Microsoft Is Making The Xbox One Even Better

New additions, improvements, and updates are going to make the Xbox One a lot better.

The Xbox One launched back in November 2013, and Microsoft wanted to make the Kinect more interactive, separating itself from the PS4. Microsoft wanted developers to create more games that included a ton of Kinect features, but instead, the developers ignored them.

The Kinect was holding the Xbox One back, the reason is because the Kinect required ten percent of the Xbox One's GPU(Graphics Processing Unit). When it comes to high-resolution and faster frame-rate, the PS4 out-performs the Xbox One--graphics wise. The PS4 has 8GBs of GDDR5 RAM within it's system, while the Xbox One has 8GBs of DDR3 RAM, making it slower compared to PS4's.

Microsoft wanted to attract more customers, they wanted to compete with Sony even better, so in the end, Microsoft decided to separate the Kinect from the Xbox One. With the removal of the Kinect, not only will it increasing the GPU by ten percent, but it will also drop the console's price down from $499 to $399. This doesn't mean that the Kinect is completely gone, it just means that gamers will be able to choose whether or not to separately buy and use the Kinect.

This isn't the only thing that is making the Xbox One better, earlier this week Microsoft announced that they coming out with forty-five new apps for both Xbox One and Xbox 360. Making a total of two-hundred-fifty-five apps available, some of them will only be available to certain countries around the world. For the full list of apps arriving, click here

This week, Xbox One is getting a system software update, it will add external storage support, real names, free games for Xbox Live gold members and improved SmartGlass integration. Also, with some new download options for the PC drives, PC gamers that like console-like controllers, will be able to use the Xbox One's controller for PC gaming.

With the new additions and improvements, Xbox One owners are going to have a better experience. Customers that once bashed on Microsoft for their previous decisions for the console, might actually consider buying this improved version the Xbox One.

E3 is coming very soon, which means lots of new games are being revealed for all platforms, so for more information, stay tuned on GameSkinny.

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Published Jun. 5th 2014
  • topher339
    I hope that if they make the One controller usable on PCs they make it compatible with Windows 8. As it is, I'd like to use my 360 controllers on my laptop but they don't have compatibility with Windows 8.
  • NorthwestGamer
    It's important to note that the 10% graphics boost is made available to developers. If a developer chooses not to use the Kinect, they can build their game to utilize the extra 10%. Simply unplugging your Kinect while playing a game does not give you a 10% boost, it all comes down to the developer.
  • Kaelan Otto
    Featured Correspondent
    I agree, I actually forgot to put that bit of information in the article.
  • Fathoms_4209
    Featured Columnist
    If it ever has games I actually want to play, sure, I'll consider buying it. I'm definitely not buying a next-gen console for apps.
  • Xavier's
    Featured Correspondent
    Interesting read, I do hope Microsoft can recover from their fall from grace.

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