Tree of Savior beginner's tips to play like you (kinda) mean it

Some tips for new Tree of Savior players fresh out the gate.

Tree of Savior can be intimidating to anyone who missed out on the Ragnarok Online bandwagon 15 or so years ago. The game takes a lot from its spiritual predecessor while bringing in some more modern additions to gameplay and design, and it can be pretty confusing for the uninitiated.

After taking four characters to above level 80 and sinking over 100 hours into the game since CBT2 launched, I think I'm ready to lay some tips down for any of you just getting started:

Interact with everything

When was the last time you played an MMO abundant with secret quests? It had been a while for me before this beta, and Tree of Savior certainly does not disappoint.

Make sure you talk to every NPC and look at every sign or notable object on your adventures. Not only will you get some lore (for you lore-hounds), but there are also a number of hidden quests to be found.

If you don't find exploration fun and would rather have it all out there for you, check out the Quest Database on Tree of Savior Fan Base. You can take a look at the list of quests or even take a look at a map and see what quests are available. For example, take a look at the bottom of the West Siauliai Woods page.

Don't repair your equipment willy-nilly

I know sometimes you really want to be sure your gear is going to survive the bashing you're giving enemies, but you should not worry about it unless you have equipment that is specifically below 30% durability.

Equipment repair costs are always the same on a single item regardless of durability level currently during CBT2. This means the price for repair is going to be the same if your equipment is at 99% or 10% durability, and that price gets hefty later on.

Only repair items that are below 30%. Your wallet will thank you later.

To save or use your EXP cards

EXP cards are pretty great. They help you progress, you can use them mid-battle to push yourself over a level for a full heal, and they can be hoarded until you want to use them.

Some players swear by using their EXP cards right away, others swear by saving them. I say you should use them the way you like, either way you're getting the EXP in the end.

If you do decide to save onto some of your cards for later use, consider using them at particular levels.

Tree of Savior's EXP curve is not straight up. Rather it dips at specified levels, the first of which being 46. You need over 199k EXP to reach level 46, but once you do you only need 7,752 to reach level 47. This number slow climbs until level 86, which undergoes another dip.

If interested in saving your EXP cards for this method, take a look at ToS Fan Base's Base EXP Table and look for levels 46, 86, 136, and 186 to see the EXP dip and curve in action.

Grind with purpose

If you end up having to grind to level, don't just think about the EXP. This just makes it even more tedious. Set a goal for yourself instead.

Setting a goal for yourself can mean getting a set amount of gear drops or money before you stop, or collecting the materials for a recipe. I personally find focusing on getting an item made makes grinding go pretty quickly, but you may not. Find a metric to go off of and have at it.

Companions aren't very useful

I know you want a pet. It's an MMO, almost everyone wants a pet. Don't bother rushing one in CBT2. Some people will disagree, but after playing a Hunter and transferring my pet to other characters I am still not convinced it's worth it at all yet.

Don't spend all that Silver on a pet that's going to require you to spend over 400S every time it's out of Stamina, which it will run out of often unless you sink thousands upon thousands of Silver into its stats.

You can get a companion to a high level then transfer it to a lower level character to help level, but that's ultimately your call.

Player levels affect party EXP distribution

Just know that a player who is 10 levels above or below you will either eat all your EXP or not get any at all. Keep it within 10 levels.

Warp Scrolls are 5000 Silver

The game throws 20 or so Warp Scrolls at you early on during questing. It can be tempting to use them, but be aware they currently cost 5000 Silver. Use teleport statues whenever possible, and remember some maps simply don't have them.

If you get to be of level to run a dungeon, do it

I can't stress this enough. Stop being anti-social and play with other people, please. This is an MMORPG. Plus you gain a ton of EXP. The first dungeon can be accessed at level 50. Just do it.

If you're going Wizard, be aware INT doesn't affect most of your skills' damage

This is very frustrating and sort of undermines the INT stat, which doesn't affect much at the moment. Most Wizards on the up and up go SPR with a dash of CON, at least during CBT2.

The lowest tier of SP potion is the most efficient

Chugging SP potions is a lot faster than sitting at a Bonfire, but it's understandable a lot of players get antsy over taking a swill every few minutes. All that Silver spent adds up.

If you need SP potions but don't want to spend a ton, stock up on Small SP Potions at the Tool Merchant in Klaipeda. These only cost 120S and restore 70 SP up front, with an additional 98 SP every two seconds for 15 seconds. These are far more cost-efficient than regular SP Potions, which cost four times as much without even double the regeneration.

Enhance your weapon up to +5

You must keep your weapon up date, and most often that means it needs to be pumped with enhancements up to at least +5 and leveled up gems of your choice.

Worry more about the enhancement than the gems, and make sure you get your weapons to +5 as soon as you can once you get a weapon that is above level 15.

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Published Nov. 9th 2015

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