"Halo: Nightfall" Panel featured at San Diego Comic Con

"Halo: Nightfall" discussed by cast and crew at this year's San Diego Comic Con

Later this month, fans of Halo will get a chance to learn all they can about Microsoft's upcoming series Halo: Nightfall, straight from Kiki Wolfkill (an executive producer) and Frank O'Connor (franchise development director). The Halo: Nightfall panel is just one of many exciting Microsoft events planned for this year's San Diego Comic Con. 

Halo: Nightfall is a five episode "live-action digital" series (in other words, a webseries), announced as an "Xbox Original" on Xbox's website, earlier this year. According to the website, the companies backing the series are "343 Industries and Scott Free Productions. "Also, Nightfall "will be executive produced by Ridley Scott" ("Alien," "Bladerunner"), and "Sergio Mimica-Gezzan ('Battlestar Galactica,' 'Pillars of the Earth,' 'Heroes') will direct." 

In addition to the Nightfall panel, Con-goers can also attend panels on Halo: The Master Chief Collection, and the "Xbox Originals documentary Atari: Game Over." For the times of these panels, as well as other information, I suggest checking out the official Xbox news site. There's a lot of great Comic Con related information there. 

Those of us unable to get our hands on a Comic Con ticket can look forward to checking out Halo: Nightfall around November 11th, which is also when Halo: The Master Chief Collection releases. 


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Published Jul. 14th 2014
  • Proto Foe
    Senior Intern
    I hope we get to see what they show. SDCC has the history of showcasing exclusive footage behind closed doors, and I want to see as much Halo as possible! :D
  • Mary-Kate Wagamon
    I hope so, too!

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