Bizarre Phrases Only Cookie Clicker Players Understand

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For those of you who have not played Cookie Clicker yet, the following will not make much sense.

The following are real quotes taken from a text conversation I had with a friend who was playing Cookie Clicker at the same time as I was.

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"It says to get 100 I click from 0 to 100...get the achievement then sell all my grandmas, so I can get another achievement without losing cookie. I've unlocked 44/93."

"How in the world am I going to accomplish 100 antimatter condensers????? This game will suck your life away!"


"I have 8 of those, but it will suck all the cookies dry if I keep doing it :/"

"The per second will be even faster!"


"I'm trying to get 50 we sound like NERDS."

"I'm at 10,139.208.4 cookies per second!"


-"Which cursor have you unlocked? I have 1,000 personal clicks and the 100,000 one. I hate clicking the cookie."

-"I have clickrastic, clickathalon, clickolympics, and clickorama...I'm trying to do clickasmic now."


-"For the mouse click am I supposed to click the cookie 10,000,000 times? That would mean clicking for half a day!"

-"I got the 10,000,000 one in a few secs...cause of the upgrades I bought just now."


-"When we finish the achievements...what will we do????? Help me."

-"We won't have lives. That's what."

Published Oct. 15th 2013

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