It's Not a Trap! Angry Birds Star Wars Now with Multiplayer

The force is strong with this multiplayer. Angry Birds Star Wars will now feature two new modes to play with friends.

Our favorite revenge-seeking birds are coming out with a great addition to the already beloved game. Angry Birds Star Wars has officially released a trailer for a new multiplayer portion of the game.

With the competitive mode, you can play against up to three of your friends. You heard right, four people can play Angry Birds Star Wars at the same time. The game also features a co-op mode where you can try to take the porky Sith Lords out with a friend.

The trailer above is full of light saber battles, a bird who isn't afraid to shoot first, and enough Star Wars references to keep even the biggest fan content! I think multiplayer will finally help this game gain more dimensions. With a "Star Wars" backdrop, this game will surely do well.

Angry Birds Star Wars will be released on consoles and handhelds alike. Angry Birds Star Wars is set to launch on PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS October 29 in the U.S. and November 1 worldwide.

Published Aug. 21st 2013
  • Stainlessoyster
    Oh god more Angry birds... Please stop... we have enough of it...
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    Well it's not technically a new one, just adding multiplayer to an existing one and putting it on consoles.
  • Synzer
    Guide Editor
    So, I'm assuming it's only for the consoles? I have the Angry Bird Star Wars app.
  • Raven Hathcock
    Featured Contributor
    I'm sure you can use handhelds. From what I see in the trailer, it looks like it's one player's turn and then it moves to the next player and so on and so forth. I'm sure you can do the same with handheld.
  • Courtney Gamache
    Featured Contributor
    Oh god not another Angry Birds! Well at least there's new multiplayer features to look forward to! Go get 'em Princess Leia-Bird!

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