Check out the cutest Pokemon cosplayers ever!

We take a look of a few of the cutest Pokemon cosplays out there!

Every Pokemon fan has either cosplayed or wanted to cosplay for conventions or Halloween or even just for fun! Today I have compiled what may possibly be the cutest Pokemon cosplays out there.

This adorable Sylveon cosplay was done by El and was posted to her Tumblr as well as a cosplay Tumblr page. These pictures received 39,753 notes on the cosplay Tumblr page and seems to be deleted from her personal one.

This adorable Plusle and Minnun cosplay is by the girls who run the site called Aurum Cosplay! The girls made the entire ensemble themselves. Talk about commitment!

This Leaf cosplayer is absolutely adorable! She was kind enough to share her cosplay picture with a cosplay website. The fact that she had little sewing knowledge but made the entire outfit herself inspired people to go off and try to cosplay themselves.


This amazing Bianca cosplay was done by an unnamed girl who was featured on a website that shows off Pokemon cosplay. She bought and repurpose the hat and bow, bought the rest of the outift and made the container from household materials.

Of course there would be a Pikachu cosplay involved! This stunning 'Pikachu Princess' cosplay was sent in by Kai to yet another cosplay blog.

You can't help but agree that these were some very cute Pokemon cosplays! Have you ever cosplayed before? What did you dress as? Comment below!

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Published Aug. 27th 2015
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    It's Blue, not Leaf! Grawr! *manga rage* :P
  • Aaliyah Bandy
    I never read the manga so I call her Leaf, so did the person who cosplayed as her so naturally I called her Leaf.
  • David Fisher
    Featured Columnist
    Oh, I know. I'm just joking around. You really should read it though. It's great, and apparently the creator of Pokemon said it's the closest thing to his vision that there is. :)

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