Adventure of Pip is Adorable - Or Is It?

Adventures of Pip is cute, modern and going to be an instant classic!

The Kickstarter Adventures of Pip from developer TicToc Games has been spotted at PAX South. 

Pip is so adorable, lovable that it makes people mad. The game has a charming aesthetic, while hosting a sinister beast within. 

Adventures of Pip puts you in the shoes of Pip, a two-dimensional video game character who lives in a caste society where those with more pixels are higher in social status, and those with fewer pixels are (you guessed it) lower status. Pip is just one single pixel. So when an evil queen steals away the kingdom's pixels, it's Pip who decides to stand and fight, despite not having any legs or arms. Cuteness ensues. 

After he begins his quest, Pip is granted the ability to evolve into a higher-resolution version of himself. By bouncing on special enemies' heads and stealing their pixels, he evolves into a higher being. Should Pip defeat another enemy and steal those pixels, he'll become even more detailed and powerful.

Each form has advantages and disadvantages; single-pixel Pip can jump higher, glide, and squeeze into smaller spaces than his other selves. His middle form (which I call '8-Bit Pip') can wall-jump and run faster thanks to the addition of legs. Lastly, his highest-resolution form (or at least the highest we've seen) can break through tough barriers and push heavy blocks that other forms can't. By holding a button, Pip can de-volve to a form one step lower than his current one, blasting his pixels in all directions.

Adventures of Pip is coming to PC, Mac, PS4, Xbox One and Wii U in May.

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Published Jan. 25th 2015

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