Unsatisfied Ouya Kickstarters Offered In-store Credit

Ouya kickstarters offered $13.37 credit in return for all their troubles.

Are you an unsatisfied kickstarter for the Ouya campaign? Did you feel disappointed by the Ouya like many others? Well rejoice. You all are being offered credit to use toward any purchase(s) on DISCOVER.

If you were an unsatisfied contributor to Ouya's kickstarter campaign and experienced any of the problems like late shipments, missing controllers and delayed responses from customer support, you are entitled to claim a $13.37 credit towards DISCOVER.

Wait. What? $13.37? That's it? Are you serious? 

Even though that may not seem like a lot for the trouble caused, it's still better than nothing. Here is the full email by CEO Julie Uhrman.

To our beloved backers,

It's been 11 months and 26 days (360 days for those who prefer a more exact count) since we left the gates of Kickstarter and set out to turn our vision into a reality.

It wasn't OK that some of you-our most loyal supporters-didn't get your OUYA until after it was on store shelves. Others had an issue with our still-new customer service. Despite your frustrations, you've played on, putting up with our bumps and bugs as we work to get better every day.

That being the case, we want to do more than tell you how much we appreciate you-we want to show it.

If you feel you've had any kind of less-than-OUYA experience with us (a polite way of saying at any time you felt pissed at us for whatever the reason: late shipment, missing controllers, a delayed response to a CS ticket you opened), we'd like to give you a store credit of $13.37 to use toward any purchase(s) on DISCOVER.

If you are annoyed with us, we hope this is a first step to winning back your
And for those loving on us, love on.

We've learned a lot over the past year and we're going to continue making Ouya better every day!

Play on,


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Source joystiq.com
Published Aug. 4th 2013

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