Payday 2: The Diamond Heist DLC Features First Female Heister

Payday 2 debuted a female heister named Clover in its new DLC Tuesday. Could there be a second female heister in the game's future?

Payday 2's newest character is an Irishwoman with a penchant for smashing people's heads in.

Clover is the new "heister" included in Payday 2's DLC released Tuesday, called The Diamond Heist. She's also the series' first female heister, has her own unlockable "female" masks, and specializes in faster lockpicking and bodybagging with her "Burgler" perk. Her weapon of choice? A L-95 assault rifle named "Queen's Wrath" as well as an Irish wooden club known as a "shillelagh".

Developer Overkill Games teased back in October that they would release a playable female character, though they didn't release any information about her until now. (See the short teaser trailer below.)

Another Female Heister in the Works?

Payday 2's composer Simon Viklund has also has indicated that there may be another female character in the near future. Clover's initial voice actress was Scottish, but because the character has an Irish background, Overkill used a different actress for Clover.

Players can play Clover as of this Tuesday by purchasing the Clover Character Pack in the Steam store.

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Published Dec. 17th 2014

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