5 cute games like Neko Atsume to fall in love with

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Now, I never wanted my virtual cats to turn to a life of crime and I certainly never wanted to run a cat crime ring, but that's where I am.

Kleptocats has you send out your horde of cats to steal and bring back the riches they've stolen. A few days in and you start to feel like a hoarder, a few months and you may be a hardened criminal.

Kleptocats is cuter than cute and has a ton of items for you to send your cats out to bring home. Sometimes you play minigames, sometimes you pet them...it's all in good fun, right?

This game doesn't take a ton of time each day to play and I can't deny that dressing my cats up is pretty fun. It definitely needs more minigames to pass the time while you wait for your kitties to bring home the bacon, but as it stands there's plenty to gawk at if you want a different type of cat collector game.

Kleptocats is available on both Google Play and iTunes.

Published Mar. 23rd 2016

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