Top 5 Badass Normals

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What's a Badass Normal, you say? It's a character that's stuck in the middle of a world full of magic, mutants, superpowers, or other such fantastic abilities, and has the terrible luck of having none of them. Normal people would resign themselves to being either piss-ant bystanders or low-level goons, because that's just what makes sense.

Badass Normals don't give a rat's ass about sense. They don't care that everybody's stronger than them. They don't care that they have no chance of winning. They sack up and take on the superpowered world anyway with nothing but brains, skill, and balls of steel. Here's the Top 5 list of the guys who live life on perpetual hard mode, and become bigger heroes because of it.

And before you say anything, Batman doesn't count. He's a comic character originally, and he's too easy.

Published Jul. 18th 2015

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