TERA Getting Seven Schools of Magic Cosmetics Today

We've got the trifecta now: swimsuits, maid outfits, and school uniforms.

TERA is already the land of swimsuits and maid outfits, but you know what it needs? School uniforms, and lots of them.

The Seven Schools of Magic cosmetic items are aiming to reach the Valkyon Outfitters today, based a particular forum post from En Masse director Solomon and some freshly posted pictures of the uniforms on the official TERA Facebook. (Update: The costumes have been added to the Outfitters!)

As the name of this cosmetic set implies, there are seven different in-game schools these uniforms are from. Check out the Facebook link above or the images below for a look at these super cute outfits and where they originate.

Allemantheia Prep

Castanica Tech

Eldritch Academy

Feral Valley Jr. High

Icaruna School for Girls

Kaiator Polytechnic

Velika Vocational

Sailor uniform fans are sure to be pleased, as are those looking for more of a sweater-donning private school look.

One thing I can't help but wonder looking at the shots above is: where the heck are the Amani females? Are Bluehole/En Masse implying Amani females can't go to school? Are they too big to fit through the doors? Amani may be big and have elephant feet, but they deserve to look good too.

Head over to the Valkyon Outfitters in-game or on the official site to get a better look at The Seven Schools of Magic outfitters and their not-too-bad price points.

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Published Aug. 29th 2013
  • Akwaryus
    They are totally adorable costume but .....where ARE the femani versions? Seriously I want one for my main mystic.
  • Reilly C.
    This all looks lore correct to me! It also looks so KAWAII~<3
  • Abzolem
    vak to zkol pls !!!

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