A Taste of Final Fantasy XV?

Final Fantasy won't end, but its direction may be changing with the next generation.

Square Enix has been teasing about a next generation Final Fantasy for a while, while other Final Fantasies are in the production lineup already. With the release of the tech demo entitled “Agni’s Philosophy,” we can expect that any next generation games will have that presentation.

Luminous Studio was revealed last year and is Square Enix’s “next generation engine for creating video games.” The tech demo is in real time, impressively showing off the capabilities of the new engine and the artists behind it.

It’s unknown if the tech demo is a glimpse of the style and story of Final Fantasy XV, but we may have a better idea once the E3 reveals start rolling out.

If it’s indeed a taste of what’s to come for Final Fantasy, it could be a new page for the series, hopefully revitalizing what made it wonderful. Check out the tech demo for yourself and see what you think. 

Published Jun. 7th 2013
  • Capt. Eliza Creststeel
    It is pretty that's for sure. Ain't that just like terrorists to come in and ruin a ceremony?
  • apathetic4u
    The Tech demo is beyond impressive and based on what we have seen out of the labs of nVidia and AMD we can definitely agree that their tech demo is more than possible with next generation console.

    The real problem here is gameplay. I love FF but their gameplay style has become less and less appealing with every new title. Most recently I am thinking of FFXIII-2 and how much of it is a "set it and forget it!" type of gameplay. I know that FF has been mainly about "know what you are doing first, go into battle second" but with XIII-2 it was more of a "know what you are doing, watch the battle".

    I just hope fancy graphics aren't wasted on me by just watching animations and not really feeling like I'm controlling the character.

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