Hearthstone Nominated for 'Best Promotional Effort by a Game' for 2014 Dragon Slayer Awards

Hearthstone is one of the five games up for the Best Promotional Effort by a Game award. Will they win? Vote and help decide!

Blizzard Entertainment's Hearthstone, an interactive digital collectible card game, is in the running for a Dragon Slayer Award.

What's the Dragon Slayer Award?

It's an annual celebration of different aspects of gaming, like developers (major and indie), celebrities (like Wil Wheaton) and, of course, games! It's put together by Guild Launch, Game Skinny's partner-in-crime of sorts. So let's dive into Hearthstone and see exactly what Blizzard Entertainment has done to promote it lately.

Having just released Hearthstone: Curse of Naxxramas a few weeks ago, Blizzard Entertainment is doing a good job picking up players for their catchy game.

On the Hearthstone official website, they're currently promoting the 2014 Hearthstone World Championship that will be held at the BlizzCon in November for a grand prize of $250,000! Who doesn't want to win a quarter of a million dollars for playing a video game?

In addition to the World Championship news, Blizzard Entertainment has also posted Hearthstone content announcing the start of the fifth Ranked Play Season, the new release of another 'wing' of Naxxramas called the 'Plague Quarter', a charity event for St. Jude called Play Live, and San Diego Comic-Con coverage, among other things.

There's competition. There's new content being released weekly. There are opportunities to play the game while raising money for a noble cause. There's a presence at big gaming events.

Sounds like Blizzard Entertainment knows what they're doing when it comes to promoting Hearthstone to the max!

On their Facebook page, Hearthstone is promoting content such as gameplay videos, podcasts, news shows, pictures of new cards or cards in development, patch notes, fireside gatherings and more. The patch notes simply tell the Hearthstone community that certain bugs found in-game are resolved, while the fireside gatherings are when gamers get together in mass quantities and play Hearthstone together in their communities.

That's only part of the social media spectrum.

On their Twitter page, Hearthstone is raving about 'weekly featured Twitch streamers', 'Plays of the Week', Hearthstone events coming up at Pax Prime, online tournaments and more. The weekly features on Twitch streamers include exclusive interviews with expert players who manage to stand out among the crowd. The plays of the week include submissions that players send in to get selected and featured in a YouTube video and later retweeted on the Hearthstone official Twitter page.

Pax Prime will be holding a 'final showdown' competition on-stage for the CCG and the collegiate winners will walk away with scholarships! Online tournaments are announced via social media and are held through certain servers. The winner receives money that's useful only on the Blizzard Entertainment website. Cool, right?

If you'd like to learn more about this trendy CCG, visit their official website. If you think Hearthstone deserves the Dragon Slayer Award for 'Best Promotional Effort by a Game', go to GuildLaunch.com and vote now.

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Published Aug. 4th 2014
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  • Chai Chien Liang
    They've done well with their promotion, but hopefully they can handle their new releases in a better manner in the future, had trouble buying the new plague quarter for the first day (and many players complained being deducted twice for payment!)
  • PencilPusha
    I read about that! But I didn't want to include that here ;-) Thanks for sharing!

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