Game Developer Giving Back to Schools Across the Country with Contest Giveaway

Kids can win 100 copies of educational iPad title for their school

Kids can win 100 copies of educational iPad title for their school

SEATTLE, Jan. 28, 2015 /PRNewswire/ –CarQuiz Math Game is the talk of the internet: parents rave, the project was featured on Cult of Mac, and their Kickstarter is 75% funded. Now Smile More Studios wants to engage classrooms. Kids can win up to 100 copies of CarQuiz Math Game, the iPad edutainment title, for their school.

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Many children struggle with math. Some may even find it scary. Smile More Studios wants to challenge those who dislike math to imagine math as a monster, draw that monster and release it in to the wild!

“Don’t like math? Do you tremble when you see a math equation? Release your fear of math and draw! From Jan 25 to Feb 25, 2015, Smile More Studios is holding a CONTEST to see who can create the scariest math monster! Draw the monster that you think of when you think of math, and you could win up to 100 copies of CarQuiz for your school, a 3d print of your monster or the ultimate reward – the ‘I conquered the Math Monster’ trophy!”

Parents, have your child draw his or her inner math monster and submit it. Artistry is not required, but bravery is! Smile More Studios will share select drawings and award prizes in several categories. And long after the contest is over, Scott Martin, co-designer of CarQuiz, believes kids will return to the game again and again.

“If a game is fun and challenging to us, while we can also steadily advance, and be awarded for that progress, then we’re hooked! Can we apply these same rewards and challenges to learning math? We think it’s possible and we’ve developed a game that we feel can get kids to play again and again.”

Hopefully with a few less math monsters roaming the earth!

“The biggest monster we face now as a development team is our final stage of polish and testing. It is also a challenge to get a fan base behind a game not yet available. We are on track with releasing CarQuiz and it is testing very well. We hope the contest will draw attention to the game and help people release their fear of math!”

CarQuiz builds skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. It helps players memorize their number facts, and for parents, helps identify trouble areas with math. Join Smile More Studios on Facebook or Twitter to keep up with the latest game developments.

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About Smile More Studios
Smile More Studios is a father/daughter collaboration of Scott and Mariah Martin. They are the developers of the CarQuiz Math Game available in the App Store early 2015.
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