Why I Can't Wait For this Proper Return to Doom

Doom looks to bring back that ultra fast paced combat that demands improvisation and fast reflexes rather than waiting behind cover for health to regenerate.

Guns. Demons. Speed. That's the simple title to this new trailer Bethesda released as well as the philosophy behind every design choice and decision that's gone into crafting this new Doom. While I couldn't care less about the multiplayer aspect of the game, it's the single player campaign that's got me excited. 

When Wolfenstein: The New Order dropped in 2014, it was praised for bringing back the model of the classic shooter. It was frantic, lacked rebounding health and demanded quick thinking from the player instead of the pop and shoot game play that seems to be the standard for every shooter these days. Bethesda appears to have built on this and the new Doom is poised to return us back to the era of dodging enemy fire, circle strafing and frantic movement that made old school "twitch" shooters so much fun in the first place. Even the majority of the fights shown so far in the game are "arena" like encounters that give you a large area and plenty of firepower to tear through waves and waves of Hell spawn. Personally, this sure beats the slower more atmospheric approach of Doom 3.



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Published May. 11th 2016
  • Chief-Moha
    I Personally enjoyed the Horror survival style of DOOM 3 and am sad to hear that it wont be making a return in this one. But on the plus side, as you stated it does seem that we are getting a trickle of Old School style shooters, which i have missed for a long time.

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