Dogmeat in Fallout 4 is based on developer's dog River

Dogmeat is proving to be a great addition in Fallout 4; with inspiration from a developer's pet.

Bethesda is really rolling in the cute factor by adding man's best friend, Dogmeat, as one of the twelve companions available for the anticipated Fallout 4 game that releases on November 10th.

Gaining creativity from real-life

It's a pretty cool fact that the idea and model behind the companion Dogmeat was inspired by Bethesda developer Joel Burgess's dog. Burgess's dog, whose name is River, provided not only video capture footage but also audio clips as part of Fallout 4's design for Dogmeat. 

An important thing to know about playing with Dogmeat as the companion is that the adorable German Shepherd will never die during the story. For many gamers the death of a beloved animal in-game can hit like a ton of bricks, so Bethesda is throwing everyone a bone by making the dog immortal. 

Exploring the wasteland with Dogmeat 

You'll get the chance to experience gameplay with Dogmeat upon Fallout 4's release on November 10th for numerous systems including: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Windows PC. 

Are you excited about having Dogmeat as a companion in Fallout 4? What do you think the gameplay will be like? Share your thoughts below!

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Published Sep. 22nd 2015
  • kate.farrow
    Community Manager
    So glad that Dogmeat can't die in Fallout 4. I have had Dogmeat die in Fallout 3 so many times, but I refuse to play without him so I reload. There needs to be a "pet Dogmeat" option in Fallout 4, though. Fallout 3 Dogmeat is deprived of human contact :(

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