E3 2013 - Microsoft Studios Introducing Project Spark

Bring your games to life with Project Spark by Microsoft Studios.

Ever had this amazing idea for a game but not the know-how or technology to get it done yourself? Microsoft Studios now has your solution. Gamer, meet Project Spark. Project Spark is an "open world digital canvas completely powered by the community," according to General Manager Dave McCarthy.

As a tabletop gamer, I have had loads of ideas but never managed to learn to code it myself. Now, I won't have to. I can just use Project Spark to bring my campaigns to life and play them with my friends as well.

Build Your Story

Project Spark is all about putting game creation in the hands of those who play the game. No longer will you be dissatisfied by a world with a great idea, but the ineptitude to see it completed in a fashion you deem worthy. There will be two ways to build your game. You can start from scratch completely or use a builder mode. The builder mode will allow you various conditions and landscaping options to build the basics of your world.

You can also give objects in the world a life of its own. We saw in the presentation by Microsoft Studios where they gave a rock a brain and it came to life. Through a world they let someone build upon, they were able to transform this simple pet rock into a rock mech.

Build on Another's Story

Ever find a game you wish you could add to? Not modify with a mod, but truly add to it. With Project Spark, now you can. With everything in the cloud, changes to worlds can be made and credit still be given to those who created the aspects of the world.

Availability and Price

If you are a Microsoft product user, Project Spark will be available to you on Xbox One, Xbox 360, and Windows 8. It'll be will released first on Windows 8 with the other platforms to follow. According to McCarthy, they are looking at the Xbox One launch window as release date for Project Spark. The best part is the price. The core game to be able to create and edit worlds will be free! Add on content will be considered premium and that is what you'll have to pay for.

How about a Beta?

Project Spark is currently in alpha, but they do plan on releasing a beta phase. If you want to try and get in on this beta, go to joinprojectspark.com to sign up.

Published Dec. 5th 2013
  • Lui Galletto
    I am really excited for this. Its like Little Big Planet on steroids!

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