Twilight Princess Hyrule Warriors DLC Details

Twilight Princess stars in the newest Hyrule Warriors downloadable content

Fans of Hyrule Warriors will be happy, since the next DLC pack for the game is now available. This time the DLC pack is based on Twilight Princess, and allows Midna to be playable in her more human-like form. Midna will be able to use the Mirror of Twilight while fighting the hordes of monsters attacking Hyrule.

There is even more good news pertaining to the Twilight Princess DLC. You'll gain access to a new weapon for Zelda, the Copy Rod. You'll also gain access to a new map to explore in the Adventure Mode. There will also be new costume downloads for Link and Zelda to wear and fight in. You'll get the postman costume for Link and the Llia costume for Zelda. These downloads just show that Hyrule Warriors is trying to give plenty of replay value for gamers to enjoy.

It will be interesting to see how the DLC and the amiibo come into play in the future for Hyrule Warriors as well as other Nintendo games. I know the Link amiibo unlocks a weapon, but could we see new DLC from other figures in the future, similar to what Mario Kart 8 did with the driver costumes.


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Published Nov. 30th 2014

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