Microsoft: New $399 Xbox One Will Come Without Kinect

The Xbox One sans Kinect is due to hit shelves June 9th.

Microsoft announced today that on June 9th, a new $399 Xbox One will hit the market, marking a $100 decrease in the console's price. The catch? It won't come with a Kinect. Yes, the peripheral once described as "an essential and integrated part of the platform" will soon be demoted to a stand-alone purchase come this fall.

This likely spells the end of Microsoft's love affair with the Kinect. The peripheral was brought in at the same time as the Sony Move controller, both trying to capitalize on the motion control craze started by the Wii.

Unfortunately, the Kinect had a number of issues ranging from input lag to needing a large play space. Microsoft tried again with the Xbox One's Kinect, adding better functionality and a slew of interesting, if not at times creepy, features. A lackluster game library and continued lag problems, however, seem to have put the final nail in the coffin.

Will the price drop finally get you to buy an Xbox One? If you own one already, do you feel like the Kinect is worth the extra $100 dollars? Let us know down in the comments or tweet us at @GameSkinny.


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Published May. 14th 2014
  • Wade_6568
    I don't have the creepy new XB1 with Kinect but I still have my old system with it and I love the games and the exercise it provides. I found getting off my butt and trying the game until I figured out the moves worked. I don't get the complaints from all the gamers out there. It's much cooler to act out the game than just sit on the sofa. That being said it still has it's issues and not enough games. I think they should make ALL games dual compatible for Kinect or Kinect-less systems and of course fix the problems (though the problems are few and small, it might just be the system is unforgiving if you don't move precisely). I still play old style controllers and Kinect and when they figure out the tiny problems and release an even newer improved version I will upgrade then.
  • onpv3rtigo1
    Featured Contributor
    I wonder if places like Gamestop will take trade ins on the Kinect sensors
  • WesleyG
    Columnist a really good question. I'll definitely be keeping an eye on that one.
  • Mr. Everywhere
    No surprise there. If you actually know what current technology is capable of, instead of listening to what the people who make it say it should be capable of, then you already knew the Kinect would fail (and that Steve Jobs was a scam artist who sold you the same product over & over again) < Yes, I know that last part has nothing to do with Microsoft, the Xbox, or even gaming.
  • WesleyG
    With all the modding I've seen with the Kinect, it seems like it would be an awesome tool for nearly anything other than gaming. I don't think it would be outside the realm of possibility for Microsoft to repurpose the Kinect into a device for business, especially as presentation software.

    It may be dead in the gaming market, but it may yet live on elsewhere. I mean, Microsoft isn't going to let all that money spent on developing the thing go to waste.
  • zarbor_6462
    Thank you Sony. Competition is what drives all of this kind of stuff. Glad I sold my Day One XB1 unopened console. Knew that the price would drop and not willing to pay more than $400 especially if the competition is slightly more powerful.
  • WesleyG
    The PS4 has really been killing it recently, but I wouldn't say it has anything to do with system power. They did an awesome job creating an image of being the user-friendly option in the console wars while also getting rid of the gimmicks. I mean, how much have you heard about the Move recently?

    Out of curiosity though, would you consider getting another Xbox One for $399 or have they already lost you as a potential customer?

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