DARK - Start-up Fix

A Quick Fix For the Failed To Initialize Engine Error

DARK hit shelves last week and a lot of people are having trouble launching the game on the PC. I had the "Failed To Initialize The Engine" error every time I tried to start the game. If you have the same problem then I have two easy solutions for you to try.

 First Solution

Try to change the resolution fo your monitor. The game at it's current patch level does not support all resolutions. You can try the standard 1680x1050 resolution, if your screen does not support that resolution there are many below that just switch through them and one should work.

 Second Solution

If the first solution does not work for you, (It didn't work for me, but it does for some), then your problem is your monitor. I was using my 52" flat screen TV as my monitor and like many others it was not supported. This may not be as easy for some of you but i hooked up my old monitor and it ran just fine.

 For those of you who had to use the second option but do not like your crappy second monitor like me, I found out a solution. Once you get the game to run you can go into the options screen and change the resolution to one that your main monitor supports, then just exit the game hook back up your main monitor and it should run fine on either monitor now.

 The Game

Dark has received a lot of negative reviews. I can see why a lot of people don't like it but I had a fun time playing it. It is not the most in-depth game out there, and of course it has plenty of glitches. Overall I thought it was worth my time playing it, it is a very short game. The story is interesting at first and if you have any patience at all you will have a lot of fun stealthing around with your vampire powers and eating humans.

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Published Jul. 21st 2013

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