Self-Taught Engineer Makes PS4 and Xbox One Portable Case Mods

Ed Zarick is attaching television monitors to his 3D printed console for gamers who want to play with less restrictions

A self-taught engineer is rethinking the way people play current generation consoles by making them more portable.

Ed Zarick, the person behind the Xbook 360, released a lineup of custom consoles called the Playbook 4 and Xbook One. Both machines are modifications of Sony’s PlayStation 4 and Microsoft’s Xbox One that come with a 22-inch 1080p Vizio television monitor.

The consoles are made from his two car garage workshop with tools and parts mostly acquired from Craigslist, according to his website. He holds the consoles together with a 3D printed, laser cut acrylic case.

In addition to including the inputs and outputs already featured in each original console, both the Playbook 4 and Xbook One have a Wi-Fi antenna and internal speakers. An HDMI outlet can be added for $50, and a Kinect can be installed to the Xbook One for $100.

While the television monitor helps make the consoles portable, they are not always accessible. In order for gamers to turn the console on, it must be connected to a wall outlet.

The Playbook 4 and 500 GB Xbook One costs $1,395. Gamers can provide an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 for Zarick to use for $1,095. Each console has a minimum non-refundable deposit of $750 with a shipping cost of $75 to the continental U.S

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Published Oct. 17th 2014

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