PlayStation 4 beta for Paragon beginning soon -- here's how to sign up

Hurry up! You still might be able to get in!

Earlier today, Epic Games sent out emails notifying those who'd already registered an account with them that the online tests for their latest MOBA, Paragon, will be rolling out soon for the PlayStation 4. 

Players who link their PlayStation Network ID's via the link provided in the email will be eligible for online testing. 

For those who don't know, Paragon is a MOBA that is quite similar to SMITE in terms of overall gameplay, but with an updated art style and a unique mechanic involving a deck of cards that you can take into battle. As quoted on the website:

"Earn cards by playing. Build and upgrade decks. Create dominant strategies. Different combinations dramatically change gameplay and unlock deep strategic choice."

Wondering how to sign up? You simply have to register an account on the game's website. If there still is room for more play testers, you will receive a survey asking you a few questions about your gaming habits. And from then on you play the waiting game. 

Paragon is set to release later this year with paid early access in spring and an open beta in Summer. 


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Published Jan. 15th 2016
  • Auverin Morrow
    Featured Contributor
    It honestly seems like this dev is straight ripping from Hi-Rez. I hate to accuse any developer of that, but Hi-Rez made a MOBA successful on console, so now this developer is making a console-exclusive MOBA that's also third-person (or maybe first person? I can't tell from the trailer). And the whole deck of cards thing....that mechanic is straight from Paladins -- Hi Rez's new team shooter. Even though the art style here is very's still weirdly suspicious to me.
  • shox_reboot
    Huh...that's interesting. I agree that so far from what I've seen this does look a lot like Smite (really doubt it'll be first person). But then again, the MOBA genre isn't exactly original...I mean DOTA gave way to League of Legends, Smite seems to have opened the gates to Paragon.

    As for the card system there's no clue on how that's going to function in Paragon and this is the first time I've heard of Paladins (thanks for that by the way), but I read up on the card system in it and it actually reminds me of Titanfall's burn cards.

    Either way I guess you can't stop new games from borrowing ideas. I mean look at how you can parkour in CoD Advanced Warfare and Black Ops 3...Titanfall was the first to introduce that kind of a mechanic and now it seems like you can't make an fps without it.

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