Leaderboards In Guild Wars 2

Leaderboards are finally live. Just the top 100 players so far, but promised to expand.

If you look at a checklist of items that the players active on Arenanet's forums want for Guild Wars 2, particularly for PvP fans, leaderboards are one of the first things you will see.  Recent frustration over their delay left the forums a shambled mess, with dozens of threads asking about where they were.

Finally the response has come.  The leaderboards are live and active as of writing.  These initial leaderboards cover mostly PvP but have some PvE content as well.  The boards so far only show the top 100 players in each category, but the release announcement promises to further refine the options players can search for to make their leaderboard viewing more relevant.  Whether this means reaching down to lower brackets or simply a more solid focus for each given board is not stated.

The current leaderboards are for three things.  First is World vs World content, showing the rating of individual worlds and of the players within those worlds.  Second is the structured Player vs Player content recording wins, losses, and win percentage.  The final leaderboard covers achievements, making it relevant to both PvE and PvP players alike.

What do you hope to see the leaderboards updated to show?  Hit the comments to let us know!

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Published Apr. 8th 2013

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