Call of Duty Mobile Not Working for Many Players Due to Server Issues

You're not the only one stuck on the Call of Duty Mobile loading screen.

If you're trying to play Call of Duty Mobile and are stuck on a loading screen, don't get too upset just yet it's probably not your device. The servers are just being pummeled with new players.

Call of Duty Mobile launched today, mere weeks before Call of Duty Modern Warfare launches on October 25. Players anticipating the next mainline game are attempting to log into the mobile game en masse.

Whether Call of Duty Mobile is not loading at all or you are stuck on a loading screen, have some patience and try again in a few hours.

Spamming the login servers won't get you in any faster; just be patient and try again later. Millions are trying to get in today, and the more people trying all at once, the longer it's going to take for the game to actually work.

Keep an eye on the Activision support Twitter account for news straight from the horse's mouth about what's going on with Call of Duty Mobile's server issues.

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Published Oct. 1st 2019

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