Halo 4 Game of the Year Edition

All the things about the Halo 4 GOTY...

This past fall was the first fall in many years that I have not worked for a video game store. Because of that, I missed out on a lot of big releases that I would have normally pre-ordered and bought/worked at the midnight release.

Somehow I overlooked Halo 4 when it came out.

Don't worry, I eventually caught up with it this summer. I guess I just didn't feel the old sense of urgency to buy and play a Halo game at midnight since this was the first Halo not made by Bungie.

The point is, if you are like me and are far behind in the latest installment of Halo, never fear! This October, we will get the Halo 4 Game of the Year edition! Is that enough exclamation points for you?

The GOTY edition will include pretty much everything ever to do with Halo 4 since the game was originally released. You get all the preorder items that you missed, even the ones for the Limited and Collector's editions. You also get a Mast Chief Avatar Cloak that is inspired by, what I would presumably call the Halo 5 trailer that debuted at E3. Other than that, you get Spartan Ops Season One, the War Games Map Pass, and Champions Bundle DLC.

This is basically $80 worth of content for the low price of $50. This is the perfect package for someone like me who played through the campaign but put the game aside for something else before they could get to the multiplayer. I'm not really even a fan of multiplayer or FPS, but I will always love Halo.

There's no specific date set in stone, but as of now I would expect this to hit stores sometime in October.

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Source ign.com
Published Sep. 16th 2013

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