena instead, which is a far more limited experience.

Artifact cards will be available for purchase on the Steam market and will range from $0.15 to $1. In comparison to Hearthstone, this is decent pricing, as one HS card also costs around $0.30, taking into account the cost of one pack.

MtG in this regard follows a completely different pattern, where cards sell on an extremely volatile market and can reach $1,000+.

This means that if you are ready to spend some cash in Hearthstone, you will be ready to spend the same amount of cash in Artifact -- and get a decent amount of good cards. However, if you've never spent a single cent in HS, then Artifact might not be your cup of tea as Gabe Newell told PC Gamer in an interview that:

"If time is free, or an account is free, or cards are free, then anything that has a mathematical relationship to those things ends up becoming devalued over time, whether it's the player's time and you just make people grind for thousands of hours for minor, trivial improvements, or the asset values of the cards, or whatever. That's a consequence. So you don't want to create that flood of free stuff that destroys the economy and the value of people's time."

Although it doesn't look like Artifact will ever have any free components, Newell also said in the same interview that Valve will make sure Artifact will be protected from malicious pay-to-win schemes: 

"There are plenty of very common cards that are going to be super powerful. The whole point is to steer away from pay-to-win and that kind of approach. We always want to reward investment. You always want to feel like, as a player, that the more time you spend on it, you're getting better and you're enjoying it more."

This is a good sign and shows that Valve really wants to create something valuable for their fans and not just another clone of Hearthstone or Magic: The Gathering.

Final Thoughts

We can now say for sure that the economics in Artifact is far better in many respects when compared to both Hearthstone, which promotes a shameless pay-to-win system, and MtG, which exploits card markets with its insane prices.

In the case of Artifact, Valve (or the market) will regulate the prices and will not allow the most powerful cards to soar in prices. In this way, everyone who is ready to pay will get the chance to play the game at the highest competitive level.

This is a really smart system that should make many players satisfied. And all of those CCG fans who want to play for free can keep grinding for gold in Hearthstone or Magic Arena.

So, taking all this into account, will Artifact gain any traction after release? The answer is most likely "Yes", even for the simple fact that it's a Valve game -- the name alone will draw players from far and wide. 

It will be interesting to see what niche it carves for itself in the CCG space, and if players are willing to move away from Hearthstone and MtG to play it -- or at least give it some space at the table. 


What do you think about Artifact's gameplay mechanics? Do you find them too difficult to understand? What do you think about Valve's monetization system? Let us know in the comments section below.

From Zero to Hero: Biggest New YouTubers of 2018 Gaming Edition Tue, 06 Nov 2018 15:33:32 -0500 QuintLyn


And there we have it, some of the fastest growing, gaming specific channels to hit YouTube this year.


Growing a YouTube channel isn't easy. It takes hard work, dedication, creativity (possibly a willingness to give up sleep in order to get that perfect game clip). These YouTubers have all of that and more.


For those of you who might be looking to grow your own channel, theirs are certainly worth taking a look at to see what they're doing right. Plus, it's just entertaining content.


And, if you haven't gotten enough new YouTube gamers in your life, be sure to check out our list of the Best Obscure YouTubers for Gamers in 2018. It'll be worth the time.


The Gumball Gaming


Finally, we have a channel dedicated to a little bit of everything -- only guaranteed to be in 1080p and with a dash of The Amazing World of Gumball AMVs thrown into the mix. Honestly, some people may be subscribing just for the music videos alone.


Seriously, though. Gumball is all over the gaming content, uploading everything from Red Dead Redemption 2  and Fallout 76 to Grand Theft Auto 5 mods. And yes, there's Fortnite videos too.


With Gumball's channel, there's something new (and different) almost every day. So viewers have a reason to keep coming back. And they do, too. Currently the channel boasts more than 23 million views, a pretty big number for a channel that's been around less than a year and is part of such a competitive space.




And, we're back to Fortnite. I told you. Fortnite gets all the views -- particularly when the videos involve players trying to take advantage of each other. That's precisely what we have here.


Electro's channel is dedicated to one thing, trolling potential scammers in Fortnite. And, since people love drama, it's a pretty solid niche. It's definitely working for Electro, who's built up a 100k+ following and accumulated over 15 million views. 


Of course, it's not just the drama doing the work. Electro also makes solid use of the community features on YouTube, interacting with viewers whenever possible. Sometimes that's what it's all about.




And now, it's time for something totally different. That's right. Kayla's channel isn't related to battle royales, and it' not Minecraft -- although there is some building involved. We're talking Roblox here.


Since launching their channel  in April, Kayla -- whose videos feature a Roblox character that sounds a bit like Lumpy Space Princess from Adventure Time -- has managed to attract over 100,000 subscribers.


To be fair, Kayla does seem to have had some help growing the channel, forming a "crew" with other more established YouTubers. Perhaps they're real-world friends.  It doesn't really matter though. In the end, if your content isn't entertaining, you're not going to attract and keep viewers. So Kayla deserves the credit for all that hard work.




Well, here we are with yet another channel dedicated to a battle royale. dGamerHitman primarily dedicates his time to a 300-player battle royale named of Rules of Survival from Netease Games. Originally released as a mobile offering, the game launched on Steam earlier this year.


Despite the title not being quite as well-known as Fortnite or PUBG, Rules of Survival  dGamer seems to be doing quite well with it. Since launching his channel in  February, he's accumulated over 88k follwers and counting.


Of course, it may also help that he dabbles in other things from time to time, playing games like the mobile MOBA battle royale Survival Heroes and even giving Tencent's battle royale Ring of Elysium a go.


For fans of the battle royale genre that might be a bit burnt out on Fortnite and PUBG, dGamer's channel is a nice compromise.




Because battle royales are all the rage, we're... Well, to be honest, we'll probably have a few BR channels on this list. They're what's booming.


Ibe's channel, which launched back in April, is dedicated to that other popular battle royale, PUBG -- or, rather, PUBG Mobile. (If you're looking to get into YouTubing, mobile content seems like a pretty good bet.)


Billing himself as the "world's GREATEST (worst) and BEST (awful) American (Muslim) PUBG Mobile Sniper of ALL Time (just no)", Ibe's accumulated over 4 million views and 62k subs since he first launched his channel.


Like other game specific channels, his features update summaries, highlights, tutorials, and more. He even covers esports events. For PUBG Mobile fans, Ibe's channel offers plenty of entertaining content.




Okay gang, I'm a little at a loss on how to introduce this next channel. I kinda hate that I feel the need to put a warning here, but here it is. Some of the videos on Sauk's channel are going to be a bit depressing.


Sauk isn't as prolific of an uploader as some of the others here are, but he still deserves recognition for the hard work he's doing. He's 15, still in high school, and recently learned he has a disease called polycythemia (hence the depressing videos), but he still works hard to post Fortnite Battle Royale gameplay videos on a regular basis.


He puts a lot of energy into these videos in order to make them entertaining and takes the time to engage with his viewers on social media, taking questions for Q&A videos and the like.


The amazing thing is that even with everything going on in his life right now, he's managed to grow a sizeable audience in less than six months.  He also streams on Twitch, but YouTube is where he's most active.


Logdotzip PE - Minecraft Pocket Edition


When it come to raking in the views, Minecraft is definitely a good way to go about it. Although.. I'm not sure if we should be surprised that Logdotzip PE is doing it with a channel dedicated solely to Minecraft Pocket Edition or not. 


It might seem like it would limit Logdotzip's audience, but often, all that really matters is the quality (and quantity) of the content. This channel has plenty of both with videos covering maps and mods, tips and tricks, and content updates being uploaded to the channel on a nearly daily basis since June.


It also doesn't hurt that Logotzip decided not to go it alone and works with his partner PrestonPlayz to create engaging and informative content.


Creating content online and getting it noticed can seem like a nearly impossible task. Competing on a platform like YouTube is especially daunting due to the nearly endless influx of people trying to grab their own little bit of internet notoriety -- and cash.


But, that doesn't mean carving out your own space and attracting a solid audience is impossible. It just takes a lot of determination and work. In fact, some YouTubers work so hard at building their audience that in less than a year they're rocking a five- or six-digit subscriber count.


Whatever it is they're doing, these YouTubers are doing it right.


So, with the end of 2018 coming up fast, we thought it appropriate to introduce those of you who may not have come across them yet to some of these fast growing channels. After all, that kind of work deserves recognition.

The World Ends With You: Final Mix Review Tue, 06 Nov 2018 14:12:55 -0500 Joseph Ocasio

Released back in 2007, The World Ends With You quickly cultivated a cult fanbase thanks to its unique anime, urban-street-culture presentation and original use of the DS touchscreen.

Since then, TWEWY has been released on iOS and the characters have made an appearance in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance.

I was one of the many people who missed out on the JRPG when it originally released, and I thought it was a good time to see if it still holds up now that it's on the Nintendo Switch. The World Ends With You: Final Mix edition touts itself as the definitive version of the beloved cult hit, complete with HD graphics and a new control scheme.

After playing it, I can say it's one of the most difficult to talk about games I've ever had to review. 

TWEWY puts you into the shoes of Neku, your typical angst-ridden, anti-socialite. While Neku starts off as a wet blanket, seeing him grow from hateful misanthrope to (somewhat of a) paragon is at the core of the story -- and it's mostly well done.

The cast of colorful side-characters helps liven things up and make endearing Neku's anti-social personality worth the trip. The writing can expositional and it runs into cliche story beat's you've seen in countless anime, but it's still a decently-told tale.


What TWEWY does do well is embrace a unique style and presentation.

The streets of Shibuya are oozing with urban culture and the citizens that inhabit the city give life to this virtual re-creation of Japan's version of Time Square.

Tetsuya Nomura, known for his work on Kingdom Hearts, not only produced TWEWY but was the art and character designer. His work is on full display and mixes well with the street-art style that TWEWY is known for. Colors are a bit more muted than in other games in the genre, but that only adds to the game's overall immersion.

The final mix version adds more detail to the backgrounds and models. Characters, in particular, look less like 16-bit sprites and more like hand-drawn models, similar to what you see in a manga or comic book.

The environments also look much crisper and less pixelated than past versions, giving a game with tons of personality even more. 

There's still no game that matches TWEWY's sense of urban fashion and, even on an HD TV, the game still looks great despite its age.

Adding to the game's presentation is the fantastic soundtrack. From hip-hop to bits of J-pop, the game's music is almost 100% vocal and never feels out-of-place. It's so good, you might just want to get it on iTunes (it'll be stuck in your head for a week. You're welcome).

The final mix contains a remastered version of the original soundtrack, with updated tracks and melodies, that are even more pleasing to listen to. But, if you prefer the original version, you can always opt to change it in the options menu, which is a nice touch for returning fans.

Combat in TWEWY  takes place in real time, and will make use of either one of the Switch's Joy-Cons when docked, or the touchscreen when in handheld mode.

Either control style you choose will have you swiping, moving Neku and his partner via pins you collect. These powers can range from simple melee slashes to various forms of kinesis. You'll set enemies aflame, zap them with lightning, or even throw objects on the field. You can only switch between three pins powers in combat, but you can change which ones you want while in the pause screen.

Combat starts off basic, but slowly ramps up. Mixing and matching pins to your playstyle is generally a good time thanks to the flashy feedback you get. It all makes for a unique combat system but one that's begging for either a traditional control scheme or one that makes use of a stylus.

In my experience, it's better to not use the Joy-Con at all. The docked control scheme is just awful, as the Joy-Con's Gyro-sensor just isn't that responsive to keep up with the hectic action.

There's no way to turn off motion controls, so you're stuck with them whenever you're playing on the TV. Constantly flailing your arm to emulate a stylus just doesn't work and makes the game nearly unplayable. It's a shame that for a system that has the moniker, "you can play anywhere", gaming on the TV is a pain.

Fortunately, you can play with the game's touchscreen -- and it works well. The game will occasionally misinterpret one touch for another, but that never becomes too much of a problem.

What can be problematic, though, is the disconnect between story and gameplay in the exploration sections. An early mission, for example, will have you looking at a statue and trying to figure out what's wrong with it. You'll know what you have to do with it, but the game won't let you interact with it unless you search for a thought bubble that tells you what you already know what to do.

Despite these nuisances, TWEWY is still a fun game to play -- even after all these years. There are very few games that contain the style and gameplay that has yet to be re-created and it's easy to see how it gain such a strong cult following.

However, it sits in this weird state where it's both the best and worst version of the game. It's a hard deal to accept, especially at the $50 price tag. The game looks better than ever and plays well, so as long as you keep out of docked mode.

If you only have a Nintendo Switch, it's worth picking up. Just beware of some tacky choices here and there.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland SP Announced for Smartphones in Japan Tue, 06 Nov 2018 12:29:16 -0500 Erroll Maas

During the Dragon Quest Monsters 20th anniversary live stream, Square Enix announced an enhanced port of Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D titled Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland SP.

This new version of the game will introduce fresh features that revolve around easier play on smartphones, including auto-battle and effortless adventure. Other additions include over 650 monsters to recruit, new skills, and a new area called "El Dorado."

While this version will not have real-time battles, it will include an asynchronous battle feature that has not yet been clarified.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland 3D is a 2012 Nintendo 3DS remake of the 1998 Game Boy Color game, Dragon Quest Monsters (known as Dragon Warrior Monsters outside of Japan). Dragon Quest Monsters: Terry's Wonderland SP will launch on Android and iOS in Japan on November 7 and will be discounted for 1,600 yen until November 13. Afterward, it will then have a regular price of 2,400 yen.

It is currently unknown if the game will see release outside of Japan.

5 Pixel Starships Tips for Getting Ahead Early Tue, 06 Nov 2018 11:09:10 -0500 Synzer

Pixel Starships is a unique online mobile game that is part spaceship sim, part strategy, part RPG. The basics of the game are easy enough to understand, but there are a lot of little details you may not notice as you begin your space odyssey.

I'm going to go over some helpful tips that will have you winning fight after fight and building the best ship you can.

Pixel Starships Tips

Aim for the Reactor and Shields

Your first instinct may be to aim for the guns to stop them from firing. While this is a good strategy in general, it can be much more effective to shoot down their reactor and/or shield generator.

The reactors give energy to ship, including the guns and shields. If you destroy their reactors, they can't use any weapons or put up shields. Early in the game, ships will usually only have one reactor, and it may be unguarded. If you take that out immediately, they will be completely defenseless.

Pixel Starships space combat

As you progress, enemies will have harder to destroy shields, and more reactors. You will want to concentrate fire on shield rooms as well, so you can spend more time taking out their rooms and less on trying to get through their shields.

Build and Upgrade Mineral and Gas Storage early

In order to upgrade your ship's level, and unlock pretty much anything, you need a lot of minerals and gas. You have a low maximum you can hold at the start, so you need to increase it.

As you increase the storage, you'll be able to make all your other ship upgrades.

Pixel Starships mining

Build and Upgrade Reactors Early

Remember how important reactors are to your ship? Well, you will want to upgrade early and get more than one when you can. Not only will this allow you to keep power to your weapons and shields, you will need higher level reactors so you have enough power to begin with.

Early on if you don't upgrade your reactor and you have multiple weapons, you won't have enough energy to power all your weapons, the shields, and the engine. All that fire power and defense means nothing if you can't use it!

Get Crew with High Skills in an Area and Assign them Correctly

If you tap on a crew member, then profile, you can see their stats. You will want people with high science, engineer, and weapon stats. You will want to get at least one for each category.

During a fight, make sure you assign them to the appropriate station.

  • If you assign someone to a weapon room, it will reload faster, even more if they have a high Weapon stat.
  • Assign someone with a high Science stat to the shield room, to put the shields back up faster.
  • If someone with a high Engineer stat is in the engine room, you will be more likely to dodge missiles that fire on your ship.

Pixel Starships crew stats

Remember, these rooms need to be powered up during battle for them to work.

Be Careful when Fighting while you Build and Upgrade Rooms

If you are building or upgrading a room, it cannot be used when you go into battle. You also cannot go into it or pass through it to another room.

So if you are upgrading your missile room for example, you can't fire any missiles until the upgrade is over.

If a room is in between you and other rooms, it effectively blocks those rooms off.

One way around this is to temporarily move the room under construction to an isolated location, so that you can move freely about the ship. 

Those are my 5 tips for getting ahead early in Pixel Starships. Pop in the comments below if you have any tips of your own for new spacefarers!

CBS Interactive Announces New Mobile Game Star Trek Fleet Command Tue, 06 Nov 2018 09:44:17 -0500 QuintLyn

CBS Interactive has a new Star Trek game on its way. The company announced this weekend that it's working with interactive entertainment company Scopely on development Star Trek Fleet Command, a multiplayer RTS based on the post 2009 Star Trek movies.

Star Trek Fleet Command offer mobile players a free-roaming RTS epxerience with RPG progression elements, including an epic story-line that takes players on adventures throughout the galaxy.

Players will be able to choose their own narrative path in Star Trek Fleet Command by picking which missions they wish to complete, and how they want to interact with the game's citizens. And, of course, it wouldn't be a Star Trek game without the ability to play with all your favorite characters, from the crew of the Enterprise to the members of other factions like Klingons and Romulans.

Fans worldwide will be able to play the game on iOS and Android on November 29. Android users can pre-register now.

BlizzCon 2018: Hearthstone Goes To The Trolls Fri, 02 Nov 2018 21:23:15 -0400 QuintLyn

The next Hearthstone update, announced earlier today at BlizzCon, is Troll-ific. Rastakhan's Rumble adds 135 new cards and takes players back to the Gurubashi Arena, all for the sake of letting trolls be trolls.

The god of the Zandalari trolls, King Rastakhan, has decided to bring nine teams of trolls -- all aligned with a different Loa and all tied to a legendary champion representing one of the traditional Hearthstone classes. The goal is to celebrate the spirit of competition. And Trolls are definitely competitive.

The update adds a new keyword: Overkill. When played, Overkill cards trigger a bonus effect if they deal damage higher than their target's health. For instance, the card Sul'thraze will allow a player to attack again.

The Loa are primal gods and patrons of the teams in Rastakhan's Rumble, but they do more than give the Trolls something to rally behind. Each Loa brings its own abilities to the game.

They also provide the teams the essence of their power in the form of spirits. These spirits are represented in-game as 0/3 minion cards with powerful passives.

Overall, the new set should be a dream come true for Troll fans. Players won't have to wait too long to play Rastakhan's Rumble either, as it's set to launch on December 4.

In the meantime, players can already pre-purchase two bundles provided for the update. The first bundle includes 50 card packs, a Ready to Rumble card back and a King Rastakhan as a Shaman Hero.

There's also a Challenger's bundle for those who'd like to save a little money. This includes 17 card packs and the Ready to Rumble card back.

Details on how to purchase either pack can be found on the Hearthstone site.

BlizzCon 2018: Blizzard Announced Diablo Immortal, A Mobile MMORPG Fri, 02 Nov 2018 18:15:05 -0400 QuintLyn

For the first time ever, Blizzard is giving fans of the Diablo franchies a chance to discover what happened in the 20 years between Diablo II and Diablo III. The company announced the first ever Diablo Mobile MMORPG: Diablo Immortal.

After all the rumors and speculation, Blizzard finally revealed exactly what it is they've been working on in the realm of Diablo during the BlizzCon 2018 opening ceremonies today. It wasn't necessarily what people were leaning toward in the speculation department, but it likely wasn't too surprising.

Diablo Immortal is a co-project that Blizzard's been working on for some time with Netease. It features a completely new story and many of the features players would expect from a multiplayer Diablo game.

Players can choose between six classes: Monk, Necromancer, Demon Hunter, Wizard, Barbarian, and Crusader. They'll be able to explore familiar locations like Westmarch and learn what went on there during the time between D2 and D3. In fact, Westmarch is Diablo Immortal's capital city.

The also game features shared public zones and 4-player instanced dungeons. Some of the game's content can be seen in the following gameplay video.

Judging from fan reactions during the Diablo: What's Next panel, Diablo Immortal may be a hard sell to long-time fans who are used to playing it on PC. There was some negative reaction when a player asked if there were plans to take the game to PC and the devs said no.

Of course, it may be a while before we find out how well the game does, since Blizzard has offered no release date and say it will be available "when it's done." That said, players can pre-register for the game on the Diablo Immortal site now.

Looking for more BlizzCon news? Just keep an eye on GameSkinny. We'll be here all day.

Enter Mixer Season 2: Rising to the challenge of Twitch Fri, 02 Nov 2018 12:18:45 -0400 Gabriella Graham

The Microsoft-owned video game streaming service, Mixer, has announced all new features for it's self-declared "Season 2" for users. When their biggest opponent in the streaming game is Twitch, owned by Amazon, they can't afford to pull any punches when crafting a one-of-kind experience.

Naturally, the Mixer team needs to attract quality streamers as well as viewers, and that means they need to help their creators get paid. Most of their new features solve that conundrum while simultaneously offering more user-friendly options than the technical world of MixPlay.

So what's new?

Season 2 comes with a compact list of new and upcoming features for viewers and streamers alike to enjoy:


With building a truly engaging experience at its core, Mixer rolls out a slew a new interactive options for chat. This includes gifs, animated stickers, and even graphic effects like laser shows, fireworks, and bouncing beach balls (just in time for fall).

As an added bonus - and an extra incentive streamers are sure to notice - the use of Skills financially benefits your favorite creators. To use skills, however, you'll need Sparks.

Sparks Patronage

Audiences earn "Sparks" simply by watching streams, which isn't altogether new to Mixer. However, now they can then spend that completely free to earn currency on creators' channels, via either MixPlay interactive buttons or those new Skills.

Sparks add up over time toward milestones that correlate to financial payouts for streamers. This mean you can help creators pay their bills without dishing out on donations.


As the flip-side of Sparks, this patronage is of the paid variety. Special -- dare I say "enhanced" -- skills can only be unlocked with embers. Using this flashier skill set in chats also leads to bigger payouts for streamers.



Think of Mixer Progression as viewer rankings or levels rewarded based on participation. With the recognition that not everyone can afford to donate and subscribe, these ranks or levels consider more than financial contributions. In fact, they extend to cover a user's involvement in chats, skill use, daily activity, and even applause received from other viewers.

Gain points through your actions to unlock higher ranks, not to mention new skills. At the bottom rung lie viewers and at the top you'll see VIPs, with various other titles in-between.

Just note that those last two features are still coming soon, including the Applause action mentioned above.

When competition benefits the user experience, everybody wins

"Our ambition is to deliver the most engaging, community-first live streaming service." - Natalie Domingo, Head of Partnerships

According to GeekWire, Mixer hit 20 million monthly active users this past June. This growth is nothing to scoff at considering it started at 100,000 when Microsoft stepped in in 2016. The only problem? Twitch clocks in at a whooping 15 million daily active users. Ouch. That leaves some major ground for Mixer to cover if they truly want to compete. 

We'll have to wait and see if Season 2 successfully propels Mixer even further.

Will you be taking advantage of Mixer Season 2? The variety in Mixer's new currencies takes the place of advertisers vying for their chance in the spotlight - does this difference influence the platform you jump to? Or are you swayed most by a handful of already beloved streamers? Share your thoughts in the comments!

Fortnite Guide: How to Destroy Cube Fragments Wed, 31 Oct 2018 13:36:08 -0400 Sergey_3847

Fortnitemare challenges in Fortnite continue this week in part 4. One of the hardest and most mysterious challenges listed this week is for players to destroy at least three cube fragments.

If you want to know what are cube fragments in Fortnite and how to destroy them, then follow our quick guide below.

How to Destroy Cube Fragments in Fortnite

What are Cube Fragments?

Cube fragments are alien objects of purple color that are reminiscent of the purple corrupted zones. Unsurprisingly, the seven corrupted zones on the map are the places where cube fragments will spawn.

Search around these seven locations to find the three required cube fragments in Fortnite:

  • South of Lazy Links
  • Wailing Woods
  • South of Pleasant Park
  • West of Dusty Divot
  • South of Retail Row
  • West of Shifty Shafts
  • North of Fatal Fields
How do Cube Fragments Look Like?

It is easy to identify them as they will spawn unique cube monsters of five different types:

  • Cube Fiend
  • Elite Cube Fiend
  • Cube Brute
  • Elite Cube Brute
  • Mega Cube Brute

Each of them is stronger than the previous one, and that's why it's a good idea to destroy as many cube fragments as you can.

Best Weapons Against Cube Fragments

When you find a cube fragment, you will first need to eliminate cube monsters that it spawns. The two best weapons that deal the most damage to cube fragments are SMGs and Shotguns.

Each cube fragment has a certain amount of health, and it will keep spawning those pesky monsters up to the moment of its destruction. So focus on destroying the fragment first, and if there are too many monsters around, you can eliminate a few to free some space.

Sometimes, smaller cube fragments may randomly appear on the map. They are easier to destroy, but the game will count them  as well. So don't ignore the smaller fragments!

Cube Fragments Rewards

When you destroy a cube fragment it will drop some loot. Usually, it's a very good legendary weapon or any other exclusive item that you are probably looking for. Also, each destroyed cube fragment will add 500 XP to your score.


That is how easy you can destroy three cube fragments during Fortnitemare event this week, and for other Fortnite guides at GameSkinny, please follow the links below:

Dragon Quest Monsters 20th Anniversary "Coming of Age Ceremony" Live Stream to Air November 6 Wed, 31 Oct 2018 11:31:01 -0400 Erroll Maas

Square Enix has announced that it will host a Dragon Quest Monsters "Coming-of-Age Ceremony” on November 6 at 7:00 a.m. EDT on Niconico, a Japanese video sharing service. 

The live stream will consists of two parts, with the first looking back at the past 20 years of the Dragon Quest Monsters spin off series. The second portion will look toward the future of the series.

The live stream will also include a handful of guests, including Series Creator Yuji Horii, Dragon Quest Monsters Series Producer Taichi Inuzuka, Dragon Quest Monsters Super Light producer Takamasa Shiba, Dragon Quest: Dokodemo Monster Parade Producer Yuuta Ashimine, Dragon Quest XI 3DS Version Producer Kento Yokota, Dragon Quest XI Director Takeshi Uchikawa, Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker Battle Director Jin Fujisawa, and V-Jump Deputy Editor Saito-V. Ayana Tsubaki will host as emcee.

Dragon Quest Monsters is a monster taming RPG spin off of the main Dragon Quest franchise, which expands on monster recruiting elements first introduced in Dragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride. The first title in the series, Dragon Quest Monsters (known as Dragon Warrior Monsters outside of Japan) first released for the Game Boy Color in Japan on September 25, 1998, in North America on January 25, 2000, and in Europe on January 28, 2000.

After the positive reception of the first game, the series continued with a two-version sequel on Game Boy Color, a remake of the Game Boy Color games on PlayStation. There was also a single Game Boy Advance title, the first two games in the Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker series on Nintendo DS, a few mobile games, including Dragon Quest Monsters: Super Light, and more remakes of the Game Boy Color games as well as Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 3 on Nintendo 3DS.

The last Dragon Quest Monsters title to be released outside of Japan was Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 on Nintendo DS in 2011.

Stay tuned to GameSkinny for updates from the live stream.

ARK: Survival Evolved Arriving to Nintendo Switch in November Fri, 26 Oct 2018 22:30:50 -0400 Zack Palm

If you thought something was missing from your Nintendo Switch experience, it was the fact you couldn't tame a T-Rex on the go. However, that's changing in little more than a month. 

ARK: Survival Evolved is set to arrive on the Nintendo Switch on November 30. The announcement comes with a live-action trailer you can watch above.

In the survival game, you'll work your way from using stones and spears to equipping your tamed creatures with expensive laser weapons to destroy any foe standing in your way.

There's plenty to do in ARK: Survival Evolved, and with the Nintendo Switch you can stay as mobile as possible. You can take your dinosaur-taming, survival-building adventure anywhere you go. 

You can pick up your copy from Nintendo's eShop for $49.99. For those new to ARK: Survival Evolved, we have plenty of guides and helpful articles for you to browse through to help you get started. Just check out our Ark: Survival Evolved guides page for more. 

Halloween Events in The Star Wars Universe Wed, 24 Oct 2018 14:48:12 -0400 Zack Palm

What better to celebrate Halloween than to see it in a galaxy far, far away? Two notable events are happening in the Star Wars gaming universe, and they're happening in Battlefront 2 and the mobile game Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes.

Battlefront 2 event

In Battlefront 2, take part in new haunted maps on Mos Eisley, Endor, Kashyyyk, Naboo, and Kamino. These haunted maps change the game's traditional settings to a night-mode, creating the eerie feeling that you're about to run into an enemy around any corner.

The developers are also releasing the Death Star II and Jabba's Palace as playable areas, through this limited event. In the middle of it all, you'll also have the chance to earn double XP during a Double XP weekend. All of this starts on October 26th and continues until the 31st. Also, don't forget, General Grievous releases on the 30th!

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes event

Moving on to Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes, we have the Defense of Dathomir event. For fans of the Clone Wars television show, many of you may recognize the inspiration for this appearance. In this mode, General Grievous and Count Dooku are leading their droid army on Dathomir to do war against the Nightsisters. 

This 2-tiered event features players defending the planet from the droid invasion. The first tier rewards players with Mother Talzin shards and the second tier provides 2 to 4 Zeta Ability Materials. This event kicks off on October 30th and finishes on the 31st.

Make sure you're in-game to take advantage of these limited time events! We've also compiled a list of notable Halloween events happening in other games.

Be sure to visit GameSkinny daily to check out the latest in video game news and reviews.

Introducing Melmetal, Mythical Pokemon Meltan's Evolution Wed, 24 Oct 2018 14:18:31 -0400 QuintLyn

Once again, Professor Oak and Professor Willow have uncovered a new interesting fact about Meltan, the Pokemon recently discovered in Pokemon GO. It seems that if enough are gathered together, they'll merge and evolve into Melmetal. This makes Meltan the first Mythem Pokemon that we know can evolve -- something that was hinted at in a previous video.

Like Meltan, Melmetal can be transferred to Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee!, but only after the evolution takes place in Pokemon GO first.

The transformation requires 400 Meltan Candies obtained by catching Meltan and sending them to Professor Willow. Players can also gather the Candies by setting Meltan as their Buddy Pokemon and going for a walk, or by sending Meltan to Pokemon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokemon: Let's Go, Eevee!

When Meltan evolves into Melmetal its liquid metal body hardens and  becomes stronger. Since it's a combination of several Meltans, the Melmetal stands 8'2" and weighs nearly 2,000 pounds. It's incredibly strong and packs a heck of a punch.

It can also execute a unique move called the Double Iron Bash. When executing this move, Melmetal uses the hex nut in its spin its arms around, striking its opponent twice.

Melmetal can only be evolved in Pokemon GO, but it can be transferred to Pokemon: Let's Go! upon its release on the Nintendo Switch on November 16th.

Tips and Tricks for Survival Heroes Wed, 24 Oct 2018 11:49:42 -0400 Zack Palm

Taking the top spot in Survival Heroes can prove tedious if you don't have a good start. You can quickly get overwhelmed by another player who happens to land next to you and discovers a suitable weapon within their first house. 

Though, late in the game, you can't only rely on your abilities to get you out of a situation. You need to out-think your opponents and prepare for them to surprise them with the first round of attacks.

This guide breaks down some great tips and tricks you should keep in mind if you want to walk away with the number one spot, whether you've been playing this game for a week or well over a month.

See Where Your Oppponents Land

It sucks getting killed off within the first two minutes of any battle royale game. One way to prevent this in Survival Heroes is using a neat trick to watch where your opponents land nearby using your mini map. To do this correctly, you have to perform it during your descent on the upper part of your fall.

You'll notice while you're on the airship you can observe all of the players falling from your mini map. Small, red dots represent them. When you jump out, you can continue to watch these dots fall, however, they disappear when you pull out your parachute and start to angle your fall.

You can have them reappear if you do not move on your character in any direction. If you keep them completely still during the fall, you'll have a better chance of not getting ambushed so early.

Unfortunately, you can't use this once you're closer to the ground. You'll be unable to see them once the arrow on the falling bar reaches the small blue part, near the bottom. Use this advantage as early as you can to get an excellent early start!

Use Scouts Frequently

For those unfamiliar with the MOBA genre, the idea of the vision item shows a great deal of promise. This item goes on the ground and grants you a small area of sight, even if you're not nearby. To use this limited range to your advantage, you need to gauge your surroundings and think about where you can best create an ambush.

You'll likely not want to use these too much during the beginning of a game. During this time the circle is more prominent, and everyone is running around looking for items. If you know someone landed near you, then sure, use it if you find one within your first few buildings. Though, you're going to see yourself hoarding these scout items throughout most of the game, using them closer to the end.

When it does, a great strategy is to hunker down near the edge of the closing circle and lay a few out behind you. This way you can see any foes attempting to run towards safety. It's a great way to catch them off guard and deal a great deal of damage. You'll find using your scout item and then a stun ability, if your weapon has it, can effectively eliminate them in the shortest amount of time.

Stop Camping - Keep Looting and Killing

If you're really after the title of King of Survival in Survival Heroes, you can't find yourself remaining in a single location. You need to consistently find yourself exploring houses, caves, and creepy graveyards to discover as much loot as possible. Not only that but looting and killing NPCs around the map levels you up. The higher level you are, the more damage your weapon's basic attacks and abilities are going to do.

Escape With The Help From NPCs

Findings yourself losing a fight against another opponent? Your go-to decision is to dash away as quickly as possible to chug a potion down, but they're likely to chase after you. A great way to give yourself some breathing room is to run through a small group of NPCs.

Doing this forces your opponent's basic attacks to focus on one more than one target. Though it won't work all the time, every so often the basic attacks may redirect, and abilities veer off towards the group of NPCs. When your opponent starts attacking these small groups, it gives you a bit of time to run into a nearby building or lose sight of them. It only works for a couple of seconds and doesn't always shake them, but it can buy you the time you need to escape. 

Watch out for the type of NPCs you run through as some NPCs may target you. However, most of the NPCs in Survival Heroes remain passive if you just run past them and become aggressive only when attacked.

Bushes Keep You Hidden, But...

Another temptation you may have is to remain in the bushes as often as possible. While in the undergrowth your character becomes hidden, and other players can't see you. Though, they can hear you if you start moving through underbrush. The best way to take advantage of these little sections of stealth is to run through as often as possible.

Though another player will hear yours, they won't immediately know your location. They only know the general direction you're in. Use this to your advantage and force them to go to you, this way you can unleash your best abilities first and take them by surprise.

Double down on optimizing your positioning in the bushes by layering scouts around your chosen area. You'll have the chance to watch your opponents as they search for you, giving you a better idea of when to strike to deal the most damage.

Stalk Objectives

The developers behind Survival Heroes took a unique approach to the battle royale genre by taking elements from traditional MOBAs. Beyond scouts, they also introduced the concept of objectives. These objectives are scattered throughout the map, from a dungeon with a chest full of epic loot inside to the mighty Black Dragon that spawns at a predetermined location after a certain amount of time. These objectives can change the course of your game and provide significant benefits to those who take advantage of them.

Because of these objectives are not necessary to win, it doesn't mean you always have to interact with them. To achieve victory in this game doesn't necessarily mean you need to kill the Black Dragon, but knowing its location could give you valuable hints to where other players may congregate.

A great way to stick it to another player is to let them fight the Black Dragon, granting you the opportunity to dive in, kill the player, and claim the objective for yourself. You'll have to time this well because if you go in too early, the enemy player can easily divert from their original target and focus on you, or if you go too late, the foe will claim the kill, despite you taking them out. How you initiate this confrontation changes based on what weapon you're carrying.


Those are the helpful tips we've gathered up during our time playing the brutal Survival Heroes! These should give you the upper hand during your games to bring you victory and quickly rank up. Have a trick you use to win? Comment below!

Make sure to check out our Survival Heroes best weapons guide, so you know which one to grab to take your combat to the next level. Stay tuned to GameSkinny as we continue to bring you the latest news, tips, and reviews!

Survival Heroes Best Weapons List Wed, 24 Oct 2018 11:19:11 -0400 Zack Palm

As you repeatedly play a battle royale game, you quickly learn what weapons stand out as some of the more powerful choices. The mobile game Survival Heroes is no different, though there's a unique twist thrown into this game's combat mechanics: each weapon comes with three abilities. 

These abilities change up how your character plays during your match. You receive all of the weapons shown on this list when you first start the game -- you do not have to grind gold to acquire any of them. We compiled a list some of the best weapons you can find during your first games!

Thunder Staff

  • Vengeful Thunder: A ranged AoE stun.
  • Thunder Evasion: A damaging dash that slows enemies for 3 seconds.
  • Thunder Pool: A radius of thunder that damages nearby enemies every 0.5 seconds, while increasing your movement speed by 25%. This ability lasts for 3 seconds.

Of all the weapons used in Survival Heroes, the Thunder Staff helped to provide the most victories. What makes this weapon top the entire list? A player can use this weapon to corner any foe they encounter.

Someone can open up a fight using Vengeful Thunder, or close the distance immediately with Thunder Evasion. After using their chosen ability, Thunder Pool does an extraordinary amount of damage in a larger area.

While the weapon comes with an excellent set of abilities, it does lack in basic attack speed. The Thunder Staff is slow to use, taking time to send out electrifying bolts. Though, it's not a huge issue. Because of Thunder Evasion, it's difficult for an enemy to get away to heal. The dash also doubles as an ideal method to escape if you need to hunker down for a few seconds to drink a potion. 

The superb versatility of the Thunder Staff takes it to the top of the tier list.

Dragon Gun

  • Critical Gunplay: Dash forward to increase your movement speed for 1 second and your chance to land a critical attack for 3.
  • Smoke Bomb: Throw this AoE ability to deal a small amount of damage, but the effects remain for 4 seconds, reducing the line of sight of any foe that stays in it.
  • Steel Body: A dashing ability that also removes any control debuffs on your character and restores 10% of your health. You're even immune to control debuffs for 2 seconds and receive 5% lost health if you're hit by one during this time.

If you think you're getting away from someone running at you with a Dragon Gun, you're sorely mistaken. This shotgun comes with two dashes, making the character agile and quick in any fight.

The weapon's two dashes also make it extremely easy for the wielder to get up close, taking advantage of the Dragon Gun's basic attack trait of dealing more damage the closer they are in a small AoE. Remaining close also helps with your Smoke Bomb ability as it reduces the accuracy of your opponents if it hits.

However, you have to have quick fingers to use this weapon properly. You must remain close to your foe to inflict the most damage, and this means meeting melee characters head-on or chasing after ranged opponents. You'll want to practice with this weapon to get the hang of when to use the Dragon Gun's dashes.

The Dragon Gun proves a worthy adversary to the Thunder Staff.

Sun Bow

  • Splitting Arrow: Fire 6 arrows out in front of you in a cone that deal a 25% slow for 1.5 seconds.
  • Spiral Arrow: A long-range arrow that knocks enemies back, silencing them for 2 seconds.
  • Arrow Array: Unleashes a rainfall of arrows on a designated position, slowing the target by 40% for 1.5 seconds.

The Sun Bow remains an excellent choice for those who choose to stack attack speed early. The more frequently you hit your opponents, the more stacks you gain from the weapon's passive ability, Wind Edge. When you successfully stack 10, you get a short attack and movement speed buff.

At the end of the game, the Sun Bow crushes even the most hearty of players, if the wielder can slow them down enough with Splitting Arrow and Arrow Aaray to keep them in sight.

A significant drawback for this weapon is the fact it doesn't come with a dash ability. Though two of your abilities can slow a foe, the Sun Bow doesn't have a great method to chase someone down or to escape a situation. You'll have to rely on having one of those abilities on cooldown, and your foes don't have a dash on their own, which is unlikely.

Catching someone off guard with this weapon is exceptionally satisfying, given how quickly you can build your attack speed.

Elemental Orb

  • Elemental Return: This tosses your orb outward damaging anyone in its path, and returns to you, damaging them again.
  • Flicker: Jump forward a small distance and deal damage on upon. If you use this skill again within a short period, you'll return to your original position.
  • Link: Discharges a small burst of energy, damaging all nearby enemies. This ability creates a connection, and if enemies cannot break this link within 2 seconds, they will receive the damage again and get stunned.

This weapon takes some getting used to as the Elemental Orb is a ranged weapon, but can do a good deal more damage when you're closer.

An optimal opening with this weapon is to use the Link attack, creating a damaging leash with you and your foe. Though, to do the most damage with your abilities, you're going to rely on the Elemental Orb's basic attacks to stack its passive, called Marks, on your opponent. These stacks lower your foe's Magic Resist stats, letting you inflict more damage the longer the fight goes on.

When you use this weapon, you want to burst your opponents and wear them down quickly. To deal the most damage, you want to use your basic attacks as often as possible. Because these attacks are slow, it can feel like a necessary choice to use them over an ability. It's also easy to miss an enemy on the Elemental Return's backswing, meaning you frequently may not entirely damage someone wise enough to dodge the second half of this attack. 

Grab the Elemental Orb if you're confident in your talents of quickly adapting to a combat situation.

Reaper Scythe 

  • Charge: Dash forward with a damaging slash.
  • Soul Drain: Slash your scythe in front of you, pulling all enemies towards you, stunning them for 0.5 seconds.
  • Reaper's Arrival: Slam your scythe down, damaging all nearby foes and slowing them by 30% for 2.5 seconds. The ability also activates a small buff where for the next 6 seconds every basic attack increases your physical attack stat by 25 for a max of 5 stacks.

With the Reaper Scythe, you'll feel confident enough to dive into any encounter you find yourself in to rip your opponent apart. Not only does this melee come with a devastating dash you can use to damage your foe, but you can also pull them closer to you with another damaging ability.

When you pull them in and use Reaper's Arrival, you can slow them in their tracks. This ability also grants a short buff where your basic attacks are boosting your physical attack stats for a short time.

Though, the Reaper Scythe's slow basic attacks bring it down. These sluggish attacks make it feel like your character is moving through syrup. The great abilities don't make up for them. You could choose to pick up items to boost your attack speed, but you'll find it a better strategy to focus on increasing your physical attack stats.

While this weapon may make you feel like the reaper, you'll see yourself more as a shambling skeleton than the bringer of death.

Wild Axes

  • Summon: Call forth a bear to fight at your side of 60 seconds. You can dismiss the bear at any time while it's out to receive 15% of your health back.
  • Enraged: This buff increases you and your bear's movement speed by 20% and attack speed by 10% for 3 seconds.
  • Spinning Axes: Toss your axes out to deal a small portion of damage, slowing all targets by 20% for 1.5 seconds. If any target gets hit when the axes return to you, they suffer an additional 30% slow for 1.5 seconds.

With the Wild Axes, you can summon a bear -- already a great ability! This ferocious companion follows you around in combat for sixty seconds after you call it, and you can banish it at any time to recover a small portion of your health. It's a good, quick heal if a player decides to focus on you instead of the bear.

With your companion out you can use Enraged at any time to boost both of your attack speeds and throw your Spinning Axes to slow any escaping foe.

A substantial negative to using these weapons is not being able to dash away. You could summon your bear to distract a player as you run away, but it's not as effective as a dash. Plus, the Wild Axes rely on staying as close as possible to cut down your foes.

These weapons feel like they lack a much-needed dash because any enemy with a dash can catch up to you or outrun you. If you can't get close to your opponent, it doesn't matter how fast you can hit them.

Though, being able to summon a bear and use it to heal yourself does give it some bonus points.


Those were some of the best weapons you can find Survival Heroes during your first few games! Use this new knowledge to your advantage and take first place.