Leeroy Jenkins!

Leeroy was away from his computer heating up chicken and screwed up his guilds raid.

I know this is an old video and everybody has probably seen it judging by the 42 million views.  This was probably one of the first videos I watched on YouTube but I never understood why Leeroy Jenkins did what he did.  

Leeroy's World Of Warcraft guild "Pals For Life" are debating whether or not to bypass the encounter since it is a difficult one. A guild member mentions that Leeroy could benefit from the raid.  

While they are discussing their plan of attack Leeroy is away from his computer heating up some chicken and isn't aware of whats going on.  When Leeroy returns to his computer around the 1:22 mark he assumes they're ready to raid and charges in with his glorious battle cry.

Leeroy Jenkins!!


Published Jan. 29th 2015
  • Rothalack
    Master O' Bugs
    It was staged of course :(

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