The 7 Best Weapons in PUBG Mobile

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Here's arguably the only really good shotgun in the game. You will actually use shotguns only inside the houses, as they are completely useless otherwise. But if you have the S12K, then a close-quarter shot will insta-kill your opponents.

Also, it has a super fast fire rate for a shotgun, the fastest in the game to be exact. So don't leave one behind if you find it on the ground.

  • Ammo: 12 G
  • Cap: 5
  • Power: 92
  • Range: 9
  • Stability: 86
  • Rate: 15


These seven weapons are currently the best choices you can get in the game, and for other PUBG Mobile guides at GameSkinny, please follow the links below:

Published Apr. 3rd 2018

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