Mortal Kombat X Tips and Tricks

Here's some tips and tricks for MKX that have helped me improve my win ratio significantly!

Whether you’re just starting out, or you’re an experienced player, there are many ways to approach each opponent you face in Mortal Kombat X. If you play online, you will face spammers, combo experts, and sporadic fighters that do who knows what. How do you handle someone who just does one move repeatedly? How do you stop the combo experts? Here’s some advice (some basic, some more complex) on playing Mortal Kombat X. (Please note, I have it for Xbox One so I’ll explain it using that controller, but everything still applies the same for the other versions.)

The Straight Jump

This is very basic, but I know a lot of players that don’t use it or know it. When you jump straight up in the air (not forwards or backwards) and press Y, you can slam your opponent into the ground and back up. This is especially nice since it provides many opportunities to begin or continue a combo, so use it!

Learn Two Long Combos

I’ve played plenty of opponents have an impressive 35% combo or so, but if that’s your one trick pony, I will counter it. A long combo to me is anything that hits approximately 25% or more in health damage. If you can learn two of these with a character, you can keep your opponent from being able to predict your moves.


This is something that nobody seems to do. If you want to get good at pulling off combos, or learn the best way to block/counter Sub-Zero’s obnoxious slide attack, training mode is best. While you’re at it, practice creating a wall combo as well; those make winning matches a lot easier and are usually easy to pull off.

Train With Three Characters

When playing online, you will run into several individuals that will play as Katana, Scorpion, Mileena, or Sub-Zero. You will also note that as you play against these people, they will all have similar fighting styles, spams, and combos. It’s not a bad thing to play as one of these four, but people get used to fighting them and it makes it harder on you. Mix it up; keep your opponent on his toes by fighting as Kotal Kahn or Ferra/Torr. They won’t know (most likely) what to expect when you play as these less popular fighters.

Spam Block

You know what a spammer is if you’ve played MKX online. There’s Jax and his rockets. Erron Black and his distance shooting, and don’t forget Katana and her fan throws. Almost all the characters have a spam move that people will use to win the match. My advice is to grab a buddy and have him spam you, that way you can learn the best way to defeat the dreaded spammer. Also note that these opponents aren’t usually good at the game, and if you can keep them close to you, you can beat them senselessly with combos and other tactics.

Throw/EX Moves

Despite what you or others may believe, throws are not cheap. They are intentionally designed so that opponent you’re facing will quit blocking all of your moves. (I call opponents that are constantly blocking during the match turtles!) If you face someone who is blocking, throw them over and over until they stop. Also, for that person who loves to duck and kick constantly, use the EX moves. Most characters have temporary invincibility when executing, so they’re attack won’t (usually that is) impede your own.

Ask For Help

When I play an opponent that is better than me, or he is using a character that I really enjoy, I ask them for help. Most people I’ve discovered are willing to help you learn a new combo that you didn’t previously know, so don’t be afraid to message them. It will only make you better in the end. 

Use Youtube

Youtube has it all for you. There are videos on how to do specific tricks, how to pulloff a difficult combo, etc. The best thing about it is there is advice for all of the characters as well. If you there is something you want to learn, Youtube is your best answer. 

I hope these tips/suggestions helped, and if you have a method for fighting that you feel works really well, please feel free to share! 

Published Jun. 12th 2015

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