Monster Hunter Rise: How to Get Twisted Remains

Twisted Remains play a key role in crafting early Bone weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. Here's how to get it quickly and easily.

Twisted Remains used to upgrade a number of low rank weapons in Monster Hunter Rise. It’s not the rarest material in Rise’s early game and is easy to farm on your own in Village quests or as a team in Hub Expeditions.

This guide will cover everywhere you can find Twisted Remains and the best way to farm them.

How to Get Twisted Remains in Monster Hunter Rise

You get Twisted Remains only in the Shrine Ruins and only in Low Rank quests. Head to the Ruins during any time of day and look for the six Bonepile gathering points scattered around the map.

Shrine Ruins Bonepile Locations

  • The first is directly north of the first camp, just as you enter Zone 3.
  • The second is at the northeasternmost corner of the area in Zone 11. Pass over the mountains to get there.
  • Travel west to the river on the lefthand side of the level. The Bonepile is in the southern region of Zone 13.
  • The remaining Bonepiles are in the central Mountain region.
    • One is at the top of the southwestern peak.
    • Another is on a landing on the northwestern side.
    • The last is nestled in the eastern hills on a small outcropping.

How to Farm Twisted Remains

To farm Twisted Remains efficiently, start with the first Bonepile listed above and make your way counter-clockwise around the level. The whole circuit should take five minutes or so, and by the time you’ve completed the circuit, the first Bonepile should have respawned, letting you go again and again.

You won’t get them from every Bonepile. It’s a semi-rare material, and you’re likely to end up with many more Small Monster Bones.

Expect one or two units of Twisted Remains for every three or four Bonepiles you gather from, meaning getting ten or so of the stuff is about a half-hour or so of solid farming. Make trips to Low Rank Shrine Ruins as you need to and spend maybe ten minutes or so gathering from everywhere, so you don’t run out of the essentials.

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Published May. 27th 2022

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