Steam Summer Sale: Top 15 Games You Need To Wishlist Now

Life is Strange

Steam User Rating: 97% Positive

Wishlist It: Steam Store

Similar to The Wolf Among Us and The Walking Dead, Life is Strange is an episodic, story-driven game set in a young woman's final high-school years. She discovers she has the power to rewind time, which allows her to play with situations and see how they immediately play out.

Most choices that you make begin to feel morally gray, to the point where you aren't really happy with any situation. Life is Strange is tense, and realistically touches on all walks of life wherever necessary.

If you love realistic characters and well thought out stories that pull at all the right/wrong heartstrings, wishlist Life is Strange. We hope Square Enix jumps on the Steam Summer Sale bandwagon with this horse leading the charge.

Published Jun. 8th 2015

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