It's Adventure Time Again! Explore the Dungeon... Why? Because I Don't Know

Adventure Time goes 3D with even more awesome features!

That's the title: Adventure Time: Explore the Dungeon Because I DON'T KNOW! Pretty catchy, huh? What's more catchy are the features within the game: since last year's Adventure Time: Hey Ice King! Why'd You Steal Our Garbage?!, WayForward Technologies comes out with an even more adventurous way to have fun.

In the new Adventure Time game, you'll get to play as Jake, Finn, Marceline, and Cinnamon Bun, but more characters may be available later. Also, up to four players can play at a time, making the game an "action-adventure dungeon-crawler" like Diablo. Each character has his/her own specialties and weaknesses, and you can upgrade your character as you go on with game tokens.

The game really encourages teamwork and cooperation in order to be more successful, but you could always just spam the baddies and hope for the best. Each character has their special abilities bar which, when filled up, can be used to either do serious damage or drop some cool items, depending on the character. While there is strategy much like in DiabloExplore the Dungeon can just be fooled around with as well. 

Upgrading from 2D to 3D and including a new storyline with over 100 dungeons, you'll get the full experience of Adventure Time. The story focuses on Candy Kingdom and Princess Bubblegum, who hides the scariest creatures in a secret dungeon from the Land of Ooo. But when the creatures begin to escape, the Princess needs help from our heroes, Jake and Finn.

Producer Aaron Blean says, 

"Where the first game was strictly a side-scrolling adventure game with a top-down mini-map, kind of like a Zelda 2, this is more of a top-down three-quarter perspective Diablo/Gauntlet-style game." 

Most importantly, of course, the game looks fun! Choose how to play the game and have fun on your adventure into new areas as you figure out how to beat each boss. Look out for this awesome game on Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, Windows PC, and 3DS this fall.

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Published Jul. 17th 2013
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    Looks super adorable! Who doesn't like adventure time?

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