STRAFE Pre-Alpha Released to Bring In More Kickstarter Backers

Do you like QUAKE, DOOM, and other '90s shooters? Check out STRAFE® before the Kickstarter campaign ends!

A short while back, Left Foot shared the Kickstarter campaign for Pixel Titans' upcoming throwback shooter, STRAFE®. Now, we are just under two days left on the Kickstarter and, as of this posting, STRAFE® still needs over $20,000 to complete its funding.

In order to entice more backers -- and give those who have already backed reason to share the campaign with their friends -- the team at Pixel Titans has released a pre-alpha build of STRAFE® for anyone to try it out. But, the game's director, Thom Glunt, warns you that this is currently a broken game:

But it’s broken. Seriously. READ THIS FIRST.’s pre-Alpha, BROKEN and not representative of the final game. It was custom built in days to get into the hands of streamers. The overwhelming positive response encouraged us to release it to the public. BUT this is A TINY FRACTION and modified version of STRAFE® that lacks most final features likes:

  • Custom options (inverted mouse, FOV/visor/gun sliders, etc)
  • Procedural level generation
  • Finished enemy AI and pathfinding
  • Secrets
  • A ton of things, you get the idea

Essentially, the current game state is far from an accurate representation of what the game will be like once completed.

If you would like to try out the pre-alpha build of STRAFE® for yourself, here are the PC and MAC downloads. Consider visiting the Kickstarter campaign before it ends:

<iframe src="" frameborder="0" scrolling="no" width="600" height="450" />
Published Feb. 17th 2015

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