Batman: Arkham Origins

The Dark Knight detective is back and he's got more gadgets!

Goosebumps, anyone? Man, Batman versus Deathstroke--that teaser trailer was certainly a sweet treat! I can't wait for the official trailer which comes out May 20th! Come this October we can all finally see how Batman became such a nuisance to all those famous villains we know. Batman: Arkham Origins is taking place years before Arkham Asylum and showing us how Batman established himself as Gotham's finest detective.

New Gadgets and Fast Travel!

Arkham Origins looks to be setting up an even more impressive game than its predecessor Arkham City. It will feature a new gadget called "Remote Batclaw" which enables Batman to tie two things together, whether it's two thugs being pulled together for a knockout or objects being thrown; Batman can do it! Another new feature will be Batman's Batwing, his flying vehicle; which allows you to fast travel to areas in Gotham which are too far for gliding or using the grapnel gun. However, not all areas will be safe to travel to in the Batwing. There will be guard posts that must be disabled via gadgets or simple brute force.

Side Quests, Side Quests and More Side Quests!

Playing Arkham City was great not only because it was a Batman game, but because it showcased a bunch of villains that weren't directly related to the main story. You had to solve the Riddler's riddles, locate Zsasz via public phones, and help Bane trash the venomous tanks that the Joker placed around the city. Origins is going all out this time and allowing you to actually help out Gotham's finest, the GCPD. You will be tasked to save police officers from gang attacks and save those poor innocents from being thrown from a rooftop.

DC's Greatest Detective

Arkham Asylum and City didn't prove to be that great of the figure-it-out-and-catch-the-bad-guy type genre, where you switched to detective mode, looked for a piece of evidence, scan it, then be on your merry way. It looks like Origins is going to change that with an all new look at crime scenes. Now you can look at a crime scene from different angles and view them via the Bat Computer or Bat Cave. Crime scenes will include theoretical scenarios that are acted out and you can actually see what took place. I can't wait for more screenshots and videos from this game as I will surely add it to my collection.


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Published May. 20th 2013

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