Dungeon Fighter Online OBT Starts Tuesday with a New Coat of Paint

DFO OBT's bringing some changes you'll either love or hate, but it's great to see it coming back.

Ahh, DFO. How I've waited for your return! It's been about a year since Neople launched a limited alpha to test the waters, and here we are on the cusp of the game's first open beta phase. It's hard not to get hype as a beat'em up fan.

Dungeon Fighter Online will be handled by its original developer Neople this time around. Finally DFO is out of Nexon's hands and into the hands of a team that, at least partially, cares about the game.

Out with Blitz and in with Fatigue

Veteran players may find themselves surprised at the lack of the Blitz system in Neople's release. The Blitz system allowed for fast leveling and buffs, allowing players (and bots) to level at high speeds -- which is how botting got so far out of hand on DFO Global.

Instead of the old Blitz system, we'll be seeing the return of the Fatigue system. Veterans from way back may remember Fatigue, and those familiar with particular Asian MMOs may be familiar with it as well. The Fatigue system will limit how much EXP you can gain per day, effectively capping your leveling speed.

While I am not particularly fond of Fatigue systems, in games like Dungeon Fighter Online (and even Blade & Soul), they are much easier to stomach due to the fast-paced gameplay that just begs for players to roll multiple alts. As much as I like hitting level cap within a few days, I enjoy a stable playerbase and economy much more.

New classes

Oh wait, what's that? New classes in DFO? Is this a dream?

Yes, my friends. DFO Global will be seeing new classes with the OBT launch: The Creator and the Dark Knight.

Dark Knight is a Slayer subclass known in international versions for its high damage in endgame PvE and PvP.

The Creator brings a new gameplay style to DFO, requiring players to move their character with the keyboard and use their mouse to aim/draw their abilities out. That said, it's not known for its endgame domination like the Dark Knight.

I'm more into Priest subclasses myself, but both these new additions sound exciting in comparison to the lull in content we saw during Dungeon Fighter Online's Nexon run. The future looks pretty bright!

If you're just as hype as I am, keep an eye on the official DFO Facebook page over the next day and a half as we edge closer and closer to OBT launch. Neople will be hosting a stream via Twitch starting at 1PM PDT on Monday to celebrate launch and show off what's to come. Get hype!

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Published Mar. 22nd 2015
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