Top 10 Really Stupid Video Game Endings

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by MandieM

We've all done it--you make it to the end of a video game, and suddenly, wham. The ending is the stupidest part of the whole game. You feel completely let down and vow never to buy a game by that developer again. 

Many games suffer from the end-game-letdown. Some are simply just not how you, as a gamer, would prefer them to work out. But the games on this list all incited enough rage to make most gamers quit--at least, they would have, were the game was not over anyway. You may have even turned it back on just to rage quit and get your satisfaction. Don't rage quit on this post before you read it all!




The videos posted here may contain actual endings.

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Still here? Alright. Let's go.

Murder Death Killing...I mean Mission: Deliver Kindness

Easily one of the most Killey McStabby games of its time, Mission: Deliver Kindness was a simple game. All you had to do was kill basically everything.

While you'd expect that, at the end of the great killing and stabbing adventure, you'd be rewarded with a fun cinematic or a minigame, or even just nothing...what you got was much different.

At the very end of the game, your protagonist suddenly realizes that he's been in a giant arena the entire time. Without any suggestion of this occurring..."Non, Non, Rien N'a Change," by Billy ze Kick, begins to play. The song itself is about the Vietnam war, the title translating to, "No, no, nothing has changed." Ideal for a video game, perhaps. It gets even worse when all of the dead bosses suddenly become the band members. And even worse when they start coming back to life and dying over and over again like a bad dream or flashback.  

Monkey Island 2

This one reminds me a little of the ending of the series Lost. You go through all of these trials and tribulations to find out that the whole thing wasn't real.

That's right - in the end of Monkey Island 2 you find out that the whole thing was just a make believe play session between you and your brother. Or so we think...there are hints suggesting that maybe the opposite is true. View for yourself and see what you think.


Dark Souls 

No video for this one because it technically has two endings, one good and one evil. But it doesn't matter anyway because apparently the producers decided to trololol us all a new one at the end of the game. Dark Souls doesn't have an ending, really, it just places you immediately into your play-through on hard mode, also known as New Game Plus.

All that hard work? Not good enough, do it all again.

Crysis Ending 

At the end of Crysis, at least on your first play-through, you probably thought that you were being set up for an awesome sequel. The game ends with the two main characters jumping right back into the fray, after all.

Except you weren't, at all. The next game doesn't continue where this one left off, so it's more like the writers just got bored and couldn't be bothered to write and ending. Everyone loves cliffhangers, right?

Fable 2 

The video shown here only shows one of the three "end choices" you can make, but all generally follow the same format. Apparently the writers of this particular Fable game like to play games with fans, because this ending is a lot like a game of "would you rather," with only horrible choices.

Sacrifice: All lives lost while building the spire are returned. You lose your precious dog and your family stays dead.

Love: Your family is returned, including your love, your sister, and your dog. All who died building the spire can totally just rot.

Wealth: You're evil, but you get 1,000,000 gold. Everything you love is dead, but who cares?

There are just no good options.

Fallout 3

This game also has a number of endings, but all of them round down to the same basic ending. You sacrifice yourself, or die of radiation poisoning trying not to sacrifice yourself. Unlike some of the other Fallout games, there's no continuing on. You just die. 

Even though in some endings, you have a mutant right behind you who is immune to radiation. (He tells you it's just your fate. OOOh, deep...or lazy).

Even though you could have had a robot do it.


Ghostbusters (1984)

All of the videos of this ending are updated, properly translated, so an image will have to do. This game hands-down wins for the worst translation of all time. The above message is your reward for finishing the game. 

And congratulations. 

Assassin's Creed

This game's actual ending wasn't so bad, it was what happened after the credits that was maddening. As you can see above, you can suddenly see writing on the walls. Most of us probably thought "Ooooh. A clue!" and went all Blue's Clues trying to figure out what it meant. Maybe an additional level? Something else to do?

You never find out because the game doesn't tell you. 

Heavy Rain - Bad Ending

This game had a number of outcomes, but this one was definitely the worst. You spend the whole game trying to figure out who the killer is. The game infers that only by making certain choices will you discover who it is. It also leads you to believe you know the answer multiple times.

Except, at the end you find out that the killer was always the same guy and nothing you could have done would have changed that. Nothing you did in the game made a single iota of impact on the ending. That's motivation.

Resistance 2 

You spent the entire game fighting, expecting to find a cure at the end. You finally reach the end and are rewarded with a cutscene. Unfortunately, all the cutscene gives you is you finally succumbing to the virus and then getting shot in the face by your comrade.

Published Mar. 3rd 2014

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