Disruptor Beam Announces Multiplayer The Walking Dead Mobile Game

Will you control your group like a heavy handed Negan or do you have Rick's leadership skills? Put them to the test join the struggle for survival.

Disruptor Beam, the game company responsible for hit mobile games such as Game of Thrones: Ascent and Star Trek Timelines, announced today that they are making a game based on The Walking Dead series in partnership with Skybound Entertainment. The Walking Dead: March to War will be a story-driven multiplayer strategy game set in well-known surroundings (if you follow the TV series or read the comics) and features some familiar faces.

Based on the popular comic series by Robert Kirkman, the game will put the player into a survival situation with other players. It is up to you how you survive together and rebuild society or fight others for resources and deal with the ongoing zombie onslaught. Players must also create their own council to help run their group. The council will be made up of some of the characters from the series such as Rick, Michonne, and Negan. 

The Walking Dead: March to War will be free-to-play and will be available on Android and iOS some time next year. Players can sign up as a Survivor by heading to the game's website. You will receive all pre-launch news about the game and earn yourself a Capture Walker when the game is released.


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Published Jun. 18th 2020

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