Primal Legends Beginner Tips and Tricks

Check out these tips to get you started in the mobile game, Primal Legends!

Primal Legends is a new mobile game that mixes puzzle, combat, and cards for a unique experience. The gameplay looks simple enough, match 3 or more of the same color to get rid of them. You are always going against another opponent, so you will have to think of your placement.

The in-game tutorial teaches you how to play the game, but it doesn't give all the finer details you need to be successful in the long run. There are some basics you will need to know, and I'm going to tell you them.

This guide will go over getting started in Primal Legends including:

  • Basic Gameplay - How the game is played and what everything does.
  • Town Info - What each building does in town and why they are important.
  • Extra Tips - Tips to give you an advantage over your opponent.

Basic Gameplay

The basics of the game is to match 3 or more of the same color to get it off the board. There are 4 colors -- Blue, Green, Red, and Yellow.

When you match colors, the board refills the missing segments. If you matched anywhere above the bottom row, everything underneath gets pushed up before they refill. You get 3 moves before your turn is over, then it is your opponent's turn.

When you match colors, it will attack the opponents board in front of youThe opponent's board at the top is a mirror image of your board. Wherever you match colors, it attacks that row and/or column.

For example, if I matched the green in the bottom right of the picture below, it would hit the first 3 vertical pieces in that same column on the opponents side. You will create stronger pieces of the same color if you match 4 or more

Primal Legends board

The game is over when either you or your opponent loses all health. Every time a piece is destroyed, their health does damage to the max health.

Example: You destroy a piece with 5 health on the enemy side, so they lose 5 of their max health. If the opponent destroys a piece with 10 health on your side, you lose 10 of your max health.

This also applies to hero pieces, which have a lot more health.


You have Heroes on the right side of the board, each of them are one of the 4 colors.

  • Every time you match a color, the hero of that color fills some of their bar up.
  • When the bar is full, you can place them on the board and use their special ability.
  • Heroes replace the piece or pieces in the location you place them in.
  • Heroes cannot be matched with any colors.

It is important to remember the last 2 so you can carefully plan when and where you place heroes.

Placing a hero on the board or using their ability does not use up 1 of your moves. Moving them when they are already on the board does use up a move.


Each level has an objective you must complete to win. Sometimes it is simply to defeat the opponent, other times you might have to destroy certain targets.

Every time you complete a new quest, you get a chest. Each chest takes time to open and you can only open 1 chest at a time. You can use rubies to speed up the process. You can only have a maximum of 6 chests at a time.

The chests give you money, rubies, and pieces of a hero. If it is a hero you already have, you can collect enough to level them up.

Town Info

There are 6 buildings in town:

  • Arena - This is where you can fight against human players.
    • You get a piece of a fight chest when you win. Collect 5 to open a chest.
  • Shop - Buy heroes, chests, or spend real money to buy rubies.
    • You can also spend rubies to get gold.
  • Barracks - This is where you can assign 4 heroes to your team and view the heroes you have in reserve.
    • You can have more than 1 hero of the same color, but the board will always use all 4 colors.
  • Locksmith - This is where your chests go.
    • You get a free chest multiple times throughout the day. The timer tells you when the next one is available.
    • This is also where your Fight chest will be from winning arena matches.

Primal Legends Locksmith

  • Messages - This is where news, gifts, friends, and messages are displayed.
  • Theater - You can periodically go here to watch a short ad to get free rubies.

Extra Tips

  • Pay attention to where you are matching colors
    • You only get 3 moves and you will have multiple moves you can do most of the time. 
    • Match in the areas you want to attack the opponent
  • You can hold your finger on a hero to review what their ability can do
    • This is helpful if you forget and you can plan when to use it.
  • Plan where you want to put your heroes before putting them down
    • When you drag a hero out, you can hold it in any area before you let go.
    • This way, you can see exactly where they will attack before you place them down.
    • You also want to make sure you aren't covering up any potential matches you could make.

Primal Legends heroes

  • Watch your opponents board and hero bars
    • You want to make sure your moves aren't helping out the opponent.
    • It is also good to see what heroes they have and when they will be ready so you can prepare.
  • Healing Heroes are key for later levels
    • They not only heal your heroes, but they increase the max health of any normal piece.
    • This means you can power up your pieces for a lot more damage, or make them strong enough to withstand enemy attacks.

That's all for my Primal Legends Beginner Tips and Tricks. Let me know if you have any questions!

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Published Aug. 14th 2016

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