Game Trading Website Gamecycler Launches This Month

Gamecycler, a new game trading website, aims to let gamers trade games with each other in a convenient online platform.

A new game trading website called Gamecycler is gearing up for launch this month. While it may seem like game rental and trading are things of the past during a time when digital distribution has become the norm, Gamecycler is looking to fill what could still be a void.

Built from the ground up, the idea behind Gamecycler came from the virtually universal desire to game on the cheap. When most people finish a video game, they most likely aren't going to play it again. So a smart thing to do is to go to somewhere like Gamestop and have them buy it back. However, the money earned from that buyback is usually just a couple of dollars, and buying another used game still costs a whole lot more.

Ric Delgado, the founder of Gamecycler, talks about this problem:

“Back then I was working as a barista and wasn’t making much money, I would get more and more frustrated whenever I’d finish a game, and know that even if I wanted to go buy a used game after turning in the one I’d just finished, I’d still end up having to pay another $20-$30.”

While gaming is a hobby that entails some expense, some find it a bit too much to sustain. Many play games as a colorful distraction from the drabs of daily life, including those who may be a bit strapped for cash. Therefore, there's always a need for something that makes it more affordable. That's where Gamecycler comes in.

With the video game industry being a $5 billion industry in the US alone, it's safe enough to say that Gamecycler indeed has a big enough market to draw from. The site lets gamers create a library of their own games, as well as a want list of games they want to play. They can then get matched with other gamers and trade requests can be sent, asking for a game in their library by offering a game on their want list they happen to have.

Gamecycler is currently in beta. If you're interested in trading games with other gamers, you can now register an account on the site and get started.


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Published Jun. 13th 2016

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