Frozen Cortex New Update Adds Forzen Cortex Manager

Forzen Cortex gets a larger update which adds the Frozen Cortex Manager. This gives a much more detailed simulation.

Frozen Cortex is a simultaneous-turn-based strategy game set in the future and developed by Mode 7 Games. You control a team of robots in a futuresport similar to Football (the American kind), but it's a much more violent version, where you can punch and kick your opponents out of the game.

Frozen Cortex just received a new update which adds the Frozen Cortex Manager, which adds a much deeper stimulation level to the game, making it a Football Manager-lite.

With Frozen Cortex Manager each player now has their own stats and injuries, you will be able to bid on free agents, manage your salary cap, set formations, or just sit back and watch the game play itself by via simulation. A new league has also been added in the form of a 90-team college style league, which has its own end-of-season tournament and a bracket for your own predictions on the outcome.

Also added in this update is a new Easy Mode, which grants you the ability to see the AI's plans in advance, this gives new players sizeable help for learning the game.

In celebration of this update Mode 7 Games are giving everyone 30% off the game on Steam, offer ending on the 14th May.

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Published May. 1st 2015

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