Monstrum: The Latest Horror to Hit Greenlight

Developer Team Junkfish has revealed a new survival horror title, Monstrum, coming to Steam Greenlight now.

Developer Team Junkfish has officially announced a new horror game coming to Steam Greenlight, Monstrum. Players will find themselves aboard an abandoned freighter ship, running for their lives from a few deadly foes in the dark.

Like the latest horror titles in the gaming world, Monstrum features no form of combat for the player to defend themselves. Instead, Junkfish intends for you to run, hide, and create makeshift blockades from junk lying around to make it out alive. Being unable to defend oneself makes for a horrifying time.

If that wasn't bad enough, Monstrum will feature perma-death. If you die, you're dead for good, no respawns or checkpoints. The ship's corridors and entire lay-out will change, meaning every playthrough is unique. Three different types of monsters will ensure you're kept on your toes as well.

The player will have the ability to create distractions by turning on radios, throwing items down staircases, and more in order to get the creature off your trail.

But, you must be careful. The ability to accidentally create noise is also there, and should you bump into something you may alert the enemy to your position and bring them down on your head.

Monstrum is currently available on Steam Greenlight, which everyone should vote for, of course. Team Junkfish intends to bring their horror title to the Mac and Linux also with Oculus Rift support later on.

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Published Feb. 19th 2014

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